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Taehyung was of course running late for his first classes, immediately rushing forward to the entrance and knocking on the door. Cheeks flushed red when the teacher opened the door and asked him suspiciously why the hell he was late, fixing his collar with an apologetic look on his face. His teacher luckily forgave him since it was actually the first time for him being late, only shooting the petite brunet a scolding look before letting him into the classroom.

The other students were looking at the newcomer, some greeting Taehyung with a friendly smile and a few boys and girls blushing when he walked past them, finally reaching his seat which was luckily next to the one of his best friend Jung Hoseok.

„Do I want to know why you’re late or should I take a wild guess?“, the male asked amused when Taehyung adjusted his position on his seat, taking out his books before placing them neatly onto his desk. „Does the reason start with a J and ends with a eon Jungkook?“, Hoseok asked amused, playing with the pen resting in between his long fingers. Swirling the item around, clearly not paying attention to the teacher.

Taehyung only blushed in response, grumbling to Hoseok to shut the hell up, making the other laugh before leaning back in his seat. „Thought so. At least tell me he used lube”, behind the two, Park Jimin was listening intensely to their chat, focusing rather on that than the boring lesson their teacher was holding right now in front of them.

„We didn’t do that...“, Taehyung whispered, ashamed and with fire red cheeks, showing his embarrassment. „So what did you do then? I hope for you two that the younger students didn’t saw you. You might be the school’s representative but you can’t do anything without getting punished as well... especially when it involves Jungkook”, Hoseok lectured his best friend who frowned before opening his college block, meant to write down some notes while he was answering Hoseok.

„We were careful, don’t worry. I love him but I’m not going to let him ruin my reputation”, Taehyung said, clicking his pen. Jimin furrowed his eyebrows confused by the exclaim, it seemed that this wasn’t the first argument the two had about this topic, Taehyung seeming used to the worry of his best friend.

„I don’t want you to get into trouble, that’s all”, Hoseok whispered before suddenly turning around to face a surprised looking Jimin who has been staring at the two for quite some time now. Feeling caught in his actions. „Didn’t your parents tell you that it’s bad to eavesdrop?“, Hoseok growled, nose piercing flashing silver when light hit it, Taehyung turning around as well.

„Oh, hi Jimin”, Taehyung mumbled, cheeks still tinted an adorable red and Jimin cracked a smile, glaring shortly at Hoseok before turning his entire attention onto the lovely brunet sitting right in front of him. „Hey Tiny”, he lazily greeted him, making Taehyung giggle cutely. „I wasn’t eavesdropping, the world isn’t spinning around you, y’know”, Jimin shot towards Hoseok who snorted before turning back to the front. „Yeah, and my mum’s the queen of England”, he huffed, Taehyung turning around too after shooting Jimin another friendly smile.

But their conversation made Jimin even more curious and eager to talk to Taehyung after the lesson ended. Noting that the two best friends didn’t even stop talking when the teacher scolded them. Jimin found their friendship very interesting, Hoseok looked really intimidating with his tattoos and piercings while Taehyung looked so sweet and pure, wearing a pink wrinkled sweater and some grey jeans. It looked good, especially with his pretty glasses but at the same time, when didn’t Taehyung look absolutely stunning? It made Jimin only desire him more.

Hoseok was writing something down in Taehyung’s college block, the pretty brunet giggling quietly before taking his own pen and responding, shaking his head to Hoseok but then wriggling his eyebrows. „I’m sure Yoongi would go with you”, Taehyung whispered to Hoseok who looked unsure and shy, like always when it came to Yoongi, his longtime crush. „You sure? I don’t want to make him uncomfortable with asking him... I mean, what if he doesn’t even like me this way?“, Taehyung immediately disagreed with him, smiling encouragingly at his best friend.

„He likes you, Hobi Hyung! Be confident and don’t gay chicken now, ask him out finally. Or I’m losing my bet against Jungkookie”, Taehyung whined at the end, making Hoseok laugh and leaning forward in order to ruffle his hair.„Okay, I will talk to him later”, he promised, making Taehyung smile proudly.


After the lesson ended, Hoseok and Taehyung left the room together but parted when Taehyung needed to bring his books back into his locker, biding his goodbyes to Hoseok who had his next course at the end of the school, hugging him shortly before parting ways.

The pretty brunet greeted a few students with a friendly smile, his books pressed against his chest, brownish locks falling into his eyes, black round glasses hanging from his pointed nose, plump lips a bit pouted.

He still had a few minutes before he had to go into his next class, deciding to go to the toilet after dropping his books into his locker, humming a little melody while reaching his final destination.

A surprised squeak left his lips when he suddenly got pulled into the toilet, turned around and his back roughly hitting the cold wall of the washroom, hands pinned right above his head. A knee forced his soft thighs to part, soft gasp falling from his rosy lips.

„I think, you and I need to talk, Lovely”, Park Jimin purred into Taehyung’s ear.

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