Land Before Time XV: The Friendly Sharptooth Flyer

By Paul Raymond

Children / Adventure



Ptero (OC) Male Pterodactylus/Pteranodon Hybrid (Flyer + Sharp Beak /Sharptooth + Flattooth) Alignment: Undecided

Agatha (OC) Female Pterodactylus (Sharp Beak/Sharptooth) Alignment: Bad

Sydo (OC) Male Pteranodon (Flyer/Flattooth) Alignment: Good

Don (OC/Petrie's father) Male Pteranodon (Flyer/Flattooth) Alignment: Good

Pip (One of Petrie's brothers) Male Pteranodon (Flyer/Flattooth) Alignment: Good

Littlefoot Male Apatosaurus (Longneck/Flattooth) Alignment: Good

Cera Female Triceratops (Threehorn/Flattooth) Alignment: Good

Ducky Female Saurolophus (Swimmer/ Big Mouth / Flattooth) Alignment: Good

Petrie Male Pteranodon (Flyer/Flattooth) Alignment: Good

Spike Male Stegosaurus (Spiketail/Flattooth) Alignment: Good

Mama Flyer/Phyra Female Pteranodon (Flyer/Flattooth) Alignment: Good

Leslie (Ducky's Aunt) Female Saurolophus (Swimmer/ Big Mouth / Flattooth) Alignment: Good but a big yacker

Grandpa Longneck Male Apatosaurus (Longneck/Flattooth) Alignment: Good

Grandma Longneck Female Apatosaurus (Longneck/Flattooth) Alignment: Good

Topps Male Triceratops (Threehorn/Flattooth) Alignment: Good

Large Flyer Bullies (OCs) Mixed Quetzalcoatlus (Large Flyer/Flattooth) Alignment: Bad

Pterano Male Pteranodon (Flyer/Flattooth) Alignment: Good

Agatha's Sharp Beak Pack (OCs) Mixed Ichthyornis and Pterodactylus (Sharp Beak/Sharptooth) Alignment: Bad

Various Sharpteeth (OCs) Mixed Varies (Sharptooth) Alignment: Bad

Note: This film comes after the long awaited The Land Before Time XIV: Journey of the Brave (early 2016) and after TV Series Season 2 and 3.

Here is a dino term dictionary for those who don't know LBT Speak. (It contains stuff for future creatures that I've made too.)

Longneck – a type of Leaf Eater dinosaur with a long neck. Used to refer to Apatosaurus, Brachiosaurus, Antarctosaurus, Diplodocus, and other types. Littlefoot, his parents, his grandparents, Ali, Rhett, Shorty, Dayo, Doc, Dara, Saro, Sue, Pat, the Old One, Ali's Mother, and others are in this group.

Threehorn- Triceratops. Cera, Topps, Tria, Dana, Dinah, Tricia, Alfred, Angus, Banger, Prong, and Tryus, and others are in this group.

Cold time – refers to winter, though, as there is only one winter per year, the term could also refer to a year.

Sky Puffies - Clouds

Shell – clam

Stinging Buzzer Juice – Honey

Warm Bubbly Water – Hot Water Springs

Earthshake - earthquake

Hoppers – frogs

Two Claw- Tyrannosaurus Rex/Tarborsaurus

Three Claw – Giganotosaurus

Flathead – a possible dino racial slur toward Longnecks.

Large Flyer - Quetzylcoatylus, among others

Beak Brain – an insult toward Flyers

Ground Sparkle Rolling – avalanche

Sinking Sands – Quicksand

White ground sparkles – snow

Great Day of the Flyers – Flyer aptitude test to see if Flyers are able to fly like the adults

Time of Changing Leaves – fall

Time of Great Growing – the teenage years for dinosaurs. Dinosaurs in this age period tend to think they know everything and can be bratty.

Time of Choosing – when dinosaurs pick mates.

Tickly Fuzzy – Mammal. Most are herbivorous though Smilodons are the exception.

Great Earthshake - horrible event in dino history where the continental plates met, causing a catastrophic earthquake.

Sharptooth Tickly Fuzzy – Smilodons.

Bright Circle- Sun

Night Circle - Moon

Flyer – any type of flying herbivore. Petrie, Pterano, Mama Flyer, Perrin, and others are in this category. Rinkus and Sierra are also in this category.

Tree Star – a type of green leaf that Flatteeth, Bothteeth, and perhaps Strut, eat. It is shaped like a star or is kinda star shaped. Sharpteeth generally cannot stand their taste. (Not that poor Chomper didn't try them a few times!)

