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Jimin couldn’t help but to stare at the pretty male next to him who kept telling him unimportant stuff about his new school. Taehyung was not only a pretty face to look at but also very kind and intelligent, making Jimin find him even more interesting.

The way his sweater moved around his soft shaped frame was fascinating him, everything about this cute little being enchanted him. Jimin was never the type to fall in love or even feel attracted to someone he wasn’t sexually interested in. But this cute brunet was making him feel emotions he never thought he could feel.

“And here’s your new classroom!“, Taehyung announced and smiled brightly at Jimin who was wearing a black leather jacket and a blue beanie on top of his dark brown hair. He looked good and Jimin knew this.

So why wasn’t Taehyung blushing already like it was usually the case when they would look at Jimin? “I hope you’ll get along very soon with the others and if you’re having trouble just tell me and I’ll fix it”, Taehyung smiled friendly, his smile shaped like a box and it looked so adorable and so... perfect.

“How can such a tiny person like you fix my problems?“, Jimin chuckled amused, crossing his muscular arms in front of his chest, mocking the pretty brunet in front of him. Taehyung gasped outraged, fixing his glasses before playfully glaring at Jimin.

“I’m not tiny! And I was just trying to be nice over all!“, Jimin laughed by this remark, shaking his head by the cuteness of the tiny puppy in front of him. “Tiny! That’s what I’ll be calling you”, Jimin exclaimed and Taehyung whined loudly by this, hitting Jimin’s shoulder.

“Nooo I’m not tiny! Don’t do thaaaat”, he whined and pouted which made Jimin coo even more. “Nope, you can’t change my mind, you’re tiny now”, Jimin laughed and it made Taehyung burst into cute little giggles as well before he glanced at his watch.

“Oh no, you really need to get to class! And I need too!“, he exclaimed panicked, looking at Jimin in panic before knocking on the door. “I’ll quickly say you’re here and then I needa go”, the little brunet said, waiting for someone to open the door.

Jimin stared in awe at the pretty male who smiled sweetly at the teacher who opened him the door, quickly introducing Jimin to her. “Thank you for bringing him here, Taehyung, you can go to your class now”, she said kindly, smiling warmly at the brunet who nodded, fixing his black thin glasses again before turning to Jimin.

“Good luck, Jiminie! Oh and you can always come to me if you need help. I’m the representative of school and take care of all students! Well I try”, Taehyung showed him his sweet box smile before hurrying to get to his own class after shooting the teacher a wide smile.

He was messily running, brown locks bouncing by his energetic steps, sweater cascading over his slim frame.

“Such a nice kid”, the teacher chuckled before turning to Park Jimin who followed the pretty boy with his eyes. “So Mr Park. Let’s introduce you to the class, shall we?”

Taehyung was chatting happily with a few of his classmates when they were packing their things together after it rang for break, lunch to be specific. He didn’t hear anything from Jimin so he assumed that the male was comfortable in his new class and didn’t have any problems.

Two or three males were staring at the pretty brunet but too shy to approach him. It wasn’t that they were afraid to talk to Taehyung since the male was nothing but sweet and kind, it was his boyfriend actually that scared the shit out of them. Taehyung himself was always loving and friendly to his classmates.

Something they adored over him. Not only was be being kind but also helped everyone who struggled in their studies. Which was why he was chosen to be the school speaker and representative of school.

He sometimes had his sassy phases as well but it was still adorable.

Taehyung was talking to one of his classmates, giving him tips about their homework, while walking out of the classroom. “Tae!“, a deep voice called out for the male and Taehyung looked up with a bright smile to see his best friend waiting for him.

Jung Hoseok leaned against the lockers, shooting the male a friendly smile before hugging him, while mouthing a ‘piss off’ at the dude who dared to stare at Taehyung’s ass. “Hyung, have you heard about the new student?“, Taehyung asked while Hoseok kept his arm around Taehyung’s shoulders.

“Park Jimin right? The playboy?“, Hoseok asked while they made their way through the crowd of students, some greeting Taehyung and the brunet smiled back friendly at them. “Playboy? He’s very nice, Hyung”, Taehyung said while they walked to his locker so he could put his heavy books away.

“Nice huh? You’re always seeing the good in people”, Hoseok chuckled and watched how the thin male opened his locker with an elegant movement of his slim hands. “Well, I have to cause I’m responsible of him for two weeks to make sure he gets along with everyone”, Taehyung said casually.

Causing Hoseok to frown. “Does Jungkook know about this?“, he asked him with furrowed brows. Taehyung sighed and rolled his eyes, turning to Hoseok after slamming his locker shut. “Jungkookie doesn’t need to know about every single aspect in my life. Plus I don’t think Jimin will be a problem. He’s nice”, Taehyung said with a pretty frown himself.

“Still. Jungkook for sure will be mad and I don’t want you two to fight and you to cry”, Hoseok remarked concerned, causing Taehyung to flash a small smile at him. “He has to understand that it’s my job to interfere with students and transfers. He can’t control me in this, Hyung”, Taehyung said, locking the door of his locker again.

“It’s good that you don’t let him control you”, Hoseok said and Taehyung showed him his cute boxy smile. “He can try but I’ll never let him”, he smiled sweetly. “Besides, he yearns too much for my ass to make me upset”, Taehyung giggled and Hoseok made a face of disgust by this remark.

“Ew, I don’t wanna know about your sex life with Jeon bunny teeth Jungkook.”

“As if I don’t know about your wanting for Yoongi’s ass.”

“Hey, I was drunk when I told you this! Stop making fun of me!”

“Drunk people are always saying the truuuth.”

“I swear to god, Kim Taehyung, I’ll kill you if you tell him anything-”

“I’m untouchable bitch you can’t kill me!”

Taehyung laughed loudly when Hoseok tickled him, trying to get away from him but not being able to because his best friend was so much stronger than him. Jung Hoseok was someone you didn’t want to mess with, he was actually pretty nice but you didn’t want to get on his bad side or make him angry.

He could be pretty scary. And since he was Taehyung’s best friend since diapers, Jungkook couldn’t forbid Taehyung to stay away from him since Taehyung fought with him pretty bad when Jungkook demanded this.

Saying to go fuck himself if he made Taehyung leave his best friend and Jungkook forcefully complied. He had no problem with Hoseok when he first found out that the copperhead saw his boyfriend as his own younger brother and over all had a crush on Min Yoongi, Jungkook’s own best friend.

Since then, Jungkook and Taehyung tried to bring them together since both were crushing on each other but were too shy to admit it. The Taekook couple, as they were officially called, made it a bet on who will be first embarrassed when they’d meet each other again.

But Hoseok and Yoongi didn’t know about that of course.

“H-Hyung stop!“, Taehyung laughed loudly and finally managed to get out of Hoseok’s grasp who threw him a half wicked smirk. “Yoongi and Jungkookie are coming over for lunch by the way”, Taehyung then said panting and giggled when he saw how Hoseok turned pale.

“Fuck! How do I look?“, he called out panicked, only to realize his mistake and cough but it was already too late. Taehyung smirked.

“Gotcha, Hyung.”

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