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Jungkook was helping Taehyung into his car who was giggling happily at how gentleman like his boyfriend was, staring up to him out of large, love struck eyes. “Bye bye Joonie! Bye Jinnie Hyungie!“, he waved cutely at his brother and Jin who were standing in the entrance, Namjoon’s arm wrapped around Jin’s waist.

“I don’t trust him, Jinnie”, Namjoon said darkly, glaring at the back of Jungkook’s head. The said male was hovering over the tiny frame of Taehyung, kissing the boy softly. The president of Korea shook his head, growling angrily while watching the daring male kissing his beloved Baby brother. “Me neither. But he knows who I am and who Tae is. So we need to trust him. But even when he says that he loves my brother, I don’t like him. He’s too rough for Tae.”

Which was true. Jeon Jungkook was known as the most popular guy and bully on Winter High, one of the four high society high schools of Korea. He was feared, envied by most of the students because he was the son of a big CEO and friends with almost every powerful CEOs that were alive. One being his best friend Kim Yugyeom, one of the youngest CEOs.

He was also rumored to be in a gang, body built like a greek god and tattoos ranking over every prominent muscle of his body. Girls were drooling over his looks, not being able to stand the hot and dangerous sight of the man. Jungkook preferred to split his hair in half, exposing his thick black brows that gave him a dangerous look. He also liked wearing black, especially his expensive leather jackets and heavy boots.

But what he more liked was a certain beautiful little fluff ball who was nothing like Jungkook. Ever since they met at a business meeting where Namjoon was invited to, Jungkook was in love with Taehyung.

Before he got to know Taehyung, Jungkook was known as the heartthrob, knowing his incredibly good looks and preferably playing with hearts to break them. He was cold, emotionless, sadistic. But meeting his little Babyboy changed him. Well, he still was the cold emotionless male outside to everyone but Taehyung.

And Jungkook became really obsessed with his pretty lover, not wanting anyone to approach his Baby. So he used all his influence to make possible threats to his love stay away from Taehyung. The boy didn’t mind, he was head over heels for his handsome and protective lover.

Actually loving how protective Jungkook was. It showed him how much the raven loved him. Taehyung was popular in his school as well but different from Jungkook. He was known to be on top of his classes, pretty, innocent and kind. So the complete opposite to Jungkook. It was really shocking for Spring High and Winter High to know that these two were dating.

Especially since most of the people know how Jungkook was. And now when it came to Taehyung, it was even more intense. Jungkook’s power was unbroken.

“And remember, don’t talk to much to the students... they could want what’s mine”, Jungkook said towards Taehyung who giggled cutely, pecking Jungkook’s thin rosy lips. “I’m just yours, Kookie”, Taehyung made sure to tell the raven this every day since he knew how insecure Jungkook actually was about his love.

Jungkook loved Taehyung unconditionally and he often enough told his Baby how insane he would become if Taehyung didn’t love him anymore. Which was never Taehyung’s intention since he loved Jungkook to death and wanted to marry the male, spending their futures together.

“I love you, Kookie. Have a nice day at school!“, Taehyung squeaked enthusiastically and laughed warmly when he heard Jungkook’s groan. “Baby, you know I hate school”, he exclaimed, his lips turning into a smirk.

“I wanna spend my time with you instead”, Jungkook rasped out, licking his lips. The silver tip of his tongue piercing sparked up, making Taehyung gulp, knowing how the piece of metal felt against his lips, against his ass... so teasing and sinful.

Jungkook flicked his tongue out, exposing his piercing before he shortly licked over Taehyung’s plump bottom lip, making the smaller gasp. “You dirty! Go away and get your ass to school!“, the brunet exclaimed but didn’t protest when he got pulled into a sweet loving kiss by the raven.

“I’m picking you up after school so I have something to think about while I’m in hell”, Jungkook smirked before getting out of his car, jogging over to the side of Taehyung to open his door. “My beautiful wife”, Jungkook joked, he loved teasing Taehyung.

The boy got out of the Lamborghini with red cheeks, hitting Jungkook’s dark clothed chest. “You’re mean”, the tiny brunet whined, pouting his lips. “No I’m Jungkook and I’m only yours Sweetheart”, the other male pointed out with a cheeky smile before kissing Taehyung one last time.

“I’m gonna miss you...”

“Kookie, it’s just a few hours!”

“But still! It’s too much hours away from you.”

“You cheesy fucker. You can visit me in lunch if you’re this desperate to see me.”

A wide smile appeared on Jungkook’s face by this words. Taehyung rolled his eyes, grabbing his bag out of Jungkook’s large hands. “Now shush, get to school. I have to go to my classes”, Taehyung said.

“Alright Mr Class President”, the raven grinned, received a hit by Taehyung who adjusted his pretty round black glasses. “Bye bye Kookie, be nice okay?“, the brunet pecked his lover’s lips before hurrying to get into the school building.

Jungkook’s eyes hardened as soon as his beautiful lover was out of sight, already missing his Baby’s warmth and funny personality. He glared at some students gawking at him and his expensive car before getting into the vehicle to drive to his own school.

On the other side of the parking lot, Park Jimin arrived at the school.

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