Bleach: Words of the Copper Chain Book 2


PHIL STOOD before May, Skye, Lance, Mike and Leo who sat around a table in a submarine.

"Okay, we're about ten minutes out," Phil said, "Scans show that there's an underwater fortress on the seafloor, explaining where PVL's deliveries were going to,"

"Talk about your common pizza delivery spot," Skye said.

"May, Skye, you'll be the diversion. Cause a stir and draw them out," Phil said, "Fitz and Mike, while they draw them out, you disable their defences and find us a way in. Lance, you and I will take a team to gather intel,"

"Sounds like a plan," Lance said.

A call came in on Phil's earpiece.

"Sir, you'll want to see this," A SHIELD said on the other end.

PHIL, MAY, Skye, Lance, Mike and Leo walked into the cockpit of the submarine.

Their mouths fell agape as they looked out at the ocean.

"Oh my God," Leo said.

"That's some major real estate right there," Skye said, "It is better on the dark side,"

The sub was a league away from a large dome-shaped fortress that rested on the seafloor. The sub looked extremely small in comparison to mammoth of a building.

ICHIGO SAT in his room and wondered what would happen next. Urahara had passed on the message of Rukia's death to the Kuchiki clan in the Sereitei and he had fabricated a story for his friends.

Ichigo was falling apart. He had missed several classes; he ignored texts and phone calls and spent a lot of time at Rukia's shrine. He could not believe that she had just died right after he had finally said that he loved her. He spent so much time with her and he thought they would always be together. Then, she had to tell him that the Sereitei would pull them apart for a very long time and now life had pulled them apart forever.

He found his only solace in beer at this point as his friends were of no help in unburdening his sorrow.

Telling his friends about Orihime's disappearance was impossible for him to do, so he had to lie that he did not know what happened. He told his friends that the Hollow attacked him and Rukia, and luckily, the wound sustained from the fight was good enough evidence for them to buy the story. Tatsuki, however, was very difficult to convince about Orihime disappearing. Although she claimed to have seen him as a Shinigami as he fought Hollows, Ichigo decided to ignore her and stop trying to argue. At this point, there was very little he could care about and he did not care what his friends thought of him at that point.

Ichigo lifted up a beer bottle to his mouth and threw it away, smashing it against a wall. Ichigo shook his head and held it angrily.

He knew it had to end. He could live his life drinking and he knew Rukia would want him to move on. Whether he would or not, he knew that he had to stop drinking. In honour of Rukia who never drunk, he would never touch another bottle again.

Ichigo stood up and walked up to the bathroom. He washed his face and looked up at the medicine cabinet. It was odd not having a mirror anymore, but he could tell that he needed a shower. He walked up to the shower when the white being that looked like him stepped out of it.

The being grabbed his neck and walked up to a wall. The being pinned Ichigo against a wall and stuck his face close to his.

"You're weak, Ichigo, you couldn't even protect Rukia," The being said.

The being strangled Ichigo with one hand and he failed to break free of his death grip.

"If you weren't fighting me I would have taken over and the fight would have ended in a second," The being said.

The being looked at Ichigo and smirked.

"You're scared of me, good," The being said.

The being slammed Ichigo's head against the wall and growled like an animal.

"Because I'm gonna tear you apart," The being said angrily, "Oh, you just wait, just wait, Ichigo; I will take over you. You will beg and plead and I won't stop until your under my feet,"

The being laughed.

"You can't even break out of my grip," The being said, "You're too weak and you don't even know how to use your power. I have all the power and you're just borrowing it. You can't hide and you can't run. No matter where you go, I will find you and next time you see me will be the last time you are in control,"

The being bashed Ichigo's head against the wall and disappeared.

Ichigo fell and held the back of his head painfully. He looked around the bathroom and saw that the shower curtain had a large hole in it and that the floor had black footprint stains on it.

Ichigo shook his head and the bathroom no longer had any dirt or sign that the being was ever there.

Ichigo sat up and looked at his hand. His head was bleeding slightly.

