Belong - Vminkook


“U-uh, could you please let go of me?“, Taehyung requested in a hushed whisper, squirming under Jimin’s arms but the elder didn’t budge, only adding more pressure to his delicate frame. “How about a sweet friendly no?“, Jimin purred towards the pretty brunet who blushed, squirming under his dark stare.

“L-let me go!“, he demanded again, now more furiously, but it only amused Jimin because he finally was able to hold Taehyung in his arms, the one he was dreaming for so long now, since he enrolled in Spring High. “Hm, let me think about it... no”, Jimin smirked and Taehyung gasped irritated by this.

“If you don’t let me go right now, I’ll scream”, Taehyung exclaimed outraged but ended up actually screaming against Jimin’s palm who eyed the lovely creature captured in his embrace. “Well, now you can’t scream anymore Sweetheart. You can’t do anything actually except looking gorgeous in my arms. Just like I imagined you to be”, the daring guy purred towards the outraged brunet who looked at him with wide eyes.

“Do you know how beautiful you are...? I don’t want to take my eyes off of you”, Jimin said, leaning forward to cup his cheek with his other hand. Taehyung squirmed under him, tears brimming in his eyes and anxiously looked at Jimin.

This was not how he imagined his friendship with Jimin starting to bloom... Taehyung actually enjoyed being man handled or pinned to walls but he only liked it when Jungkook would be doing it, anxiety forming in the pit of his stomach when he couldn’t free himself from Jimin’s grip.

He could always escape Jungkook’s grasp when he had him pinned to the wall or man handling him, always giving him the space of freedom but with Jimin it was different. And it left Taehyung trembling. He might enjoy some things but this... he didn’t know what to think of it. And he especially didn’t want to betray Jungkook like this.

Not when they wanted to play with Jimin before... but seems like Jimin had his own plans with Taehyung.

“But this is not my point... I wanted to ask you something”, Taehyung made a pitched noise in the back of his throat by this, hands trembling over his head Jimin has grasped again. “Y’know, I was in the city recently and I stumbled above something... interesting...“, Jimin purred, thumb stroking over his wrist veins.

“And I think you know exactly what I’m talking about, don’t you Sweetheart?“, Jimin continued to touch Taehyung, the young brunet breathing anxiously, wide puppy eyes looking at Jimin beggingly.

“Of course you do, these puppy eyes can’t lie... I saw you with someone I’m very curious about. And especially why you were with him”, Jimin grumbled, coming closer to Taehyung’s pretty little face who desperately shook his head, big eyes teary.

“You were in front of that kindergarten, looking as pretty and innocent as always. But you weren’t alone, y’know... there was this lovely child you were hugging and another man. And guess what. This man was no other than Kim Seokjin, the husband of Kim Namjoon, our lovely president. You’re either his secret fling orrrr.... and I think this made more sense, you’re either related to him or his husband. You have the same surname so it makes kinda sense”, Jimin continued.

Taehyung finally unfroze, panicking when Jimin finished his sentence and he was furious, panicking and desperate. So he did something as desperate as he was feeling at the moment. He lifted his knee abruptly and Jimin immediately let go of him, trying to dodge the punch but Taehyung was too quick.

“Never touch me like that again, Park Jimin or I swear to god I will end you. And don’t say this bullshit ever again”, Taehyung whispered, quickly wiping his tears away before wriggling out of Jimin’s loose grip and running out of the bathroom, leaving a whining Jimin behind who tried to hide his pain.

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