Love from Hell - Taekook


In which the devil, Jeon Jeongguk gets attached to a sassy little vampire named Kim Taehyung.

Romance / Fantasy
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Kim Taehyung for sure wasn’t like any other boy in his age. That was because there was actually no ‘boy’ in his age. No one was like him. Taehyung was an angel, an seraphim angel to be exact which was extremely rare.

Angels normally couldn’t enter the human world. But Taehyung being one of the last Seraphim angels, keeper of light and beauty, he found a way. And being a part of a rare kind forced Taehyung to hide of the world.

Let’s just say, Taehyung didn’t like humans very much. But since he was a part of the mystic world, he didn’t have to interact with humans so much. More with people of his kind, or the other supernatural beings.

Taehyung loved sneaking out of heaven, worrying his parents almost to death because the boy was more rebellious than an angel should be. But the human world was also very dangerous for him.

He didn’t know that a very powerful person has set his eyes on him, determined to lay his hands on the beautiful former angel who kept hunting his mind and this person wouldn’t stop until he was holding Taehyung in his arms.


Music was blasting in Taehyung’s ears and he huffed, trying to get through the creatures dancing on the dance floor. The angel hated being in clubs, being under people that did nothing but to annoy him. And what he hated even more, was that his friend, Park Bogum kinda dragged him here so he had to stay, for his sake.

“Bogum, I swear if you don’t let go of my arm I’ll rip your throat out”, Taehyung groaned annoyed while glaring at his best friend who cackled loudly but complied, letting go of his slim upper arm before turning towards Taehyung.

“You always threaten me with this, TaeTae, don’t this get boring?“, the elf laughed while tapping his feet onto the floor. The little angel just fletched his teeth, staring angrily at his best friend before turning around to walk to the bar.

Bogum hurriedly rushed after the petite boy, pushing some people out of his way while the guests magically parted their way when Taehyung walked towards their direction, giving him a free path.

“Tae, c’mon don’t be a party pooper”, Bogum whined, sitting down next to the beautiful red haired boy who just ordered himself something to drink. “I’m not a party pooper, I just don’t like clubs, Hyung”, Taehyung sighed, pushing his curly red hair out of his caramel colored eyes.

Bogum rolled his eyes by the boy’s dramatic exhale and sat down to Taehyung’s side, observing his delicate features. If you didn’t know his real background, you might think that Taehyung was the incarnation of innocence and sweetness with his round, feline eyes with one mono lid and one double lid, making him even more special and his beautiful, fragile looking face, plump lips that held secrets behind, a slim, fragile looking body and the thinnest waist a boy could possess.

But Taehyung was nothing like his looks. In fact, he was pretty dangerous. Just licking his lips could bring you to faint. Don’t start with his fighting skills. 200 years of being an angel was nothing that could be erased by a day.

A daring male sat down next to Taehyung, observing his beautiful features with a victorious smirk before placing his hand on Taehyung’s knee. The little angel froze. “Hey Baby. What’s such a beauty like you doing here all alone?“, Taehyung ignored the male at first, taking his shot of pure Vodka before inhaling, then turning to the man.

It was a werewolf, a cockily smirking Alpha that seemed to be so in love with himself that he didn’t realize what a huge mistake he just made. He even went further, leaning closer to Taehyung’s ear to whisper seductively but which only caused Taehyung to shudder in disgust.

“Are you in for some fun? I’m even better than these Incubus’“, the male stated cockily, trying to kiss Taehyung’s cheek. Bogum leaned back with a smirk, taking a sip of his drink. “Now that is going to be a show”, he commented quietly to himself, watching his best friend.

Taehyung didn’t say anything at first, only staring at the Alpha at first. That was until his hand snapped forward, grabbing the man’s neck out of the sudden. “First of all, don’t ever call me Baby again. That’s quite disgusting, considering the fact that I’m probably the hundredth guy you try to fuck with that lame pick up line”, Taehyung stated calmly, tightening his grip around the male’s neck.

The Alpha’s eyes were wide, he tried grabbing Taehyung’s hand to pry him off but the smaller didn’t budge one bit. He instead only tightened his grip. Taehyung might seem sweet and angelic like any other angel but he definitely wasn’t. He was one of the supposed to be purest creatures in heaven and since purity there meant power, he was powerful, strong. No one could approach him against his liking. And he loved the power he held.

“Second, I’m not alone, this is my friend, Gummie”, Taehyung introduced Bogum who nodded at the male, holding up his drink. “And I’m only here because of him so you better not fuck with me or touch me because boi, I’m not in the mood”, Taehyung growled, his eyes glowing in a pure white, making the Alpha stare at him shocked.

“Y-you’re an angel”, he stuttered intimidated, it was rare for the supernaturals to see a heavenly creature down here. Taehyung rolled his glowing eyes. “Obviously, duh. Now fuck off”, Taehyung growled, releasing the man.

He coughed before angrily glaring at the unbothered angel who just ordered another drink. The Alpha grabbed Taehyung’s arm, making the boy sigh. “Still didn’t learn your lesson?“, he mocked the Alpha who was embarrassed as hell.

“Shouldn’t you submit to me, giving me everything I wish for angel?“, the Alpha growled, showing his red eyes. “What the? The fuck do I look like? I’m an angel not a Genie, bitch”, Taehyung growled and grabbed the man’s hand.

Twisting it until the man was screaming in agony while Taehyung calmly sipped on his coke mixed with vodka. “Since I’m feeling nice today, I’ll let you go but don’t think I won’t rip your throat out”, Taehyung told the man before releasing him, pushing him back.

Bogum laughed loudly, waving at the defeated Alpha who moved back, holding his broken hand in pain. “I really love how sassy you are”, Bogum laughed, flinging an arm over Taehyung’s fragile shoulders.

Taehyung turned to his friend, showing him his sweet box smile. “I love me too, thanks Hyung”, he joked, making Bogum laugh even more.

The two had a pretty funny evening, laughing and dancing together. Making Taehyung forget his life and his problems, he could just drown in the moment with his friend.

That was, until he felt a tap on his shoulder. The angel spun around, cheeks tinted red from dancing too much and drinking alcohol, his hair messy, sweaty and ruffled, his lip tint smeared on his plump lips.

His smile turned into a frown, seeing the male in front of him and a sigh left his lips, knowing that his night was over after seeing who it was. “Hello, Yoongi Hyung."

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