It did not make any sense. He knew the being was a hallucination, but he could feel its ice-cold hands on his neck and could feel it strangle him. He knew he was not dreaming, but it did not make any sense. Beer was clearly not working anymore and the hallucinations were getting stronger.

Each time he fought, he could feel the force come over him, especially when he used Getsuga Tenshou. He knew he was not going mad, but the attacks made no sense. Whatever the case was, Ichigo feared that the being in the hallucinations was right and it would take over him.

URAHARA SAT in his office behind the store. He was eating ramen when Ichigo entered the room.

"Ichigo, what brings you here this afternoon?" Urahara asked.

"We need to talk," Ichigo said.

Ichigo took a seat and Urahara put away his ramen.

"About what?" Urahara asked.

"I've been having strange visions and hallucinations lately and they've been getting worse," Ichigo said, "It's nearly every day that they happen and now I'm seeing myself,"

"Yourself?" Urahara asked.

"I've been seeing this being and it looks exactly like me, but with a white and black Shinigami attire and white skin with black eyes," Ichigo said, "It keeps saying that it'll take over me and it attacked me today. I actually had a cut on my head after it disappeared, but there was no sign that the being was there,"

"It sounds like a Hollow," Urahara said.

"But, I thought Hollows were only after human souls?" Ichigo asked.

"Hollows are spirits and they seek to feed," Urahara said, "Sometimes, they can invade a human or Shinigami and possess them,"

"That sounds more like a demon than a Hollow," Ichigo said.

"Well, Hollows can do the same too," Urahara said.

"How does a Shinigami get possessed?" Ichigo asked.

"There're some things we do not fully understand," Urahara said.

"Some things you don't understand?" Ichigo asked, "Each time I was with Rukia, she would tell me the same time,"

"Well, yeah, there're things we don't understand," Urahara said.

Ichigo looked at Urahara closely.

"We're not ghosts, are we?" Ichigo asked.

"What do you mean? Of course we are," Urahara said.

"Don't play games with me," Ichigo said.

Urahara sat back.

"You don't think so, do you?" Ichigo asked.

"Of course we're not," Urahara said, "Shinigami bleed, age, get sick, die –,"

"Then why does everyone say that we are? What are Shinigami?" Ichigo asked.

"I'm yet to understand that myself," Urahara said, "We aren't human, but we aren't ghosts either,"

"Then why have I been told that since I became one?" Ichigo asked.

"I don't know why, but I have not told that to anyone because absolutely everyone in the Sereitei believes it," Urahara said.

"Do you know that it wasn't a Hollow that killed Rukia?" Ichigo asked.

"Yes, I know that," Urhara said.

"Some man came out of a portal the second the Hollows attacked and left with Orihime," Ichigo said.

"I told Yamamoto about it," Urahara said.

"Who was that guy?" Ichigo asked, "Since Shinigami only wear black, this guy must be different. He wore this strange mask too and he was dressed like a Shinigami, but in full white,"

"The Hogyoku has awoken partially and –," Urahara tried to say.

"Wait, what's the Hogyoku?" Ichigo asked.

"Aizen has a device called the Hogyoku, the Crumbling Treasure, a device that can modify the reiatsu structure of Shinigami and Hollows, thereby enhancing one into a higher form. It needs enough concentrated reiatsu for it to activate," Urahara said, "Aizen placed it in Rukia in order to absorb your energy before he took it from her when he rebelled against the Sereitei. That being who attacked you is an Arrancar,"

"And what's that?" Ichigo asked.

"It is a hybrid of a Shinigami and a Hollow and Aizen must have created it," Urahara said, "I detected it when it came, but I could not arrive quickly enough,"

"Does Yamamoto know about it?" Ichigo asked.

"He does," Urahara said.

"Do you know where Aizen is?" Ichigo asked.

"Yes, but I haven't been able to pinpoint a location," Urahara said.

"You need to find Aizen and you need to take me there," Ichigo said.

