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Soul Eater: Asura's Return

By Rachel Taylor

Romance / Action

Chapter 1

Hi guys before I get started, the reason I haven't been updating recently is because I've been hooked on this anime also known as Soul Eater which is why im making this story. Another reason is because I'm a softmore in school and I'm in band so I've had band camp over the last two weeks.

I've also been working on another KH/Disney crossover. But those of you reading this are probably here for the Soul Eater story, so I'll quit confusing you all and get on with the story.

Disclaimer- I don't own Soul Eater, or the characters, or the cover page, or anything else that belongs to someone else in this story.

Hope you all enjoy

(A/N: This story is based off the anime, because I'm broke and can't afford to read the manga :(…)



Long ago… there was a group of Meisters. Maka and Soul. Black Star and Tsubaki. Death the Kid, Patty and Liz. Together these seven defeated Asura the Kishin. Asura had been known as an individual who possessed an extremely fragile soul. Joining the Eight Powerful Warriors, Asura had shared a friendship with Lord Death, and the two fought alongside each other in order to protect peace and order in the world.

Asura was the best and strongest out of all Eight Guardians, however, despite his immense strength, Asura had almost always been experiencing the terror of something. Constantly frightened, Asura sought desperately to relieve his unquenchable fear.

He found such comfort in dressing with a ridiculous amount of layered clothing, wrapping his face in long scarves, and finding comfort in his Weapon partner, Vajra. His fear, however, did not come to an ease, and found it difficult to trust others in the fear of betrayal. Even in Vajra, with whom he had supposedly specifically partnered with in an effort to escape his fears.

Eventually, Asura came to the conclusion that the only way that he could relieve his fears was through the attainment of ultimate power. He then became so obsessed in obtaining such power that he began to consume Souls of innocent humans, even going so far as to consume Vajra himself. Eventually, Asura fell to his own Madness, and had become the first Kishin.

Asura also has views of a true peace of which only he knows, a peace which resides in the actions of surrendering to Madness and being rid of fear and pain. He views the rationality that has been imposed on the world as an illusion of security and peace, when in actuality, nothingness lies beyond this "order" that almost all humans seem to follow.

He also believes that mankind's greatest weakness is their ability to imagine answers to questions that seem to only amount to a frightening answer, when in actuality, the answers are not very frightening at all, and that the only thing that makes them appear so terrifying is the human's imagination running away with them. As a strong believer in this concept of happiness, Asura has sacrificed his own imagination altogether, amounting to fearless recklessness.

This Kishin was like no other, in fact he was the toughest for the group to defeat, all except for one, Maka Albarn. Maka uses Majin Hunt, and then Kishin Hunt to try and defeat him, but is quickly subdued. When Soul is knocked out in protecting her against an attack, Maka is left on her own.

Although she puts up a fair fight by activating her inherited Weapon abilities whilst unconscious, she is soon left at Asura's mercy.

However, just when all seems lost, Maka frightens the Kishin by saying she's relieved, since she has nothing else to fear now. Her friends tell Asura that Maka has the courage to fight against fear. Asura, not understanding what courage is, soon becomes frightened of Maka, and attempts to attack her again.

However, Maka manages to rush through Asura's attacks and defeats him with a punch full of her courage to Asura's face, defeating him.

In the end, Asura became nothing more but a legend, at least that's what everyone thought…

Chapter 1 Arletta

A Sound Soul… Dwells within a sound mind… and a sound body.

"Brother? Why must you go?" I asked a boy who was older than me by 2 years. I couldn't see his face, in the place of his face was nothing but a blur, like a blurry image.

"The DWMA needs me to help keep the world save." He said with a smile as he made a three pointer.

"Will you come to visit?" I said as I caught the basketball and passed it to him.

"Whenever I can I will." He said with a smile as he ruffled my turquois hair. "Besides It would get lonely over at the DWMA without you annoying me every second of the day."

"Hey!" I said with a smile trying to pout. He busted out laughing and I couldn't help but join him.

But the laughing soon died down when we heard a blood chilling scream. "Oh no…" He said as he grabbed my hand.

"Brother, what's happening?"

"Evil Human." He mumbled. "Let's go!" he gripped my hand tighter as we ran towards the safe house in our back yard. Mother and Father where never nice to us, always drunk and bruising us. So we never really cared if they were ever save, but my latest wound from our parents was my ankle.

"Ah!" I screamed as I fell because of my ankle.

"What happened?"

"Father twisted my ankle when he was upset with mother…" I said as I cradled my foot. It was probably now officially broken.

"Hold on, Sister." Brother bent down and picked me up with one arm under my knees and one arm under my neck.

"Ha ha!" Brother tensed at the laugh as I closed my eyes to keep my fear hidden. "More to add to my precious collection." The Evil Human laughed as Brother laid me down in the grass.

