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Nine (M)

Jungkook confidently carried Taehyung through the halls of the school, leading his way to an empty classroom while Taehyung’s face was beet red and the pretty male needed all of his willpower to not whimper. His face felt flushed and he could feel every step of his boyfriend who carried him inside the classroom.

“K-Kookie”, Taehyung whimpered but only received a harsh smack on his ass while Jungkook roughly closed the door, making sure no one was around. “Shut up, Dollface. You don’t wanna make Daddy angry now, do you?“, Jungkook growled teasingly before roughly putting Taehyung on his feet.

The pretty brunet looked up at Jungkook with deer like eyes, huge innocent orbs looking up to face Jungkook’s black soulless ones. Jungkook smirked down at his desirable beauty, leaning down to kiss Taehyung hungrily, grabbing the boy’s tiny waist to pull him possessively close.

Jungkook licked teasingly over Taehyung’s lips before stretching his tongue out, exposing his silver tongue piercing which Taehyung loved so much. Taehyung eagerly leaned forward, wrapping his lips around Jungkook’s tongue to suck cutely on it, whole body clinging onto Jungkook while he desperately suckled on Jungkook’s tongue like a cute Baby.

The raven was pleased by this reaction, wrapping his arms around Taehyung’s slim delicate body to press him possessively close, claiming him. Taehyung was his and he needed to make sure of it. That no one else could have this beauty besides him.

“M-Mhm Daddy”, Taehyung whimpered against Jungkook’s lips, pressing himself more closer to his Daddy’s body. He gasped loudly when Jungkook’s hands came down to his ass, lifting him up to place Taehyung onto one of the tables, grabbing his soft thighs.

“You have to be quiet Dollface”, Jungkook commanded smugly, standing right in between Taehyung’s legs, parting them further to rub his crotch against Taehyung’s. The tiny brunet whimpered, his head falling to the side but Jungkook quickly caught his lover’s head, gripping into his silky locks to pull his head towards him again.

“D-Daddy ah!“, a loud moan escaped Taehyung’s lips when Jungkook’s knee suddenly shot up to rub against his crotch. His eyes fluttered close when Jungkook leaned closer to him, hands featherly stroking over his waist, his hips, down to his ass to massage his soft cheeks.

“O-oh god”, the pretty brunet mumbled, falling apart in his lover’s touch. “What did I say Dollface?“, Jungkook growled, delivering a hard smack on Taehyung’s ass. The boy whimpered helplessly, trying to scramble away but another smack stopped him, hand gripping onto his waist.

“D-Daddy, p-please people m-might hear us”, Taehyung sobbed shortly when Jungkook started to undress his precious Babyboy, ignoring Taehyung’s soft whiny whimpers because he wanted to touch his Daddy so badly.

“Then you have to be quiet, Babyboy”, Jungkook laughed before grabbing Taehyung by his waist to flip the tiny boy over, having Taehyung bent over the table. “You don’t want your classmates to hear how filthy and slutty you actually are, now, do you?“, Jungkook asked, fumbling with his belt.

Smirking by the sight in front of him, his precious Babyboy at his mercy, exposed to his touch, whimpering needily for his touch. “Beg, Dollface. Beg for Daddy’s cock like the little slut you are”, Jungkook murmured, looking over to the clock before sliding Taehyung’s jeans and panties down, hissing when he saw the pretty blue color contrasting to Taehyung’s caramel skin.

“God, how fucking filthy you are. Wearing panties to school? Fuck Baby, you’re just begging me to fuck you senseless”, Jungkook chuckled meanly, smacking Taehyung’s ass strongly before parting his ass cheeks, exposing his pink little hole.

“Gorgeous”, Jungkook mumbled, pressing a finger against the rim, teasing the entrance with a smirk, licking his lips. “I know you’d love to feel my piercing against your skin but I’m not that hungry... and I think you don’t deserve to get what you want”, Jungkook commented, finally undoing his pants.

