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Jimin was frowning when he looked up to the school, he already hated the sign of the pretty rosé building he’d spent most of his time in. “Fucking useless anyways... I’m gonna be CEO whether I like it or not and no matter what”, Jimin grumbled, kicking a stone.

He lifted his head, dark brown hair falling into his almond eyes while he glared at the sky before slowly heading to his school, grabbing onto his bag pack. The male was just walking towards the entrance when a small boy ran past him, into the school, not sparing him one glance and Jimin was surprised when he was able to shortly look at the boy’s stunning side profile.

The most noticeable thing about the tiny male were his large eyes, covered by pretty thin black glasses and plump lips. A pullover cascaded over his slim frame and Jimin wanted to see more of this boy before the unknown male rushed into the school, leaving Jimin shocked.

“Damn... I might like it here”, the brunet stated, smirking to himself before getting into the school as well, not hearing the roaring of an engineer that got turned on.

Jimin was exhausted to say at least. After he finally found the stupid head master, an old Lady who couldn’t stop flirting with the young student, he needed to wait with her for someone. The said someone would be helping Jimin to get to know this school, the guy was the class president of his new class and Jimin already despised the boy.

This male was for sure a fucking nerd and good for nothing, not even good enough to fuck. Jimin already regretted to think this school would be actually okay, because now he had to spend his first day with a nerd, a class president, the lowest class of a school’s dynasty.

‘Fucking great’, Jimin thought and looked at his expensive watch to see that he was already running late for the first period. ‘Oh well... Guess I’m gonna blame the fucking nerd for that’, Jimin thought to himself and smirked.

He leaned next to the door of the head master’s office, bulky arms crossed in front of his chest while he was playing on his phone, texting some of his flings who were desperate to reply to him, desperate for his attention. ‘Pathetic whores... already sending me nudes and I only saw them one time’, Jimin chuckled amused by the despair of some girls who wanted nothing but to get dicked down.

“I’m so sorry for running late! I was talking to a teacher and didn’t look at the time!“, a deep breathless voice said, Jimin heard quick footsteps coming closer and he groaned, closing his phone to stuff it back into his pocket.

‘Great... the nerd’s here’, Jimin thought and didn’t want to look at the poor excuse of a human but was forced to do since this guy would show him everything. “Yeah whatever, just show me everything so I can go to my cla-”

And Jimin stopped in the middle of his sentence, staring wide eyed at the boy in front of him. Not the boy. The motherfucking angel sent straight out of heaven to torture Jimin with his stunning and innocent looks.

He had ruffled curly brown hair, a nuance lighter than Jimin’s and he was really the boy Jimin saw before, the one with the huge eyes and the plump lips. The gorgeous boy panted, quickly adjusting his large sweater he wore a white shirt beneath, making him look serious but cute.

“Something’s wrong?“, the boy asked Jimin with a confused look on his gorgeous face, adjusting his black pretty glasses that hung on the tip of his nose because he must have been running to fast. He tilted his head, curly locks falling to the side of his head, making him even more adorable.

Jimin was completely and utterly in awe. “N-no... let’s go?“, Jimin said awkwardly, rubbing the nape of his neck before looking away from the gorgeous male who giggled cutely. “Okay!“, he exclaimed, turning on his heels to show Jimin around.

“Oh, and my name’s Taehyung by the way”, the brunet exclaimed and looked over his shoulder to Jimin who looked caught at him. Because the sneaky male was actually staring at the boy’s plump ass covered in tight black pants.

“J-Jimin”, the male stuttered and smacked himself internally for stuttering in front of this Cutie. Taehyung just chuckled amused, seeing how flustered Jimin was and he actually found it cute. The male over all looked pretty cute to Taehyung and he was excited to befriend the new student since he loved making new friends.

And he didn’t look much of a threat so his lovely Jungkookie would be fine with him being friends with Jimin.

Oh boy, how wrong Taehyung was.

“It’s nice to meet you, Jimin!“, Taehyung said and smiled kindly at Jimin before the male finally unfroze and followed Taehyung. “The pleasure’s all mine”, Jimin said politely, glancing at the gorgeous boy next to him. Taehyung was actually a little bit taller than Jimin but way more feminine and small in size as Jimin.

He had those wide hips and tiny waist to die for and Jimin actually thought how the little angel would sound moaning under him. But as soon as he thought of that, he gave himself a little punch on the arm for thinking that.

Taehyung was until now nothing but kind to him and he looked like he had a fragile heart, not being able to take lots. Jimin was still determined to make this cute gorgeous angel his. But first, he wanted to become his friend before taking the next step.

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