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“Who?“, Taehyung asked confused, turning his head into the direction Jungkook was glaring. The possessive male pulled Taehyung incredibly close to himself, his arms resting just on the dip over Taehyung’s plump ass, pulling him tightly against his strong built body.

Possessively and jealously claiming Taehyung. The petite brunet didn’t mind, he was used to it anyways, secretely loving it by the way. He searched for the one that made Jungkook this jealous and when he did, his eyes widened in surprise.

“Do you mean him, Kookie?“, he asked sweetly while Jungkook peppered kisses over his jawline, grumbling moody against Taehyung’s soft golden skin, needing this to cal down. Jungkook was a very possessive man, loving to claim Taehyung just for himself.

After all, Taehyung was so so pretty, and it was the exact reason why Jungkook had a lot of concurrents the first time asking Taehyung out. But Taehyung stayed sweet and kind like always, humble even and he accepted Jungkook with open arms, falling deeply in love with him.

And Jungkook being the fucking tease he was, loved to mark Taehyung up, especially in public places. The tall black haired male was possessive, he knew it and he also knew that Taehyung loved it as well.

“Yes”, Jungkook growled, staring at Park Jimin over Taehyung’s petite frame. Jimin on the other side was shocked to see the pretty Taehyung resting in the arms of such a rough looking man, skin littered with tattoos and his eyes darker than black. And this intimidating man was staring right into Jimin’s soul.

His eyes showed how much the man wanted to kill Jimin for even daring to look at the pretty creature in his arms and the male possessively claimed Taehyung right in front of everyone. Right in front of Jimin.

Both eyed each other like predators, Taehyung obliviously staying in between them like the cute helpless prey that he was to them.

“Oh Kookie, that’s just Jimin, the new guy! I show him around and suggested him to sit with us today, so that’s why he’s looking”, Taehyung explained cutely, waving adorably at Jimin before smiling at him. And the contrast these two made shocked Jimin to the core.

And it also broke his heart. Because it seemed like Taehyung was already taken. Jimin still managed to crack a teasing smirk while he eyed the man next to Taehyung who whispered something towards the gorgeous boy who nodded his head in return.

The tall raven head seemed to be pleased and relaxed further, staring cockily at Jimin who gritted his teeth. For Jimin, it was already set to snatch the beautiful brunet away. Not only because he was a fucking angel and Jimin would love to add such a beauty to his collection, but also to annoy this well known man.

Jeon Jungkook.

“Jimin? As in Park Jimin?“, Jungkook silently asked Taehyung, anger bubbling deep inside of him and Taehyung turned his head to him. “What’s wrong?“, he asked his boyfriend concerned, wrapping his arms around Jungkook’s neck, snuggling into his neck to press a sweet kiss onto the soft skin.

“If you’re scared that he might steal me from you, don’t. I’m yours and I’ll stay by your side, I promised you after all”, Taehyung whispered back, pressing a sweet kiss onto Jungkook’s lips.

Jimin’s heart broke a little by the sight before he coughed. Beautiful brown eyes looked at him and Taehyung’s kissable lips turned into a sweet box smile when he saw Jimin. “Hi Jimin! Good that you’re here”, he smiled sweetly while his boyfriend just narrowed his eyes at Jimin.

The said dark haired male just smirked before playfully winking at Taehyung. “Hey Tiny”, he teased the boy, loving how Taehyung’s pretty features now adored a frown. “Yah, I told you to not call me this anymore”, he whined, pouting his full lips.

Accidentally turning both males’ attention to them. “I’m not gonna change my opinion about you being tiny and adorable, Sweetheart”, Jimin teased the boy further, making Jungkook growl at him. “Don’t fucking talk to him like that”, he spat at Jimin, fletching his teeth.

Taehyung gently pecked his cheek before whispering something into his ear that Jimin couldn’t hear. “Kookie, he’s no thread, remember? I’m yours”, Taehyung made sure to tell this Jungkook every time the other got jealous.

Jungkook hated his jealousy but he himself had the opinion, that he didn’t deserve Taehyung. Which said boy found utterly stupid. So instead of causing an argument about it, Taehyung showed Jungkook always that he wasn’t going to lose him anytime soon.

“Jimin, meet Jungkook, my boyfriend”, Taehyung exclaimed, smiling brightly when he hugged Jungkook. “And Jungkookie, meet Jimin, our new student! He’s nice”, Taehyung said and threw Jungkook a warning glance who was about to protest. “And I want to be friends with him”, the warning in the boy’s voice was obvious.

The black haired man only sighed, rolling his eyes before pecking Taehyung’s lips. “Whatever, Gorgeous”, he just huffed and let Taehyung out of his possessive embrace. The pretty brunet grabbed his hand before smiling friendly at Jimin who watched them, filled with jealousy.

“C’mon, I wanna introduce you to my friends!“, Taehyung exclaimed cutely and began to drag his sulking muscle bunny towards the table where his friends were waiting for them. Jimin couldn’t help himself but to stare at the male’s ass.

Taehyung’s ass was definitely Jimin wanted to taste later in the future. Just the imagination of those round plump cheeks in his hands, his to massage and smack until they’d turn a gorgeous red, made the brown haired man wanting to jump right on the spot onto Taehyung to fuck his brains out.

But first, Jimin needed to get rid of that annoying boyfriend of his. Jimin of course knew who Jeon Jungkook was and he even respected him. But that didn’t stop him from wanting the man’s stunning angel like boyfriend.

“Hyungs, Lisa-ssi, meet Jimin, my new friend!“, Taehyung introduced Jimin excited to his bundle of friends, looking like a happy and excited puppy. It was adorable to watch how a large smile spread on his face and how he bounced lightly on his spot, waiting excitedly for their reaction.

Jungkook admired his beautiful boyfriend, he was so undeniably whipped for this beautiful, intelligent and kind but also kinky, teasing and slutty boy. The raven has promised himself to marry Taehyung one day.

While Taehyung waited excited for a reaction, bottom lip captured in between his pearly teeth, Yoongi has turned pale by the sight of Park Jimin. He stared in horror at the smirking, muscular male who hasn’t seem him.

And Yoongi wished right now to disappear when he locked eyes with Jimin and his smirk turned malicious.

“Hello... Yoongi Hyung.”

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