Belong - Vminkook


Taehyung skipped a few steps while he was heading to the canteen, humming a happy song quietly to himself, a kind smile adoring his pretty features whenever he passed a student. Some of the younger, hormonal students were literally going insane over his pretty looks which utterly amused Taehyung because they would always giggle when they would see him.

“Taehyung Oppa!“, he heard a girl shouting his name and he turned around, only to see Hoseok’s cousin Lisa running towards him, waving excited at him while she smiled brightly at him before crushing him into a tight hug.

“You little bitch! I called you for like thousand times!“, she exclaimed over dramatic, hitting Taehyung’s arm playfully before linking them together. “Did you get cum in your ears so you couldn’t hear me?“, she teased him and Taehyung blushed a bright red, hitting his friend.

“Lisa! Don’t say this out loud!“, he exclaimed furious, the brunet checked if someone heard them but luckily no one did. Lisa cackled loudly, flipping her hair to the side, grinning devilishly. “Oh c’mon, it’s not a secret that you’re a slut for the Juancock, I think we all know”, she commented and Taehyung gasped outraged.

“Lisa shut the fuck up before I punch you right in the face!”

“Woah, Mr Class President, didn’t know you had this in you... I only know about one thing that was in you-”

“I’ll smack you back to Thailand if you don’t shut up!”

“Freedom of speech Motherfucker, I can say what I wanna!”

The two were really close friends, always bickering with each other but secretly loving each other to death. Especially Lisa loved the little brunet very much. When she transferred to this school, she was a quiet shy girl and ended up getting bullied by some evil girls who thought it would be fun to hurt a defenseless girl like her this time.

Taehyung just happened to pass by and see her getting harassed by three girls who were about to glue her glasses onto her head. He has informed the head master who threw the girls out of the school. Since then, Lisa rapidly changed and was still super thankful for the kind male who immediately became a really close friend to her.

And after finding out that his best friend Hoseok was her cousin, they became even closer. There was a short embarrassing time in which Lisa had a short crush on Jungkook only to realize that Taehyung was in a relationship with him. She apologized over and over again, Taehyung forgave her and she was now happy with a weird loud guy named BamBam or Kunpimook Bhuwakul as his real name was.

“I heard from a few loud girls that Daddy is coming over today... is his Babyboy excited to see Daddy again?“, Lisa teased her friend who blushed again, throwing her a death glare while they finally reached the canteen. “Stop kink shaming us, oh my god!“, he exclaimed angrily but looked more like an angry puppy, threatening but not that scary.

“And yes, Kookie’s coming over”, Taehyung mumbled while they chose something to eat, standing in the line and waiting to pay. “You guys are so goals, I could watch Taekook all day”, she exclaimed and giggled when Taehyung threw the blonde girl a glare.

“Oh, and did you see the new guy?“, Lisa added, finally going over to gossiping, something Taehyung and her loved to do, since it was something ‘only good subs would do’, her words not Taehyung’s and the brunet nodded his head.

He smiled sweetly at the canteen lady after handing her his money and she blushed, even though she knew Taehyung for years. But the lady couldn’t help herself. Taehyung was too pretty to not get affected by his beauty.

“Jimin? Yeah, he’s nice”, he said shortly after taking his tray of food again, walking towards the door leading outside in order to eat outside where Hoseok was for sure already waiting for him. “Nice? Taehyung, do you have one single Idea who this dude is?!“, Lisa gasped, following Taehyung outside.

“He got kicked out of his old school because he apparently slept with the wife of the principal! And he has almost fucked every girl there too! He’s a complete fuck boy!“, she exclaimed while Taehyung only focused on his tray to not drop it, disappointment visible on his pretty face.

“You should stay away from him.. hell we all should. He’s trouble”, she finished her outraged speech, making Taehyung smile sheepishly. “Yeah about that... I kinda invited him to sit on our table”, he mumbled, making Lisa gasp loudly.


But she couldn’t even start shouting at Taehyung for being such an idiot because they already reached their table where Hoseok and Yoongi were awkwardly sitting next to each other, sometimes sheepishly staring at the other before looking away flustered.

“Hi Hyungies!”

“Sup, still awkward Bitches?”

The two jolted upwards, staring at the newcomers, Hoseok glaring at his cousin who smirked and sat down next to him while Taehyung sat in front of them. “Where’s Kookie?“, he asked, missing his handsome boyfriend actually pretty much. So many years in a relationship and both were still head over heels for each other, still as in love as the first day.

“He’s actually gone to get some food for you and- oh okay you’re already gone running towards him great, that’s not rude, no no”, Yoongi closed his speech again, irritated but also amused. Because the cute puppy has turned around and gasped cutely once he saw his boyfriend walking towards them, two packages of strawberry milk in his hands.

“Koooookie!“, Taehyung yelled loudly and threw himself into Jungkook’s arms who captured his lover surprised, a bright smile spreading on his lips when he hugged Taehyung tightly before pecking his lips.

“Hey Baby”, he grumbled against Taehyung’s lips, making the beautiful brunet giggle sweetly at this. “Hi Kookie, I missed you”, Taehyung breathed out, earning another sweet kiss by his boyfriend. “I missed you more”, Jungkook exclaimed and got a bit away from Taehyung.

His eyes darkened when they fell on a short but muscular looking male who stared possessively at his pretty boyfriend and he growled protectively, pulling Taehyung closer to him and wrapping his arms around his tiny waist to claim that Taehyung belonged to him.

“Why is that guy staring at you, Taehyung?!”

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