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“Kookieeeee! I don’t wanna go! Just leave me here! My bed is comfy and warm!“, Taehyung whined while he was hanging from his boyfriend’s shoulder, hitting his back repeatedly in a silent protest but the taller man only laughed in a mocking way before reaching up, hand landing on Taehyung’s round ass, massaging the thick flesh repeatedly.

“Don’t be whiny, Baby, we have to get up to get ready for school, yeah? Your words not mine”, Jungkook quickly added while carrying his little Baby downstairs ignoring his whines and huffs. Taehyung sleepily rubbed his eyes with one fist, clutching onto his boyfriend’s shirt from the back, actually giving up since it was almost useless to fight with Jungkook.

“You’re so mean”, Taehyung pouted while still hanging from his boyfriend’s shoulder. Both has just woken up to get ready for school but Taehyung was being whiny this morning and clung onto his boyfriend for dear life, giving him a hard time to leave because Taehyung looking all fluffy with too big shirt sliding down his chest and exposing his collarbones?

That was a fucking tease. And especially when Taehyung whined with deep morning voice, cuddling close to Jungkook and peppering sleepy wet kisses over the creamy white skin of his neck, purring in content when he wrapped all of his limbs around his tall muscular boyfriend.

But the idyll was broken when they heard Jin greeting them loudly and ordering them to come downstairs for eating breakfast and Taehyung has protested but Jungkook has been merciless, lifting his sleepy boyfriend up in order to get him into the kitchen.

“Can’t we just stay in bed today... m tired”, Taehyung whined cutely and leaned against Jungkook’s frame after the raven set him onto his own feet, supporting his weight while Taehyung tried to get rid of his tired eyes, whining loudly.

“Baby, you can’t just whine all the time when you want something, I thought I told you so many times already... and besides, today’s Friday and we’re attending this party tonight. And you wanna go, don’t you?“, Jungkook cooed, rubbing small circles over Taehyung’s full cheeks.

The other grumbled with his eyes still closed but complied grumpily, following Jungkook into the kitchen where the rest of Taehyung’s family was already. Jennie was sleeping in Namjoon’s arms, cheek squished against his arm and she seemed to be sleeping, her eyes closed and snores leaving her mouth.

“Another sleepyhead”, Namjoon said with a fond smile when he saw his dear Baby brother stumbling into the room after his boyfriend who greeted the president of Korea with a nod, pulling the brunet closer to him.

“Good morning to you two. I hope for you that you were indeed sleeping”, Namjoon said sternly and shot Jungkook a warning glare who rolled his eyes but still pulled Taehyung onto his lap, hugging his thin waist before burying his face into the crook of Taehyung’s neck.

“K-Kookie, tickles”, Taehyung giggled when he felt Jungkook’s breath fanning over the sensitive skin which brought the two love birds a warning glare from Namjoon.

“Good morning to the both of you! How are you feeling? Are you hungry?“, Jin bombarded the two newcomers with questions after turning around, two freshly cups of coffee in his hands, one being put in front of his husband who smiled gratefully at him and shifting his daughter’s weight to his other arm before grabbing the cup while Jin took a sip of his own coffee.

“Do you want anything? Coffee? Eggs? Toast?“, Jin asked and Jungkook thought for a second before taking a glimpse at his almost sleeping boyfriend and he gently shook him before answering. “I’ll take just a coffee, please and TaeTae needs some food to get energy... and a huge glass of water, please”, Jungkook politely asked for Jin and the man smiled widely, please by the amazing manners of the teen who held Taehyung close to his chest, bulky arms wrapped around Taehyung’s fragile body.

Jungkook might seemed like a cold hearted bad boy you shouldn’t mess with but he had excellent manners and could be very polite if he wanted to be. Of course only around important people he needed to please. Including the husband of his boyfriend’s brother.

“Coming right up!”

Jimin was early to school today because he was eager to get his hands onto one particular student. Which was no other than Kim Taehyung. He was impatiently waiting for the beautiful brunet to arrive at school, plan set in his mind.

Cornering the little brunet and asking him, why the fuck he has been with Kim Seokjin, famous fashion model and husband of Korea’s president, Kim Namjoon.

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