Biting Buzzers – mosquitoes

Stinging Buzzers – bees

Sharptooth – a carnivorous dinosaur or other thing that only eats meat. Most of this category is hostile toward the main characters, with notable exceptions like Chomper. Notable hostile members include Sharptooth (Dark Claw). Red Claw, Plated Sharptooth, and Agatha.

Glider – Microraptor gui. Guido and his girlfriend are in this category.

Flattooth – herbivore. Practically all the main characters are in this category.

Bothtooth- omnivore. There are two main types: nice Bothtooth and Fanged Flattooth. The former is good while the latter is hostile. Ruby is in the former category while the main antagonist of the Greatest Adventure Trilogy is in the latter.

Domehead- a type of Fanged Flattooth. They are so named because of the domed shaped of their heads. Parchysalphalous (or something like that) and Stegoceras are in this category.

Fanged Flattooth – an evil category of omnivore. They plot world domination in the Greatest Adventure trilogy. Littlefoot's archenemy is in this category.

Sharptooth Flyer – a synonym for Sharp Beak.

Sharp Beak – a flying Sharptooth. Ichthyornis and Pterodactylus are in this category. Ichy and Agatha are in this category. Ptero is partially in this category.

Spiketail – Stegosaurus and Hespersaurus, among others are in this category. Spike and Tippy are notable members.

Bigmouthed Belly Dragger – Dienosuchus or something like that. This is a Sharptooth category that is a subclass of Belly Dragger. Dil is in this category.

Belly Dragger – A Sharptooth that goes about on its belly and looks like a gator. Dil, the Belly Dragger in the 10th film, and the ones in the TV series go into this category.

Egg Stealer – refers to dinos that steal and eat eggs. Struthiomimus and Ornithimomimus are in this category. Notable members are Ozzy, Strut, and Orni.

Fast Biter – a subclass of Sharptooth that is noted for how fast it can bite (or something like that). Velociraptors and Utahraptors are in this category. Screech, Thud, Velo, Thorn, Lorenzo, Edna, Darrien, Farrell, and Regulus, among others, are in this category.

Club Tail – Anklyosaurus, among others, are in this category. Leafie and Mr. Clubtail are in this category. Rooter might be as well. Apparently, a herd of them can smell really bad for some odd reason, particularly on a hot day. J

Swimming Sharptooth- a subclass of Sharptooth. Lieopodon and Megalodon, among others, are in this category.

Large Claw – Deinonychus. A type of Sharptooth that has a large claw.

Sky Twirly – Tornado.

Big White Ground Sparkle Blow – Whiteout

Sky Water – Rain

Sky Fire – Lightning

Sky Rumble – Thunder

Dark Water – deep water. Too deep for non-Swimmers or other dinosaurs that know how to swim to go into.

Sky Color Stones – rainbow colored stones. Dinosaurs call rainbows sky colors and, indeed, there is a multicolored faced type of dinosaur called a Rainbow Face.

Sleep Rumbles – snoring

Sleep Story – dream

Swimmer – a swimming dinosaur such as Saurolophus. Ducky is in this category. Mo is as well.

Bigmouth- a nickname for Saurolophus. Ducky is in this category, as is her aunt (in her aunt's case, it's in more ways than one. )

Fast Runner – Oviraptor. Ruby is in this category, as is Oviro.

Hidden Runner – Troodon. Trodo and the character Hidden Runner from the TV Series are in this category.

Rainbow Face – Gallimimus. The two in the seventh movie are in this category, though those might have just been aliens disguised as dinosaurs. (There were Rainbow Faces in future movies though.)

Tinysaurus/Tiny Longneck – Mossaurus. So called because of their small size and their appearance of a longneck.

Mysterious Beyond – area outside the Great Valley. So called by the residents as many don't know, or have forgotten (even though they lived there once!) and hence are afraid of it. Typically younger dinosaurs aren't supposed to go out there unaccompanied, but Littlefoot & co always manage, usually, to get away with it.

Great Valley – place that the main characters look for in the first movie and live in, well mostly, for the rest of the series. It is a dino paradise that has lots of green food and no, for a good while, Sharpteeth. Originally, it was inhabited by Sharpteeth until Longnecks drove them out. Since then, Sharpteeth were banned (minus Tiny Sharpteeth, as they were so small), until Chomper came, being the first lift on the ban. The Great Valley avoids most natural disasters, including the infamous Leaf Famines and the Great Earthshakes. Nonetheless, it can get drought, pestilence (swarm leaf gobblers), blizzards, and sometime bad Sharpteeth sneak in. The place was taken over from the inside by an evil villain during the Greatest Adventure Trilogy, though it was liberated by Littlefoot and his friends, who exposed the villain and saved the day. It is noted for being a place without herd segregation. The dinosaur world's first Combined Herd was created here. The government is more republican, unlike Sharptooth packs and Flattooth herds of the Mysterious Beyond, which are more dictatorial. It might be the dino world equivalent of the USA. )

Flowing Fire – lava

Gurgly Pit – Volcano crater in the center.

