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“Jungkookie, I have to talk to you about something”, Taehyung whispered towards his lover who looked at him with a knowing glint in his eyes, pressing a kiss onto his cute little nose. “Can this wait until we finish this match? I´m sure my good Baby can wait”, Jungkook purred towards his cutely whining Baby before looking over to Jimin with a smirk.

“Kookie, I want to play with him”, Taehyung whispered seductively, so silent that it wasn´t heard by Jimin who furrowed his brows. “Why? Is there something I need to know? Did he do something to my Baby?“, Jungkook was immediately on edge, hating other people touching his precious Baby.

He was fine with it once they received the agreement of his lover but when they didn´t, he would bring hell upon them for even daring to touch him. Jungkook was protective, knowing how oblivious, sweet and kind Taehyung was and he had to give him the protection the smaller couldn´t provide himself.

Jungkook loved Taehyung over everything else, the boy was his world and he enjoyed their kinky plays as much as Taehyung did. Knowing that no matter how hard the third party would try, he was the only one to make Taehyung cry from bliss or cling onto him like he was the only thing valuable left in this world.

“W-wanna destroy him... h-he was mean”, Taehyung mumbled, pressing his lips against Jungkook´s temple. “Will you let me play with him, Daddy?“, the petite brunet purred before turning his head to look at Jimin with fire in his eyes, the older tilting his head by the heated gaze thrown into his direction.

“Only if you really want to... he seems like a challenge”, the raven smirked, following the delicate curve of Taehyung´s cheekbone with his tatted finger where he small ‘J’ was displaced on the milky white skin.

“I want to”, Taehyung grinned, making Jungkook smirk. “Can´t wait to see him crushed under your pretty hands, Lovely”, Jungkook grinned, biting teasingly into Taehyung´s index finger. The pretty brunet giggled before turning to Jimin.

Their game has begun.


When the play ended, Jungkook immediately hurried to his Baby, seeing his boyfriend obediently sitting on a bench with his hands tugged in between his thighs, looking up to his lover with huge doe eyes and the raven almost panicked, sensing that Taehyung was on the urge of slipping into Little space.

“Babyboy, hey hey, don´t cry, Daddy´s here”, he hurried to say, right before Taehyung started to sniffle, lifting his arms up in a demand of being picked up, Jungkook quickly obeying. “Baby what´s wrong?“, the tall male quickly caught his crying lover who clung onto his arms, Jungkook fearing his Baby got touched in any inappropriate way again, especially Park Jimin.

They were in charge in this game, as long as they were in control, as long as Taehyung was in control, Jungkook had little problems with Jimin touching his Baby but seeing him in this stage brought fury onto him.

“J-Jimin w-was m-mean to TaeTae... w-why was he mean? TaeTae was good b-boy”, the little one cried out while burying his head into Jungkook´s neck, the raven´s heart clenching. TaeTae, Taehyung´s little self didn´t understand the kinky desires his ‘elder’ self had and the possessive male didn´t intend in telling his innocent kitten who belonged just to him.

Little Taehyung was just for him to enjoy and to care for, Jungkook has been his caregiver for so long and he didn´t want to share one bit of the adorable kitten hanging in his arms. “Lovely, big Tae is going to make him pay for it, okay? Don´t worry your pretty head about it. Let big Tae and Daddy handle him”, Jungkook gently shushed him, Taehyung shyly sniffling before looking up.

“B-big T-Tae big boy?“, he stuttered cutely rubbing over his running nose. “Yes, little baby kitten. You just have to worry about Daddy and Daddy only, isn´t that right? Daddy loves you a lot, bub. And do you love him?“, Jungkook quickly distracted Taehyung while he carried the little one towards the locker room.

“Y-yes! L-love D-Daddy the most...! S-so stwong and t-tall!“, Taehyung giggled, hugging Jungkook´s neck. “W-want Co-ooky Dada”, he softly whined. “I´ll get it for you. Cooky´s waiting in my car for you Bub and he can´t wait to get your nice cuddles”, the man replied gently.

“C-cuddles”, the tiny brunet mumbled, allowing Jungkook to untangle his arms from his neck, gently placing him down onto a bench. The little one immediately whined for his Daddy, stretching his arms out again.

“Yugyeom!“, Jungkook called out for his friend who was also leading his own company already, a start up company blowing up and getting famous, while Yugyeom still wanted to complete school. He was a genius and completely in love with his boyfriend Bambam. “Kook, nice game, whenever you´re around we´re gonna win and- oh my god, Tae! Hi Baby!“, Yugyeom immediately forgot about the presence of his best friend when he saw the pouty boy hugging Jungkook´s torso.

He knew about the other´s childish mindset but didn´t say one thing ever about it, always supporting Jungkook and Taehyung and sometimes taking care of Taehyung when Jungkook couldn´t since the shy Little liked him.

“Yugy!“, Taehyung called out happily, smiling widely when the tall male went to pick him up, Yugyeom was almost as buff as Jungkook which wasn´t noticeable most of the time because he preferred loose shirts and pants.

“I have to change, could you...?“, Jungkook didn´t need to finish his sentence when he was shushed away. “Go shower you stink”, Yugyeom said, making the little one on his arm giggle. “S-stinky”, he giggled, making Jungkook glare at Yugyeom.

“Thank you, now he knows a bad word”, he huffed annoyed but smiled fondly at his friend and his lover before picking up his towel and rushing into the shower room.

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