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Taehyung was feeling weird this evening. And with weird, he meant that it was probably time to slip into Little space, something that made him truly nervous, especially when his caretaker, Jungkook, wasn’t around to accompany him.

The little brunet was incredibly shy, especially concerning his ‘condition’, he liked to call it but Jungkook wasn’t complaining, it only added to the fondness he felt for the lively boy and it made him fall harder for him.

On top of that, he was the only one, besides Namjoon, knowing about Taehyung’s Little Space and he loved to feel special to the boy, loved to know things about him no one else knew. Because no matter how many things they tried out, Jungkook was always staying Taehyung’s number one.

Would always be. It would always be Jungkook Taehyung would call in the night to have a late night chat, always be him knowing every little secret over Taehyung, his kinks, his problems, his worries... Jungkook knew everything about Taehyung and the same went for Taehyung.

Of course they were sometimes fighting but that only made them stick stronger together, bounding even more. Jungkook didn’t like others staring at Taehyung and Taehyung didn’t even notice the stares from most of them but he didn’t like others staring at his Jungkookie as well. Sometimes causing arguments in between the couple because they didn’t want to share each other with someone else but then, Taehyung confessed, that it was actually his secret, most hidden kink.

Not to be owned by someone else than Jungkook, but more like experiencing how it would feel, to not be fucked by Jungkook. Why Jungkook got off of the thought of someone else satisfying his thirsty Baby who was always craving for him and his dick, wanting to be fucked on a daily basis.

Taehyung still was the opinion that no one was fucking him better than Jungkook and that was exactly the fun in their nasty little game of including someone for a night in their relationship. The power, they held over each other. Taehyung knowing, that no one was able to fulfill his lusts and needs like Jungkook and Jungkook knowing that no one could fuck Taehyung like he could, owning him like no one else was allowed to do.

And because of that reason, the always so possessive Jungkook let Taehyung have his dirty thoughts turned into reality, with him watching the entire time, getting off like nothing.

It was their secret game and they’ve been masters in playing it.

“K-Kookie... m f-feeling little... p-please come fast”, Taehyung sobbed, bottom leg wobbling while he was holding his favorite stuffy to his chest, clutching onto it while he was shaking, the need to slip being unbearable.

The Little Space was a mindset to slip out of the reality, most likely into the mind of a child to experience the world without worries and problems, something Taehyung did to relax from the constant stress he was feeling, high expectatio resting on his shoulders, something he couldn’t take all the time.

His boyfriend of course supported him, even got familiar with Little Space only to become his caretaker and take care of him when he was feeling like this. The brunet has explained, how vulnerable he always felt in little space and Jungkook was quick to support his boyfriend of many years.

“I’m coming Baby, stay strong for Daddy, okay? Can you do this for me, Sweetheart?“, the cooed words brought tears into Taehyung’s eyes, the urge to slip unbearable but he nodded before answering quickly, knowing that his Daddy loved when he used his words.

“H-hurry, p-ple-eh-ease”, he whimpered, Jungkook already running out of his house to his car, knowing it was bad when Taehyung was already this much stuttering and he also knew how much he hated it when he was left alone in his childish mindset.

“I’ll be there, Pumpkin”, Jungkook said and quickly hung up, jumping into his car.

The tall raven was quick to leave his car once he drove up the driveway leading to Kim Namjoon’s and Kim Seokjin’s mansion and he knocked on the door, tapping his foot on the floor, checking his rolex before the door opened, a grumpy looking Namjoon greeting him.

“Jungkook, do you have any fucking idea how late it is”, he started but Jungkook interrupted him, black hair tossed, some sticking to his forehead and he licked his lips, piercing sparking up. “I’m here because Tae requested it, and it’s urgent, Hyung”, he called out hectically and Namjoon raised his brows.

“Yeah? What could be this urgent that you’re coming to my home this late at night, if this is an excuse to do something nasty to my brother I swear to god, Jeon I’ll-”

But Jungkook wouldn’t find out what Namjoon was going to do to him then, because a sweet sleepy voice interrupted him. “D-Daddy!“, the sobbed cry of his caretaker name sounded through the entrance hall before a small figure moved past Namjoon, into the arms of a surprised looking Jungkook.

“Babydoll, hey hey”, the raven called out for his crying boyfriend who has already slipped, clinging in despair onto his neck, arms and legs wrapped around him in a needy attempt for comfort. “Y-you t-took too long!“, the petite boy in Jungkook’s arms sobbed, soaking the white shirt with his tears.

Namjoon moved out of the way, understanding what the issue was, his expression turning into a defeated one while letting Jungkook inside. “I hate to admit it, but stay with him. Stay here over night”, he grumbled, rings under his eyes and Jungkook simply nodded, not wanting to say anything that might upset Korea’s president.

“Thank you”, he muttered and Namjoon briefly nodded before going back to bed, kissing Taehyung’s head shortly while Jungkook made his way upstairs to Taehyung’s room with the brunet clinging onto him.

Sighing silently but with a small smile dancing on his thin rosy lips. “That’s gonna be a long night”, he mumbled before placing Taehyung onto the bed. “Alright, Pumpkin, what do you wanna do with Daddy?”

And Taehyung’s eyes started to shimmer.

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