Cave Teeth- the type of thing that goes on the roof of a cave. (It was either stalagmite or stalagtitie.)

Scaredy Egg – a nickname for dinosaurs that are afraid. Like Scaredy Cat.

Egg – when not referring to an actual egg, it refers to a young dinosaur or child and is sometimes insulting.

The Stone of Cold Fire- supposedly a rock that gives one powers. Luckily, the one that Rinkus, Sierra, and Pterano found was just a comet and not one. Indeed, such a thing might not even exist.

Land of Mists – a place that used to kind of be like the Great Valley, and it had a lot of rain. After becoming a marshland, getting misty, and being invaded by mammals and Sharpteeth, the Longneck inhabitants had fled. It became home for years for Dil and Ichy.

Big Water – Ocean/sea.

Fast Water – a fast moving river or stream perhaps.

Dark Water – water too deep for non-Swimmers to go into.

Swarm Leaf Gobblers – Locusts

Hard Water - ice

Tree Sweets – could be a special kind of sweet-tasting tree plant, though it could refer to pears, lemons, and things like that too. Some of these make Sharpteeth kinda sick if they are near them.

Pack –a type of group of carnivorous dinosaurs. Usually they hunt together.

Herd – a type of group of herbivorous dinosaurs.

Far Walkers – usually refers to travelling dinosaurs who come to the Great Valley but do not live there.

Great Wall – the wall around the Great Valley. Keeps out most Sharpteeth.

Smoking Mountains – Mountain range of volcanoes on the edge of the Great Valley

Tush – the Land Before Time word for butt or hind end.

Yellow Belly- Bipedalosaurus. Noted for their yellow colored bellies. The ones shown in the 13th movie are really goofy. They like berries. They are noted for moving up their tush and trying to disguise themselves as bushes, dancing and even defeating hungry Sharpteeth with dancing on one occasion, and being the first characters to toot in the Land Before Time franchise.

Toss the seed- a game of tossing a seed. The rules aren't explained, but it might be like football or something. It is a game that can be played by both two-footers and four-footers.

Sail-backed Sharptooth- Spinosaurus

Sweet Bubbles – grapes

Meadow of Jumping Water – a place with a bunch of geysers

Sydo was a Pteranodon with light grey colored wings and olive colored eyes. He had an orange body. He flew through the forest with his friends. They had many interests in common. However, he had one interest that was vastly different than the others.

Sydo loved the appearance of her. She was gorgeous, he admitted that. He loved her black wings and brown body. He even thought her red eyes were cute, albeit a tiny bit creepy. She flew well. However, it took a long time for him to work up the nerve to approach her. This wasn't just because he was shy to approach a female that he liked, but because she was a Pterodactylus.

They were both Flyers. He ate Tree Stars. She, on the other hand, was a Sharp Beak. He dreaded to think what she might eat. His friends had told him that it was risky. However, he decided to risk it one day.

He decided to go at night. If worst came to worst, he could still get away. He landed on a rocky hill, with many ledges jutting out. The place had bones lying around in some places. It certainly was unnerving. He knew what could happen to him by coming here. Unfriendly Sharp Beaks could be hiding behind any of them, spying on him. But he was so eager to see her that he was willing to risk it. He waited, watching her, his heart pounding. Finally, he decided that now was as good a time as any.

Who is there? she said in the Sharptooth language. He was nervous as she turned her gaze his way and turned to hide, moving behind vegetation.

I can see you. I have great eyesight. I don't like to be spied upon. she said again in Sharptooth. He didn't reply, still feeling nervous. If you don't come out of there, I am going back there. I do not like peeping Toms. she said in Sharptooth.

He didn't understand a word she said, but as he saw her approaching, figured he'd better come out as she'd get him anyway if he tried to take off.

He had no choice now. He came forward, trembling. She stared at him, baffled. What are you doing here? she asked in Sharptooth, her eyebrows raised. He took it as a good sign that she hadn't swooped down upon him and sank her fangs into him already. He decided to be honest. He came out, still trembling. "I wanted to talk to you. I……" he said nervously.

Her red eyes turned to stare into his olive colored ones. She couldn't understand him. She, however, had agreed to let him be, for she realized that he was a Flattooth, and a brave one. She thought him handsome. He tried to talk to her, and she tried to get it. After a long while, she finally understood enough Leaf Eater to say "Hello, my name is Agatha."

"Hello, I am Sydo." he replied. He was glad that she was starting to understand Leaf Eater. Little did he realize the course of events this would affect in dinosaur history.

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