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Jungkook was still fuming in anger from Jimin’s attitude, hating the man passionately and constantly shooting daggers towards him and his team. They were currently playing basketball, something Jungkook was incredibly good at, it was the last play and the raven was determined to show the cocky man his place.

Yugyeom and Yoongi were sometimes glancing at the tall raven, knowing about his hatred towards Jimin. Not only did he try to take a hold onto Taehyung, without the brunet’s consent but also hurt Yoongi, Jungkook’s best friend by playing with his feelings and using him. And when Hoseok, Yoongi’s current... love interest would get to know about this, Jimin was as good as dead.

Hoseok was known to be ruthless when it came to the ones who dared to hurt the ones he loved. And since he especially was fond of Yoongi he was secretly loving for many years now, Yoongi returning the feelings in secret. Jungkook was keeping their secret, he and Taehyung sometimes making fun of how shy the said to be tough guys got but secretly wanted nothing but to see their best friends together and wanted to bring together.

“I’ll fuck you up, Park... you touch my Baby without his consent, you’re dead meat. And I just know you did”, Jungkook grumbled to himself before picking up the thrown basketball, turning to look at Jimin who was opposite towards him, a cocky smirk on his face when he crouched down, ready to attack Jungkook.

Taehyung on the other side had a free lesson he chose to spend with preparing some important event, a dance at his school before spontaneous deciding to pay his boyfriend a visit. The petite brunet was smiling to himself, earpods in his ears when he walked out of his school, greeting some students with his usual pretty box smile.

He almost screamed when he felt someone tapping his shoulder, turning around with his fists up in the air. A friendly smile greeted him and hands gently pushed his fists down. “Woah, calm down, little TaeTae, I just wanted to say hello”, Taemin smiled friendly at the school’s representative who giggled embarrassed, taking out his music blasting earpods.

“I apologize, Hyung, I was startled by your sudden presence”, the brunet politely bowed, making the elder coo at his cuteness. “It’s okay, my dear! Don’t worry about silly me, I just wanted to ask you where you’re going”, Taemin said, the little brunet blushing adorably by the question, fiddling with his fingers as usual when he was shy.

“I wanted to go and visit Jungkookie... he’s having sports and maybe he’d want to eat something with me afterwards...“, Taehyung said embarrassed, he was actually craving for Jungkook and his presence, as usual when they were apart for such a long time. The two were dependent on each other, it might not be the right thing... both knew how toxic it was... but they loved it, loved the feelings they still shared, their love bounding them together.

“Well, he might eat you at the end”, Taemin commented dryly before laughing loudly when Taehyung whined. “Hyung!“, he groaned embarrassed, Taemin hugging him out of the sudden. “You’re too adorable to not be teased... how can one not love you? You sweet little thing. Lemme take you to your lover boy so you won’t get hurt on the way there.”

“Jungkookie!“, the loud call of his name made the team captain turn around, the biggest smile appearing on his face as soon as he laid his eyes on the beauty running towards him and he held his arms out for the gorgeous brunet to jump into. “Tae, my Baby what a lovely surprise seeing you here!“, he exclaimed happily, engulfing Taehyung with his arms, pressing him close to his chest.

“I missed you, Daddy”, Taehyung whispered, chewing cheekily on Jungkook’s neck, biting into the milky white skin and Jungkook’s hold tightened. “You’re such a tease, Babyboy... but I missed that... I missed you”, Jungkook grumbled, holding Taehyung possessively close. “I wanted to surprise you, Jungkookie”, the brunet cutely exclaimed, allowing his boyfriend to claim his lip in a passionate kiss.

“A-and I have to tell you something”, Taehyung suddenly whispered, shakily recalling the happenings in that bathroom with Jimin, hating himself for liking this touch when he had Jungkook but he knew, knew that this was the drill... knew that this was what made their relationship special and exciting.

The acceptance of a third person in their relationship, only for a short amount of time at least.

“Hello Taehyung... it’s nice seeing your pretty face again”, Jimin smirked, intruding their sweet moment as always, Jungkook huffing annoyed while Taehyung stiffened, anxiously pressing himself against Jungkook’s body. “Go away... don’t want to talk to you meanie”, the brunet grumbled against the crook of Jungkook’s neck, hiding further in the embrace of his lover.

“Aw, don’t be like that... I’m a nice guy”, Jimin teased Taehyung, eyeing the pretty boy with want in his eyes, the pretty creature hiding from his eyes, in the arms of another man. “I wanted to visit Jungkookie, not being faced with you”, Taehyung cutely hissed, excitement bubbling up in his stomach as soon as he saw the lust brimming in Jimin’s eyes.

Turning his head and looking at Jungkook, he understood that his lover noticed it as well. It was time to have the talk again... but first, Taehyung wanted to make Jimin pay for trying to trick him in his own game.

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