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Jimin was walking out of his classroom, one of his class members following him. Since he entered his class, he caught the entire attention of the students who were in awe and so jealous of how he looked. It made Jimin smirk, because he was just only a few hours in this school, and he already had females fanning and fangirling over his looks.

But he wanted one particular doe eyed cutie to crush on him, like it was his only intention to live. And that Cutie was Kim Taehyung. Who was exactly the one that Jimin was eager to see. His thoughts have been spinning around this beautiful boy who was nothing but kind and sweet and Jimin was eager to get to know this boy.

It was so confusing for him since he never had these feelings before, the feelings of wanting to know someone. Being interested into a person besides sexual interest wasn’t a normal thing for Park Jimin, infamous playboy and heart breaker so it was actually a surprise for him that this Cutie managed to get through his walls this easily.

But now, Park Jimin was determined to make Kim Taehyung his.

“Yo Jimin”, his new made friend Lee Taemin called out for the handsome brunet who hummed in response while his eyes moved over the crowd of students, trying to spot one particular little beauty he was so desperate to see.

“Yeah?“, Jimin answered unbothered, ignoring some girls who stared at him while he was searching for his locker as well. “Do ya wanna hang out with me and my friends after school? Like bros?“, Taemin asked, flinging his arm around Jimin’s shoulders and the shorter didn’t mind at all, Taemin seemed cool and like the guy Jimin wanted to be seen around with.

So he nodded before his sharp eyes scanned the crowd again. A victorious smirk adored his features when he spotted his stunning target talking to a guy with copper hair, leaning against the lockers. Taehyung managed to look flawless in the middle of the corridor and it left Jimin speechless.

“I’ll be right back, Hyung”, Jimin said shortly before he confidently walked towards the beautiful boy. His friend was the first one to spot Jimin, his face showing slight disgust before pointing at him, making Taehyung turn around.

His chocolate locks fell elegantly into his golden forehead, his pretty glasses covering his big innocent eyes. His plump lips stretched into a warm smile when he saw Jimin, waiting for the male to come closer.

“Jimin-ssi, hi! We were just talking about you. Do you need anything? How was your first lesson?“, Taehyung asked kindly, tilting his head interested and fiddling with his sweater while the copperhead glared at Jimin.

The copperhead wore an expensive leather jacket, had a few tattoos and a nose piercing, looking very intimidating which was surprising for Jimin to see him with Taehyung since the boy seemed so cute and innocent.

“Just wanted to ask if you know in which direction I needa head to find my locker”, Jimin said with deeper voice, biting his lip when he stared at the pretty brunet in front of him who giggled, nodding his head cutely. “Sure!“, he exclaimed adorably, turning to his friend.

“And this is my Hyung, by the way. Jimin, meet-”

“Tae, I don’t want scum to know my name”, the copperhead interrupted Taehyung rudely and glared darkly at Jimin who just smirked back in return, coming closer to Taehyung. “It’s fine, Tiny, I don’t needa know his name”, he whispered towards the confused boy who just smiled sheepishly.

“Aigoo, sorry for my Hyung...“, he said awkwardly, sending a cute glare at the copperhead. “I’ll tell Yoongi your secret, Hyung”, he said before pulling Jimin away. Leaving the protesting copperhead alone. “Yah, Kim Taehyung! You’ll regret this!”

Taehyung just rolled his eyes and giggled, a sweet melody in Jimin’s ears. “He’s so dramatic, jeez”, he giggled before turning to walk into another direction. They met Taemin half the way who greeted Taehyung with a surprised but friendly smile.

“Hey Tae”, he said, waving at the lovely brunet who smiled widely in return, his lips stretching into an adorable box shape. “Hi hyung! I’m showing Jimin his locker, were you waiting for him?“, Taehyung asked interested while leading Jimin to his new locker.

This was just an excuse, Jimin knew already where his locker was. He just wanted to spend time with the gorgeous male next to him who was so adorable, so pretty. Jimin was determined to get this boy.

“Yeah... but it’s fine, don’t worry, Tae”, Taemin hurried to say. It confused Jimin actually a bit how kind everyone was to this beautiful boy but on the other side, he could totally understand this. Taehyung was kind, had perfect grades and was beautiful. How could one not love this cute fluff ball?

“Here it is!“, Taehyung said enthusiastically, smiling brightly at Jimin who returned the smile with a malicious smirk. “Thanks Tiny”, he purred, making Taehyung pout. “I’m taller than you”, he grumbled, making Jimin coo from his cuteness. “But you behave like a tiny little kitten”, he teased the now blushing brunet who whined, hitting his shoulder.

“You’re a meanie, Park Jimin!“, he exclaimed frustrated and huffed cutely, crossing his arms in front of his chest. His sweater slided down a bit by this, tightening around his slim tiny waist. Jimin wondered how it would feel to grab onto this curvy shape...

“Well anyways, I gotta go, my friends are waiting for me! You can join us for lunch if you wanna, Jiminie, you as well Taemin Hyung!“, Taehyung suggested sweetly, sending them another heart melting box smile. “I gotta go, toodles!“, he exclaimed right after the two boys nodded their heads in agreement.

Taehyung waved at them before turning and running away cutely, Jimin found his way of running fully adorable. But then his eyes moved downwards, to the boy’s full peachy ass and Jimin swore he just saw heaven.

Damn... imagine pounding into that tight little ass from behind while holding his tiny waist in my hands... fuck this would be hot, the male controlled by hormones thought and licked his lips by the thought.

“Did you just stare at Kim Taehyung’s ass?!”

“Yeah and if so?”

“Dude, you’re dead. He’s Jungkook’s property, he’s gonna kill you for touching what’s his!”

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