"Stay back!"

"Ha! You think you could defeat me!? You are mistaken, boy!"

"Yeah! Well we'll see about that!" I covered my ears to block out the battle going on behind me, but it didn't stop the scream that was heard.

I opened my eyes only to see my brother on the ground unconscious. "No!"


"No!" I sat upright in my bed gasping for breath as my hand reached up to my neck, twirling the chain to my necklace. It's ok it was just a dream… it was just a dream…

I've always hated having nightmares, it's always the same one too, and that is what annoys me. I should know better than to believe in those dreams. I thought as I stood from my bed. Soul is a lot more stronger than that Soul in the dream.

I walked over to the window in my room and sat on the bench that was in front of it. Only two more days, then I'll be joining Soul again. When Soul did go to the DWMA, he was always busy keeping Death City safe with Maka, and on holidays he was always held up with school work. I could never really blame him. Soul never did like school.

I looked outside to see shadows lurking around in the darkness. Soon I'll have a partner like Soul and we will be kicking Evil Human butt too. I smiled to myself as I still sounded as childish as I did in the nightmare.

I grabbed the charm of my necklace. I've always liked this necklace because it reminded me of Soul. Soul's soul. Just like Maka, I can see people souls. When I found out I could was when I went to visit Soul. Maka and Soul had been in a fight against someone with Black blood. Soul got injured across the chest when he was protecting Maka.

When I heard about that, I wasn't mad or upset with Maka. I knew my brother would do something like that. He's soul was always caring about his partners. I smiled at that charm that looked like my brother's soul.

That night seems so familiar to tonight. When I first got the necklace was when Maka defeated Asura. How I know this? Well Soul always kept in touch with me by writing me small little letters, but the day Maka defeated the kishin, it was around a 2 page essay of what happened.

That night I also had the same nightmare and woke up to the window open and the necklace sitting on the cushioned bench.

"Arletta?!" I looked up to my door to see my father standing in the door a beer can in his hand. I stood from my spot in a white tank-top and black shorts as he walked into my room some more. "Why are you up?" Father and Mother realized just how much they neglected Soul and I when Soul left for the DWMA. Soul wanted to take me with him, but he knew the DWMA wouldn't pay for me to stay with him till I was old enough.

"Sorry… I… couldn't sleep well." I said as he walked over to me. He reeked the smell of alcohol and smoke. You would think he would stop with the drinking and smoking when Mother died a year ago. I was upset for my mother because she did stop drinking and smoking when Soul left. But the tobacco had already caught up to her lungs.

Father was probably still grieving. "Arletta, do you remember when your brother left?" I looked up to my father he had white hair like Soul and blue eyes like me.

"Of course father."

"I know over your whole live neither me or your mother were ever around, and I apologize to both you and Soul for that. And I know on your 14th birthday, the DWMA will ask for you to come. Just promise me that you'll tell your brother I'm sorry."

"Father why have me tell him? Why not tell him yourself? He would truly accept it from hearing it come from you."

"Arletta, I would truly love to tell your brother I'm sorry, but I'm afraid that I won't be able to do so."

Right when I was going to ask him how come, a sword went through his chest and retracted. I watched it happen as he fell to the floor with his blood pooling around him. I looked at my window to see it had opened and there stood an Evil Human. He reached for father's soul as it turned into a blue soul floating in air. That soul used to be my father's body.

"Another one for my collection." The Evil Human said as she swallowed my father's soul. I stifled my breath as the blood was then licked up by her. When all the blood was gone her head turned at and odd angle to look at me. "Ah, a child! My my, I haven't had a child's soul for a while now."

She got up from her knees to her feet as she continued to stare at me with red eyes. "Don't you have a name dear?" She asked taking one of her long figures and lifted my chin up.

"I do." I said not a single bit of fear in my system as I looked at the Evil Human. "My name is Arletta, and I'm a weapon." I said with a smile as my arms turned into two ends of a sword

"Ah, so it seems that I'm going to be battling my food, far game I suppose." She smiled as she retracted her figure from my face.

I took this as my chance to attack. I jumped at her swinging the swords at any open spot I could find. "I don't suppose you have a name?!" I yelled as I went for another attack.

"Indeed I do, my name is Sally Slapper." She said as one of her large hands slapped me sending me back to hit my bedroom wall. I grunted as I made contact with the wall. "You shouldn't fight it child. This can all end if you just give in." She said as I stood shakily. I had cuts on the right side of my face and my right leg.

"Why give in when you have a chance to fight?" This caught her off guard and I took this to my advantage and sliced her left arm off. She screamed at the pain and glared at me.

"You little Bra—"She was cut off when I stabbed her with both my arms in the chest.

"Sally Slapper, your soul is mine."

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