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Above The Sea °Taekook


°prophecy° °°°°°° There were once two boys. One with a heart of gold, face formed like a god and head filled with pictures of a merciless sea. And one with a destiny too cruel to let him stay pure and innocent, living in even this merciless sea. Two boys, that couldn't be more different. Yet they were bound together by fate. And meeting each other will change the world. Atlantis will rise again once the Prince takes a hold of this godly like beauty. The beauty with eyes made of stars. And the Prince with revenge thirsting heart. Until the beauty gets taken from the Prince by the dark magister who wants nothing but power. It's the Prince's choice how this will end. But it will end. One way or another. °°°°°°

Romance / Fantasy
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Loud screaming was the only thing to be heard in the small village located on an unimportant island in the middle of the pacific sea, begs and pleads to stay alive grew louder and louder every second, along with bloody screams and the laughs of their attackers.

Until the entire island grew silent, not even the birds dared to speak up nor sing in such a situation. The village has fell and it was only one of hundreds of poor villages who happened to be in the way of no other than the infamous and everywhere searched pirate king Min Yoongi.

He for sure seemed to be like the exact type of person everyone around the sea kingdoms were warned about, cruel, unforgiving and merciless. Killing everyone who dared to mess with him or get into his way, seeking revenge from the ones who abandoned him and made him a prey to everyone wishing to harm him.

Min Yoongi wasn’t the pirate king for nothing, his name was feared, his face well known as it was searched for all over the world, everyone wanted to catch the cold pirate and making him pay for the cruel things he did, robbing helpless villagers, enslaving them, killing them, the list was long enough to make all who heard of him fear him.

His reasons were unknown, it was simply believed he loved to torture innocents and make them suffer for simply existing. It was said he even tortured his own brother, abusing him so hard that it caused scars over his entire body before throwing him overboard to let him die in the cold unforgiving sea.

His second maat was said to be as much of a monster as he was, even worse, said to eat the flesh of his victims and enjoy their bloody taste. His ship, the ENCHANTRESS, has bloody red sails and a real, tied mermaid on the front.

But of course, these were all rumors, made up not only by the ones who feared him but also by Yoongi himself. Why he did all of this? So everyone feared him and stayed away from him and his family.


“Yoongi Hyung! Are you hurt? Are you okay? Did someone do something to my Hyung?“, a deep melodic voice anxiously called out for the oh so feared pirate king who was standing in the middle of the village, watching his pirates killing the last off or dragging women and children into one corner, shouting orders.

The voice followed the petite frame of a young looking boy, hard to tell since he was wearing a mask covering his entire face, bloody sword in his hand and black clothing covering his slim body from the eyes of others. A rare smile formed on Yoongi’s face before he turned to the boy who was taller but younger than him and he even let the male hug him shortly before said male moved back.

The boy was no other than Kim Taehyung, Yoongi’s little brother. Well, half brother to be exact since he was the legitimate son of their father while Yoongi was just a bastard child, Taehyung being the true son of their father’s wife while he was just the son of some whore his father has fucked before meeting his wife.

But Yoongi could never hate his brother for it, who gave him nothing but kindness and stood up for him when no one did. Who would want a whore’s child when they could have the little golden boy next to him, Yoongi hated to be compared to Taehyung in the past, the little angel everyone loved.

Truth to be told, Yoongi once hated his little brother but Taehyung managed to get into his heart with his wide box smile, addicting laugh, sweet hugs, little sneaks outs to Yoongi or hidden treats he just saved for his older brother to give.

And now, Yoongi was protecting Taehyung from all bad. He made his younger brother wear a mask in fights since he didn’t want him to be on the hit list away, if Taehyung would one day decide to leave the pirate life and return to their father, Yoongi wanted to make sure that Taehyung would be able to do this.

“I’m not hurt, Tae... I never am”, Yoongi’s dark raspy voice would sound threatening to anyone but his brother who just shook his head, still looking for injuries on his older brother. “You always say this but then I see Hobi Hyung treating your wounds when no one looks”, the male exclaimed and pouted, which Yoongi couldn’t see of course.

“I say this so you don’t worry about old me, tiger”, Yoongi said gently, patting Taehyung’s soft golden locks, using his nickname for his brother. “Still. Don’t get hurt”, Taehyung grumbled, moving away from his brother.

“How about you take care of the women and children and explain to them what happens, hm? They’ll for sure believe such a pretty boy like you rather than me”, the black haired pirate suggested and Taehyung nodded his head, putting his sword away where it was now dangling from his side.

“Good idea. I wanna leave this shitty place already”, Taehyung admitted before walking towards the group of still alive captives. His hips unconsciously swaying in a seductive way and Yoongi rolled his eyes but smiled warmly while he watched his brother.

After getting kicked out of his father’s house, Taehyung was the only one to stand up for him, to give him money and food to survive and Yoongi would forever be grateful for his brother. Taehyung might seem like a fighter but he wasn’t, he was deep down a very fragile soul who wanted peace more than anything.

He hated being called this, Yoongi was aware of it. Taehyung’s pretty looks always got him something he never truly wanted: attention. The governor’s heir, being as pretty as a woman, even more gorgeous than the most beautiful flower, was for sure nothing their father would be proud of.

He still has loved Taehyung dearly but Taehyung always noticed the hidden looks of disgust aimed at him for being beautiful, for being fragile, for having wide hips, a thin waist and a plump ass. So he decided to learn fighting so no one dared to mess with him.

And when their father first drunkenly tried to rape the this time fourteen years old teen, Taehyung has defended himself and run away.

Now, he was part of Yoongi’s crew and didn’t intend on leaving his brother. He didn’t tell him the reason why he ran away from home either. And Yoongi respected that, waiting for his brother to tell him once he was ready.

And until that, he’ll protect Taehyung with all he got.

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