Belong - Vminkook


“I don’t like this fucking Park kid”, was the first thing Jungkook heard from one of his best friends, Kim Yugyeom when the shorter male arrived together with his class for their shared sport lesson. Winter and Spring High had to share the same gymnasium due to an accident so now, Winter High had to share it with Spring High.

Resulting in Park Jimin’s sports class to get mixed with the one of Winter High. Which unsurprisingly was the class of none other than Jeon Jungkook.

“Me neither. Tried to touch my Taehyung”, Jungkook growled, strong muscular arms crossed in front of his bulky chest, wearing a black sleeveless shirt and some sport joggers, a mouthwatering sight some girls were already drooling over but Jungkook didn’t pay them any second glance. His neck was adored with hickeys of his gorgeous little boyfriend after all.

“Oh damn, he dead”, Yugyeom laughed while Yoongi remained silent, playing with his little pocket knife while leaning against a wall, not even sparing him a glance. “Seems like... he’s limbing?“, Yugyeom asked confused and it turned Jungkook’s attention towards Jimin as well. Who caught the boys eyes and smirked before slowly walking towards them.

“Jeon, surprised to see you walking around not being attached to that little lover of yours”, the brunet smirked maliciously, crossing his arms over his chest as well and straightening his position, actually trying to appear taller. Jungkook chuckled when he realized this, easily hovering over Jimin.

“Unlike others, I know what is mine”, he simply replied, making Jimin glare at him. “Well, enjoy this while it lasts, Jeon... not that someone could... snatch him away from you”, he then exclaimed, making Jungkook frown. “You don’t mean yourself, do you? You want to replace me?“, Jungkook asked, not believing Jimin before breaking into a fit of laughter.

“Nice try, Shortie but you can’t even reach Tae’s pretty lips”, he laughed, causing Yugyeom to snarl amused. “Well, he isn’t wrong. You’re tiny, dude”, he commented dryly, making Jimin red from anger. But then, his lips stretched into his significant smirk. “Then tell me, why he was whimpering under me this break?“, he grinned and Jungkook froze.

“You wouldn’t dare to touch him. Taehyung’s my boyfriend. He has class”, Jungkook seethed but he knew, that Taehyung indeed loved playing so maybe this has been part of a plan he didn’t know about? Needless to say, he trusted Taehyung. And he knew that Taehyung would never leave him for Jimin.

Jungkook made Taehyung way too dependent from him, the pretty brunet was sickly attached to him, just like the same way Jungkook was attached to him. “Well, he was begging me”, Jimin only said, now it was Jungkook’s turn to smile, he knew Taehyung better than anyone else.

“He’d possibly just begged you to let go of him”, the raven commented before turning away from Jimin. “I don’t want to waste my time with you, yet talk about Tae in your presence. He doesn’t deserve that.”

Yoongi has remained silent the whole time but when he lifted his head, he was met with Park Jimin’s dark eyes, a flirtatious wink thrown into his direction. “You dare to approach MY Baby another time without his consent, Park, and I’ll fuck you up”, Jungkook seethed through gritted teeth.

“And don’t look at Yoongi, Bitch.”

Yoongi sighed relieved when Jimin strolled away, fists clenched before Jungkook turned to him, worry in his eyes. “Hyung, you never told me what happened between you and him”, he said quietly, Yugyeom sensing that the two could need some time to talk in private and left them with a pat on both the males’ backs. “Talk that out, I’m waiting over there.”

“Kook... I didn’t want to tell you ’coz it’s embarrassing for me...“, Yoongi uncomfortably said, rubbing the back of his neck. Jungkook sighed in response. “Hyung, I witnessed you thirsting for Hoseok Hyung’s dick, you can’t shock me anymore”, Jungkook chuckled and Yoongi blushed.

“Y-yah that was only one time and I was drunk!“, he stuttered out, cheeks tinted red. “Yeah Hyung, drunk people always tell the truth”, Jungkook teased his best friend who glared at him. “Shut up Coconut headass”, he growled, making Jungkook laugh but he then turned serious.

“Tell me and I can kill him for hurting you.”

Yoongi cracked a smile by his best friend’s exclaim. “Well... it’s nothing special... I once had a one night stand with him... was when I was still in Autumn High, y’know... and well, I kinda... caught feelings for him but he left me thinking that I was the only one for him. Turned out he was only after my virginity and even had a so called collection. Witnessed him bragging about it to a so called friend. Broke my heart so I transferred here”, Yoongi spoke in short sentences, not showing his hurt but Jungkook knew Yoongi and he especially knew that under his facade, Yoongi had a vulnerable heart.

“Oh Hyung, I’m so sorry... he’ll pay for this, okay? I promise, I’ll make him pay.”

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