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“I was thinking about getting a nose piercing”, Jeongguk told Yugyeom one of his closer friends who puffed out a cloud of grey smoke before tapping his cigarette before taking another pull. “Would look good, dude. But why thinking of that? Wont your dad freak out?“, the black haired and heavily inked man asked the other who scoffed.

The raven threw his own cigarette away, watching how it disappeared in the black night sea surface. “Nah, and even when, the old man can’t do anything about it”, Jeongguk replied, staring up in the night sky and inhaling the chilly air.

“By the way, how’s it’s going with that pretty boy of yours? Still all lovey dovey?“, the last words were meant to mock Jeongguk but the other just ignored the comment of his best friend.

“My bitch doesn’t concern you, Yugyeom and you know this”, Jeongguk breathed out, eyes still closed and he smiled while thinking of Taehyung.

He didnt like others talking about his and Taehyung´s relationship, always judging him for firstly having a boyfriend and secondly how bad he was for Taehyung’s image. Like fuck it, this boy belonged to him so why concerning about anyone else in this fucking world when all they needed were each other?

And Taehyung... oh Taehyung, the sweet lively yet kinky and sarcastic boy stole Jeongguk’s heart with one flutter of his pretty lashes, having the tall raven entirely under his spell.

Taehyung really want how all thought he was, sure he was a little angel, always kind, always nice to everyone, always helping and having an open ear, but once they were in the bedroom, the innocent little brother of Kim Namjoon turned into Jeongguk’s greedy bitch. And it only made the male falling harder for his open minded, beautiful boy.

“I was just asking, Gguk, don’t need to rip ma head of ya know”, Yugyeom said amused, taking another pull of his cigarette and watching the smoke fading away into the sky.

“Ya know that I like tiny boy and I totally support you guys. I’ll even protect this little thing for ya”, Yugyeom said and Jeongguk smiled by the words of his best friend. “I know that, Yugs... thank you for that”, Jeongguk mumbled, locking over his dry lips, his silver tongue piercing lighting up in the dim light of the night while he crossed his arms over his muscular chest, inked arms flexing.

“You heard about Park Jimin?“, he suddenly asked Yugyeom who hummed in response, flicking his cigarette. “Barely. Didn´t he fucked the side chick of Autumn Highs headmaster?”

“Guess so, don’t give quite a shit who he was fucking or not. Man, she was only twenty three and he was merciless on her. The guy really has some guts. And now he’s after my own bitch”, Jeongguk growled and Yugyeom whistled.

“Damn, you breaking him apart wont ya? For wanting what’s yours?“, Yugyeom asked with an evil glint in his eyes. Jeongguk laughed dryly. “As if I let anything like that happen to my Baby. But I wanna see how Park’s playing... I wanna know all his dirty secrets. And once i know, I’ll use it to destroy him. Maybe I let Tae play with him as well”, Jeongguk said, smirking by the thought of making a present to his lover.

“Sounds like a plan for me. Excited to see the drama happen”, the other black haired male commented before grabbing his leather jacket after throwing his cigarette away as well.

“Oh he wont see what’s coming for him. He wants to play? He doesnt know how Tae and I are playing... and once we’re done with him, he’ll wish he had never messed with us.”

Yugyeom laughed by this promise. “I’m sure he will regret ever playing hands on your lil Baby. Let Tae have his fun, he’s loyal to ya”, Yugyeom chuckled which made Jeongguk laugh cockily.

“Of course he is. I saved him and he saved me. He’s fucking mine of course. I mean, Park can play with him if Tae wants that. He can even fuck my Baby only if Tae’s satisfied with it. Everything my Baby wishes. But at the end of the day, he is mine and stays mine. Park can feel important to Tae but Taehyung belongs to me. That’s a fact”, Jeongguk stated, knowing it was the truth.

They already did it in the past, to spice things up a little bit. Taehyung has actually requested it, saying he got fucking turned on by the thought of someone else fucking him in front of Jeongguk until the other decides to pull him away, it was such a turn on for the pretty brunet, knowing no matter what, he’ll belong to Jeongguk and Jeongguk only.

Knowing only Jeongguk could fulfill all his dirty needs and fucks him like no other could. “He’s my whore”, Jeongguk said and Yugyeom whistled. “Damn, get me someone open minded like Tae”, he commented.

“He’s my whore, my angel, my love, my life, my everything. He’s my entire world and I am his”, Jeongguk stated dreamingly. Their bond was this strong.

And he’ll stay right.

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