Flash of Beauty - Taekook


In which the son of Zeus, Jeon Jungkook, falls in love with the beautiful son of Aphrodite, Kim Taehyung, not knowing about the secrets surrounding the little male

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

Jungkook POV

I looked down at my two hands with an empty, almost soulless stare, which sprayed dangerous small sparks and hissed irritated one time before balling my hands into fists. Trying to suppress this unbelievable anger which was bubbling inside of me like a fucking volcano.

My fingernails painfully digged into the skin but the pain didn’t distract me in any way from the approaching event.

On the usual bright blue sky grew more and more dark rain clouds visible which would cause a huge rainstorm and loud thunder at the end of the day if I couldn’t get myself under control again. But it didn’t matter how much I tried to think of something else, it was useless.

My wonderful mother had the shitty idea to put me into a private boarding school where I could get my powers under control so I couldn’t harm or hurt anybody with them.

This was actually the biggest bullshit. After all I was training my whole life and didn’t need useless teachers who would talk just shit to me or scold me for mistakes.

But after this accident a few weeks ago where I was involved into a damn fight with some humans and after that destroyed everything, my mother decided it would be the best to send me away.

It wasn’t even my fucking fault that a small outburst of mine would lead to the point where I sent lightenings with more than hundred thousand Volt around me which caused everything and everyone to die.

Calm down, Jungkook...

“Mr Jeon, I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy your short stay at the boarding school. Maybe you’ll find some friends who have the same abilities as you”, the cool voice of my driver Jinyoung suddenly pointed out whom I knew my whole life. He actually was silent most of the time and wasn’t having much talks with me so it was a surprise to me that he suddenly spoke.

Friends? With the same powers as me?, I repeated his words in my head and wiped some irritating, black hair out of my face. But when I thought more intensely about it, it sounded really pathetic and dumb after some time which caused me to laugh mockingly and I leaned forward a bit towards Jinyoung.

His actually nice words didn’t help in any way for me to calm down and to give the whole thing with the boarding school a chance.

No, I only looked at my driver and the air around us to become more and more electric.
Until it was harder and harder with the time to take a full deep breath.

“Nobody in this boarding school will have the same powers as I do, Jinyoung.”

Third Person POV

The whole atmosphere of the usually really crowded boarding school where not only the children of the gods of Olympus were reached but also the ones of simple gods was unbearable and toxic. Not only the pounding rain but also the returning thunder caused every student to get shivers running down their spins. Everyone was tense and particularly even anxious.

But this wasn’t even surprising. That a child of the big three gods Zeus, Poseidon or Hades was born was a rare occurrence. Especially the children of the god father rarely existed.

And that a tall, muscular Man with black raven hair, dressed in dark, really expensive clothes and burning eyes which gave you the feeling that inside of them was the raging sky, was standing in front of the boarding school, was a small shock for the students. They were scared of the new man who was just walking into the building and had a creepy aura around him, for everyone to be trembling in fear.

He was strong and powerful. Tall and muscular. Someone you shouldn’t mess with. You would never have a chance against him, only of you were a child of the big three or likewise talented in fighting like himself.

Jungkook on the other side was irritated by the partly concerned but also scared stares of multiple students who only went shyly out of his way when he crossed their path without soaring them a single glance.
He already hated it here and couldn’t imagine how he would survive in this fucking asylum.

Even now he was confident, that he would hate this boarding school with every inch of his dominant body’s and most likely wouldn’t find someone who was as powerful as he was.
That nobody could go against him and that this stay in the boarding school of Demi gods would only be a waste of time.

Oh, how wrong he was...

If the string demi god ,who was carrying the sky itself in his hands, have only turned his head and see the ethereal boy with the soft pink hair who had the most innocent eyes of the whole planet, he for sure would have changed his opinion.

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