"Alone? I know Orihime's your friend, but –,"

"It's not about saving Orihime, this is about revenge," Ichigo said, "A Hollow killed my mother and now Rukia died trying to save Orihime. I won't let her die for nothing. I will get Orihime back and I will avenge Rukia,"

"Ichigo, I know you're grieving, but you can't avenge Rukia by yourself," Urahara said, "Arrancar were only a theory, but now they exist. We don't know how strong they are –,"

"I will crush the bones of every Arrancar in Hueco Mundo and I will break Aizen's skull," Ichigo said, "Hollows have taken enough from me,"

Urahara frowned as he looked at Ichigo.

"Come with me," Urahara saidwith a sigh.

KUUKAKU SHIBA sat on the ground of a dirty cell of the 11th Division prison grounds in the Sereitei. Her hair was dishevelled, her skin was dry and her clothes were dirty.

A warden walked up to her cell.

"The brushwood leaves fall, but we shall rise," The warden said.

Kuukaku looked up at the warden.

"You've got any news for me?" Kuukaku asked.

"The Military Force has found the assassins," The warden said.

"All of them?" Kuukaku asked.

"I haven't brought you news of Soifon's death or our control of the Punishment Force," The warden said.

Kuukaku rose to her feet and walked up to the warden.

"Initiate the second phase," Kuukaku said.

"What about the Punishment Force?" The warden asked.

"The contingency will handle them," Kuukaku said.

The warden nodded and walked away. Kuukaku walked back to her spot and sat down.

SKYE AND May swam toward the fortress clad in armoured SCUBA gear. May wielded a sonic pulse cannon and Skye held her hands out.

Small drones moved around the parameter of the fortress. Skye caused some drones to vibrate and explode. Alarms went off in the fortress and more drones flew out of it, opening fire on them.

Skye directed water in front of them, holding the bullets in place and sent them back at the drones. May opened fire on drones that moved towards her.

"Diversion's set," May said on her earpiece, "Fitz, Mike, you're good to go,"

"Roger that," Mike said on the end.

MIKE SWAM out of the sub with Leo holding onto him. He used his rocket boosters and propelled himself towards the fortress.

"Where do you need me to go?" Mike asked.

"Just bring me within 5 feet so that I can initiate the override program," Leo said.

Mike boosted himself towards the fortress, manoeuvring around the drones. He reached within five feet of the fortress's wall.

Leo let go of Mike and pulled out a tablet. He clicked on its screen and large hanger door slid open slowly nearby.

The drones deactivated and began to sink.

"Defences are down," Leo said on his earpiece.

"Great work," Phil said.

The submarine moved towards the fortress and entered it via the hanger.

ICHIGO AND URAHARA walked into a large warehouse. Ichigo looked around as the occupants approached them.

"Hey, what do you want?!" A voice called.

Ichigo looked up and saw two women standing on an upper platform. One of them was tall, bespectacled with braided raven hair and the other was short, blonde with two side ponytails.

The blonde girl frowned at Ichigo who turned away from her.

"Urahara, it's been a while," A voice called, "It's like we're not friends,"

"We're not!" The blonde girl yelled.

A blonde man with a brown hat walked up to them, sporting a wide smirk.

"Why the unpleasant surprise?" The man asked.

"Shinji, I need your help," Urahara said.

"That's a first," Shinji said.

"Well, we don't need yours, so get lost!" The blonde girl yelled.

Shinji shook his head.

"Forgive Hiyori, she didn't mean it," Shinji said.

"I did!" Hiyori yelled.

Shinji groaned.

"Shut up, Hiyori!" Shinji yelled.

"What?" Hiyori squeaked.

"This is Ichigo Kurosaki and I believe you can help him," Urahara said, "He might be one of you,"

Shinji rose an eyebrow.

"How?" Shinji said.

"He says that he has these visions and attacks and it's obviously a Hollow in him," Urahara said.

"And you want us to help him control it?" Shinji asked.

"Control it? I want to get rid of it!" Ichigo said angrily.

"Ichigo, you're Shinigami not a human; if a spirit possesses you, there's no going back," Shinji said, "It's a part of you now,"

Ichigo furrowed his brow.

"Wait, so you're telling me I'm going to stay like this? With that thing in me?" Ichigo asked, "It's gonna haunt me forever?"

"Not if you control it," Shinji said, "It's latched onto you and now you need fight for dominance,"

Ichigo sighed.

