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“Chae! Park Chaeyoung!“, a loud booming voice sounded through the halls and called Park Chaeyoung rolled her eyes when she spotted her elder brother rushing towards her, some girls stopping in their tracks to drool over his looks but he paid them no mind which was really unusual for him, not flirting with potential one night stands.

“Jimin, don’t yell my name, that’s embarrassing”, Chaeyoung, also known as Rose, rolled her eyes before turning around to face her elder brother, a smile still evident on her face after talking to one of her best friends but it turned into a frown when he saw how eager Jimin looked.

“You good there, Bro?“, Rose asked, she didn’t like to call her brother ‘Oppa’ and neither did he after she accidentally walked into her brother and a girl having sex and the woman calling him Oppa.

“Chae, I need you to be totally honest with me”, Jimin started, making Rose frown even more. “Alright, who do you wanna bang?“, she asked, pushing her light colored hair out of her beautiful face, sounding annoyed because she knew how her brother was and that he couldn’t keep his dick in his pants.

“I don’t wanna bang anyone”, Jimin said annoyed by his sister’s remark and Rose laughed before walking towards her locker. “And who do you think you can fool? Your first day without wanting to bang someone. C’mon. This isn’t like you”, Chaeyoung tsked and opened her locker rather roughly to put her books back into the metallic storage room.

“Keep being this rude and I won’t take you home”, Jimin threatened her but his sister just laughed. “I’m telling Mum then that you keep a secret box under your bed called secret porn collection”, Rose snapped back at the brunet, making him chuckle before crossing his muscular arms in front of his chest, earning some squeals from a few girls nearby.

“Touche, little sister. Anyways, I needa ask you something. About a... student. You’re known here, meaning everyone knows you and you know everyone”, Rose raised one brow by that remark, now fully turning to her brother.

“Continue”, she said, smiling at a few students waving her good bye since the school day was over and everyone was getting back home. “And since I am your handsome and amazing brother, Rosie, I need a favor to ask from you”, Jimin said with a grin, making Rose chuckle.

“What do you need? I’m not helping you getting into a girl’s pants, Bitch if you wanna ask that you can just turn around and walk away”, the blonde girl commented and Jimin laughed. Before he could actually continue, a male walked up to them, tapping Rose’s shoulder.

And Jimin’s breath got stuck in his throat.

“Hey Rose, here’s the book you lend me, thank you for it, I still couldn’t find mine”, Kim Taehyung’s sweet deep voice rung into Jimin’s ears while he stared shocked at the interaction between his little sister and the guy he desired. The gorgeous brunet smile at Rose while handing her a used looking book and the girl took it before leaning over to ruffle Taehyung’s locks.

“I’m glad you like it, TaeTae! Text me when you wanna have another book? And we should meet up again, so we can head to that library I was talking about, yeah?“, Rose asked with her typical warm smile. The petite brunet nodded enthusiastically, not seeming to notice Jimin at all which really bothered said male.

“Sounds awesome! I need some new books, I’m almost done with my current ones”, Taehyung said and pouted his red plushy lips and Jimin wanted to grab the beautiful boy by his waist to swirl him around and kiss the hell out of him for doing that to him.

“You read five books at the moment are you kidding me! But yay, I’m excited, just text me whenever you have time. We can try out the new café as well”, Rose said and went forward to hug the delicate brunet who giggled into her hair, turning around to walk away.

“I needa go, Rose, my driver’s waiting for me, I’ll text you!“, he said towards Rose, waving at her over his shoulder. His eyes met Jimin’s dark ones and his eyes widened, lips parted surprised before he smiled sweetly at Jimin.

“Bye to you too, Jimin!“, he waved cutely at him before running off, sweater and jacket bouncing by his cute skips which made Jimin smile by the cuteness.

“How do you know Taehyung?”

“I want him”, both of the siblings said unison, staring at each other for a second before Rose broke the silence. “What the fuck? Are you freaking insane?“, Rose pressed out, staring at her brother like he just grew another head. Jimin on the other side walked up to her, grabbing her bag out of her hands.

“Jimin!“, the blonde girl followed her slightly taller brother, trying to grab her bag out of his hands but he moved away, walking towards the parking lot. “His name is Kim Taehyung, school representative”, Jimin said and Rose rolled her eyes.

“I know that you idiot, I’m friends with him. I’m asking you because I really think that you’re turning insane. I mean more than usual”, she added and Jimin snorted in response. “I want him Rose. And you’ll help me or I tell Mum about your little secret you desperately trying to hide”, Rose gasped by the cruel words of her brother.

“You’re so dead meat, Park Jimin! Seriously, why? You’ll break Taehyung’s heart and he doesn’t deserve this... he’s so sweet and kind... plus he already has a boyfriend.”

“Ah yeah, Jungkook.” Jimin smirked, looking at his sister.

“I’ll get rid of him before claiming Taehyung.”

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