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“You two know each other?“, Taehyung asked interested, and Yoongi turned even more pale, getting up from his seat to run away from the canteen. “Yoongi!“, Hoseok called put confused before getting up as well, going after him.

“Probably forgot something”, Jimin shrugged, and Taehyung being the oblivious puppy that he was, nodded cutely even if he was concerned but he didn’t want to ruin the Sope moment either.

Taehyung sat down next to Lisa and Jungkook immediately claimed the seat next to his lover, flinging his arm over Taehyung’s frail shoulders to pull him possessively closer, glaring at Jimin who sat down in front of Taehyung. The said man glared at the tall raven before he focused back on his lunch, trying his best not to murder this cocky man. Jimin already hated Jungkook.

Taehyung on the other side was happily munching on his sandwich, chatting with Lisa who was also busy texting her boyfriend.

And Jungkook? He was sitting next to Taehyung, like the whipped boyfriend that he was. “Tae Baby, please don’t speak while you’re eating”, the black haired male groaned, because Taehyung has licked his lips once again to get rid of leftovers and it turned Jungkook on.

“Or I’ll have to bend you over and punish your sorry ass”, Jungkook whispered against Taehyung’s ear and the brunet flushed red, heavily swallowing before coughing hard because he almost choked from the cheeky remark. “Hm, reminded me of yesterday, Babyboy”, Jungkook smirked, his arm resting on Taehyung’s chair.

“I swear to god, Jungkook, stop talking right now!“, Taehyung exclaimed loudly, hitting his boyfriend’s muscular chest and attempt to do it a second time but Jungkook quickly caught his hand, bringing the brunet’s hand up to his lips.

Jimin watched with burning jealousy. He wanted to be the one to hold the gorgeous brunet close like this, kissing him, touching him. And Jimin was shocked by his behavior, especially when his blood boiled after Jungkook threw him a victorious smirk.

The little beauty on the other side was oblivious to the hateful stares the rivals gave each other and he pouted his plump lips to make Jungkook kiss him. With success and Taehyung happily clapped his hands before going back to eating his sandwich.

“So Jiminie”, Taehyung exclaimed, swallowing the rest of his sandwich and turned his attention to Jimin while Jungkook played with his boyfriend’s fingers, ignoring everyone else at the table. “Tell us something about you”, it was hard to resist the doe eyed cutie who was looking so adorable with pink tinted cheeks and large brown eyes.

Jimin smiled a little at Taehyung, thinking about his answer, not wanting to scare the cute puppy away. How funny, because on their first encounter, Jimin has thought of Taehyung as a pathetic prick but turns out, that Taehyung was an adorable little bean who loved to smile and spread happiness.

“I had trouble at my old school and transferred to this one to start new”, Jimin said and scratched his neck. Jungkook’s throat escped a laugh before he leaned over to kiss Taehyung’s neck which was already covered in a few very possessive looking hickeys.

“Yeah, right, call it trouble”, Jungkook commented smugly, pulling his Baby closer by his tiny waist to cove his neck with possessive kisses. Taehyung didn’t mind Jungkook, he was used to this claiming behavior and he secretly loved it but decided to not show it to not expose how kinky he really was.

“Oh, don’t worry about it so much, Jiminie! My Kookie always gets in trouble too”, Taehyung smiled kindly, his lips stretched into an adorable box smile while he leaned his head more to the side to expose more of his skin to Jungkook.

The action caused Jimin’s pants to tighten and he wanted to be at Jungkook’s place, claiming the sweet beauty, leaving marks over Taehyung’s golden honey skin. But his heart also stung by the claiming of Jungkook being Taehyung’s because again, he wanted to have Taehyung exclusively for himself.

“Also ignore Grumpy pants sucking on my neck like a Baby”, Taehyung laughed sweetly, patting Jungkook’s head who replied with a groan against his skin, his large hands holding the sweet shape of Taehyung’s waist in his grip. “He just missed me”, Taehyung smiled and giggled before he leaned over and pressed a loving kiss onto Jungkook’s black hair.

Lisa on his other side watched Jimin intensely, noticing the glint of dangerous want in his eyes while he stared at Taehyung. She shook her head. There was no way Jungkook would let anyone approach his Taehyung, especially not the trouble maker of Autumn High. That’s right, they all hear about the Park Jimin who even fucked the principal’s wife.

Well, everyone except Kim Taehyung, the local Sweetheart of course.

Jungkook was still clinging onto Taehyung and it was a sight to melt everyone’s heart, some girls were fangirling of how cute they looked. Taehyung leaned down to Jungkook, whispering something into Jungkook’s ear which made the raven release him with a frown.

He then smirked, biting his lip while he moved his tattooed hand over Taehyung’s soft cheek. “Are you sure, Gorgeous?“, Jungkook asked, his eyes searching for any kind of fear in Taehyung’s doe eyes. The boy smirked, shaking his head.

“If you excuse us”, Jungkook roared, roughly picking Taehyung up to fling the boy over his shoulder, sending a hard smack onto his tight little ass, making Taehyung gasp. “Kookie, here are people!“, he exclaimed shocked and whined loudly when Jungkook ignored the comment, carrying Taehyung away.

“What was that?“, Jimin asked interested, following Taehyung’s figure on Jungkook’s shoulder with his eyes. “Dude, snap out of it. Tae’s taken and you’re gonna get yourself killed if you don’t stop”, Lisa warned Jimin.

The male just laughed, leaning back in his seat and taking a sip of his water. “Watch me destroy Jeon and taking the Cutie as mine.”

“Well, good luck with that. You ain’t getting his ass anytime.”

“Nah”, Jimin said, smirking cockily. “I’ll make him mine”, he promised quietly to himself. His goal was set and Park Jimin wasn’t one to give his promise up.

The promise of snatching Kim Taehyung away from Jeon Jungkook.

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