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Flower Crown *Taekook*


In which the young beautiful Prince Kim Taehyung, known as Persephone, gets kidnapped by Jeon Jeongguk who's no other than Hades, the god and king of the underworld.

Romance / Fantasy
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Dreaming Rose

Humans nowadays didn’t believe in gods anymore but there was a time where they were more than just a myth. A time where humans feared the mood swings of the gods, looking up to their residence. Which was no other than the greek mountain Olympus, home of Zeus.

Who preferred to stick to the name of Kim Namjoon, king of Olympus and god of thunder and lightnings. He was the head of all gods, ruling over them with strict but understanding hand. By his side, Hera, or known as Park Jimin, the husband and Queen of Namjoon. Their relationship was not so strong as it seemed, Namjoon wishing for someone less jealous or fiery.

Which was why he has found his love in someone else, Demeter with the real name of Kim Seokjin, god of harvest. Namjoon was preying on Seokjin for over a decade until the beautiful god gave in and they spent hours over hours loving each other.

Seokjin ended up pregnant with Namjoon’s child and that was where all of the tragedy would start. Once Jimin, Namjoon’s husband found out about the affair, he was furious. Trying to kill Seokjin and his unborn child but Namjoon hid his secret lover until Jimin’s anger would vanish.

It never did, something broke in between the married couple that tragic day, they drove apart but stayed together as they didn’t want a war coming upon the other gods, trying to pick a side in between them.

Nine months passed and Seokjin gifted Namjoon a lovely child. Something Jimin seemed not to be capable of, bearing Namjoon a heir. The child was a boy and a wish come true by the god of thunder, instantly adoring the small baby giggling in Jin’s arms, the exhausted god of harvest smiling a happy smile.

That was the day, Kim Taehyung, god of flowers, Persephone, was born.

He was one of a kind, animals seemed to love the little boy, flowers bloomed wherever he was going, happiest smile on his face whenever Namjoon cam to visit him. The god has hidden his lover and his child from his furious husband in the forest, only visiting them from time to time.

It has been one of these days where Namjoon has come to visit them, but this time, Jimin has found out where he was going and followed him. But when he laid his eyes on the cutely giggling Baby on Namjoon’s lap, his anger vanished into thin air.

Now, he had a new aim in front of his eyes. And that was snatching the cute Baby, Taehyung, Namjoon’s child, away from Seokjin, the concurrent for Namjoon’s love and the title as husband and Queen.

From now on, Taehyung was raised with a family split and fighting for his attention. But that didn’t stop him from growing up beautiful.

“Taehyung, my beautiful rose, where are you going?“, the call of Demeter, god of harvest caused the beautiful raven to turn around, a sweet smile on his face like always, golden cheeks glowing in the morning light, black hair tinted in the spectacle of colors given by the sun.

How funny, since Helios, god of the sun and called Min Yoongi was anything but bright and sunny, always a bit on the grumpy side but he still made his job.

“I wanted to go to the flower fields, father”, Taehyung smiled, showing of his basket before giggling cutely, making his father coo. “Take some nymphs with you, Sweetheart. I don’t want you out there alone. Someone could steal you from me and you’re my little beautiful rose aren’t you?“, Jin cooed, pulling his son into a bone crushing hug, making Taehyung squeak but soon responding to the hug.

“Okay, whatever makes you sleep at night”, he cheekily responded, Jin gasping outraged. “Oh you teasing little thing! How dare you talk to your father like this!“, Jin exclaimed but a fond smile was playing on his lips, knowing Taehyung was just joking.

“But come back right after you picked the flowers, you hear me? I feel like someone’s been watching you since a few days now and I can’t shake the feeling off”, Jin said worried, holding his beloved son close to him. “Don’t worry Father, I’ll be careful! Pinky promise”, the little god of flowers smiled up to his father, Jin leaning down to ruffle his black locks.

“Off you go, my Baby”, he lovingly told Taehyung, letting him out of his hold. Taehyung cutely waved at his father before running off, a cute skip in his steps, Jin lovingly watching after his precious son.

It might not have worked out with Namjoon, them being separated by a whole lot of issues, one being called Jimin, but at least, he still had Taehyung, Taehyung who was a sweet little angel blessed by any god out there, pure and absolutely breathtakingly stunning. Jin smiled softly, his son was his pride and everything good he ever got in his immortal life.

“My beautiful rose... always dreaming with your head in the clouds... I just hope it won’t become a disadvantage for you...”

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