“A hard ruthless fuck should be the perfect thing, hm?“, Jungkook chuckled again when he heard his pretty Baby whining, not pleased by his words. “Sh sh, Taehyungie, I’m gonna use you like I please and you don’t have a say in that”, Jungkook said, knowing that Taehyung loved to get used by him, feeling deeply aroused.

And he was right, because when he thrusted roughly into his little Babyboy, Taehyung arched his back, sobbing quietly, before gripping onto the table. “Are you going to fuck me or not, Daddy?“, Taehyung dared to say with a cheeky grin on his beautiful face when he looked over his shoulder to the dangerous man hovering over him who was no other than his boyfriend.

Jungkook growled warningly before started to snap his hips, gripping onto Taehyung’s wide tempting hips before sliding out of Taehyung’s tiny hole until only the tip was inside, then slamming back in. “Fuuuck”, he breathed out, loving how tight and warm Taehyung felt around him.

“Fuck Baby, it doesn’t matter how hard I fuck you, you’re still so fucking tight... we should definitely try out some more toys, what do you think?“, Jungkook asked amused, his fingers digging into Taehyung’s seductive hips before thrusting hardly into Taehyung who moaned.

His moans got muffled by his own hand. “M-Mhm, s-sounds good D-Daddy”, Taehyung stuttered and sobbed when Jungkook started to fuck into him, hips colliding with Taehyung’s plump ass. “F-fuck Daddy so good”, Taehyung whimpered, moving his hips in the rhythm of Jungkook’s thrusts.

But he unfortunately got stopped by his muscular lover. “Ah ah, I told you, you’re just going to be Daddy’s dumb fuck toy today”, Jungkook warned, leaning over Taehyung before grabbing his hair, forcing Taehyung to look down.

“You’re just my little cum slut I can use as much as I please”, Jungkook growled and Taehyung whined by the words but tried his best to stay still. “Fully at my mercy... you won’t think about anyone else fucking you”, Jungkook growled possessively, leaning over Taehyung to make sure to leave enough marks on the delicate beauty.

“Especially not that Park boy”, Jungkook growled, not having any mercy or listening to Taehyung’s sobs and whimpers, grabbing him roughly by his hair to lift him up. Taehyung slammed against Jungkook’s body, whining because Jungkook’s cock was now brushing against his prostate.

“K-Kookie”, Taehyung sobbed but Jungkook pressed one hand over Taehyung’s mouth, preventing him from speaking while the other palmed Taehyung through his pants. “Not my name, Dollface”, Jungkook growled, softly but firmly smacking Taehyung’s dick.

Taehyung’s eyes rolled back by this while he let Jungkook fuck him, only gasping for air from time to time, breathless and trying to conceal his moans. “You’re mine, you got that? Mine!“, Jungkook hissed, teeth sinking in Taehyung’s neck and the same moment, the boy whimpered Jungkook’s name.

“You’re ready to come, Dollface? Just from my words like a dirty little slut? Tsk”, another look to the clock made Jungkook click his tongue in annoyance, pushing Taehyung away from him and the sobbing boy fell back onto the table.

A harsh, violent thrust made Taehyung see stars. “As much as I want to see you crying, Pretty, we don’t have time for that. But don’t think I’ll let you off this easy next time”, Jungkook said, sweat dripping down his neck.

“Come for me, Dollface. Come for Daddy”, Jungkook commanded and Taehyung whimpered Jungkook’s name another time before coming into his pants. “D-Daddy”, the brunet weakly whispered when he felt Jungkook coming inside of him as well.

“Fuck Baby, so good ugh”, Jungkook groaned, shooting his cum deep inside of Taehyung, watching pleased how a small amount dripped out around his pulsating cock. He quickly grabbed a few tissues and wiped his cum gentle away while he helped Taehyung to fix his clothes.

“That- was amazing”, Taehyung said breathlessly, stealing a kiss from Jungkook who lifted him up to dress him again after buckling his belt back up. “Of course, it was hot. Just like you”, Taehyung smiled tiredly by the compliment.

“I love you, Kookie.”

“I love you more, Baby.”

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