Belong - Vminkook


“Hyungie, I’m home!“, Taehyung called out for his elder brother once the entrance door shut behind him, signalling that he was finally home. He hung his coat up and slipped out of his shoes, already looking around for his brother who was usually passing by once he would shout that he was home.

“I’m in the kitchen with Jin!“, he heard the shout back from his brother. “Probably doing Jin then”, Taehyung grumbled, running up to his room and throwing his bag away, then thinking otherwise, carefully picking it up and placing his on his neatly arranged desk.

The little brunet quickly changed into something more comfortable and ran down the stairs again, approaching the direction of the kitchen. “I’m coming, please dress yourself, I don’t wanna see anyone of you guys naked, okay?“, Taehyung exclaimed with a little giggle, waiting for his brother and husband.

He indeed hear some cursing and Taehyung giggled again, waiting for the two to get dressed. “I swear, this child has some weird senses when it comes to sex”, he heard Namjoon grumbling. “I heard that”, the brunet grumbled before stalking into the kitchen, seeing a blushing Namjoon and a satisfied looking Seokjin.

“Wait”, Taehyung exclaimed and broke out into a fit of laughter. “Don’t tell me you bottomed Hyung”, he laughed, cackling loudly and caught a death glare of his brother while Seokjin joined into his laughter. “His ego is so busted!“, the boy exclaimed, running away with a scream when Namjoon lunged at him.

“The almighty Kim Namjoon, President of Korea getting it in the ass by his beautiful husband!“, Taehyung screamed hysterically, getting tackled to the ground by his brother and tickled. “S-stop! J-Joonie! Stop! I’m sorry!“, Taehyung screamed while he was lughing loudly, fighting against his brother’s tight grip before lifting his hands in surrender.

“I s-surrender!“, he giggled loudly before gasping, tears of laughter escaping his eyes. “Then take back that I’m a bottom. I’m not! We switch”, Namjoon growled but let go of Taehyung, kneeling in front of his little brother who looked up to him with a smile and bright red cheeks.

“O-okay okay you two are switching!“, Taehyung exclaimed with a giggle, finding Jin with his eyes who still looked utterly satisfied with himself. Walking over to his husband and placing a kiss on top of his hair.

“I’m going to pick up Jennie, do you wanna join?“, Seokjin asked his husband who grumbled something under his breath, glaring into the air while Taehyung got up with a smirk, brushing his pants.

Jennie Kim was their adopted daughter and Taehyung loved the energetic silly girl who loved to smile. Oh, and who loved her young uncle with a burning passion. Namjoon sometimes even joked that the girl loved Taehyung more than her own father.

“I’ll come with you, Hyungie. Namjoon Hyung is probably too sore”, Taehyung grinned. “You little shit-“, Namjoon growled but Taehyung already ran away with a loud cackle.

“I swear, I’m not stalking this boy”, Jimin grumbled, watching the pretty brunet he accidentally stumbled above. He actually just wanted to pick up his favorite perfume he run out of. but instead, he sat down in front of a small cafe, perfume tightly packed together in his bag, coffee cup placed in front of him and eyes fixed on no other than Kim Taehyung.

Who was accompanying a tall, gorgeous looking man and Jimin wondered if anyone Taehyung knew was this handsome. But he had the odd feeling knowing the tall man with the board shoulders who was hugging a small girl close to his chest, talking to her with a coo while she giggled.

Taehyung was smiling fondly at the girl, ruffling her hair and laughing when she threw herself into his arms and he quickly caught her. Jimin was fascinated with the view in front of him, he loved Taehyung’s smile. It was so wide, formed like a box and his eyes were sparkling like little stars placed into his eyes.

The boy was a whole beauty, Jimin could absolutely not deny this fact.

The other man with Taehyung turned into Jimin’s direction, checking his expensive looking silver watch before turning to Taehyung and the girl, saying something to the little brunet who nodded with a smile, adjusting his glasses once the girl released him.

The young female took almost immediately a grip onto Taehyung’s slim hand once he dropped it to his side, smiling up to him with the typical innocence of a child.

Jimin was watching them intensely, mind spinning because his curiosity was awaken.

Why was Taehyung with the husband of Kim Namjoon, Korea’s president...?

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