"What should I do?" Ichigo asked.

"Hachi!" Shinji called.

"Yes?" A voice called.

A stout, moustachioed man with pink hair walked up to them from the backroom.

"This is Hachigen," Shinji said.

"Greetings," Hachigen said.

"He'll put you in a stasis that enable you enter the recesses of your mind and confront the Hollow," Shinji said, "The stasis can only last for an hour, which means you need to defeat the Hollow in your mind before it's too late,"

"I need to fight it mentally?" Ichigo asked.

"Yes, it'll be like fighting out here, only your mind is the battlefield," Shinji said.

"And what happens if I don't defeat it within an hour?" Ichigo asked.

"Then the Hollow will take over you," Shinji said.

"And if I refuse to do this?" Ichigo asked.

"You don't want to refuse, you have no choice," Shinji said, "Either fight for control of your mind or wait for the Hollow to take over you,"

Ichigo frowned.

ICHIGO AND Hachigen sat on a mat in the middle of a large room in the warehouse. Urahara, Shinji, Hiyori and the raven-haired girl stood in the hall, watching from an open door.

"You think he can do it?" The raven-haired girl asked.

"We'll just have to find out, Lisa," Shinji said.

Lisa looked at Ichigo concernedly.

Ichigo and Hachigen sat across from each other with their legs crossed.

"Now, listen to me," Hachigen said, "You will only have an hour to defeat this Hollow, if you don't, the Hollow will take over and there will be no way to reverse it,"

Ichigo sighed.

"If you lose, we'll have to kill you," Hachigen said.

"I'm ready," Ichigo said.

"Now, relax and focus on my voice," Hachigen said.

Ichigo closed his eyes and calmed down.

"Breathe," Hachigen said.

Ichigo took a deep breath.

Hachigen knocked on Ichigo's forehead and he fell back. He fell unconscious.

"What? I thought he was supposed to breathe," Lisa said.

"No, I just needed to use a spell and hit a pressure point," Hachigen said.

"Then why'd you do all that stuff for?" Lisa asked.

"Well, it relaxes me," Hachigen said.

Hiyori groaned.

"So, sixty minutes," Urahara said, "Good luck, Ichigo; you're gonna need it,"

A LARGE city stood in the middle of a large cloud of mist. The clouds moved downward, the horizon being vertical with the ground out of sight.

Ichigo awoke, lying on the side of a building. He looked around and jumped to his feet.

"What the hell ...," Ichigo said in surprise.

Gravity was distorted as he was standing on the side of a building. He jumped and he landed back on the building's side. He looked to his right and there was no ground. He looked to his left and there was the infinite sky. He looked forward and the horizon aligned with the side of the building.

"What is this?" Ichigo asked himself.

"Oh, you've come to visit me," An ominous, echoing voice called.

Ichigo turned and saw the look alike being standing on the edge of the building, near its roof. The being smirked at him.

"You've come to fight me?" The being asked.

Ichigo looked at himself and realized that he was in his Shinigami attire with Zangetsu sheathed on his back.

"Who are you? What do you want with me?" Ichigo asked.

"Why, I'm you," The being said, "Or should I say, what you should be,"

Ichigo furrowed his brow.

"What do you mean?" Ichigo asked.

"I am your source of power, the reason why you're energy is now black," The being said.

Ichigo frowned and it clicked to him that something changed when he returned from the Sereitei. He had blue reiatsu when he was there, but after returning, it was blackish red.

"And who are you?" Ichigo asked.

"Well, I have no name," The being said, "But soon, I will rule this place,"

"This place?" Ichigo asked.

"Your mind, the place where I have been locked for years," The being said.

"For years? You just latched onto me when I became a Shinigami," Ichigo said, "You're a Hollow,"

The being chuckled.

"Do I look like a Hollow to you?" The being asked.

Ichigo took it aback.

"I've been here for years and I am your source of power," The being said, "You're just borrowing it, but I'll take it back once I take over,"

"You say you've been here for years? When did you come here?" Ichigo asked.

"You tell me," The being said.

"What?" Ichigo asked.

The being drew his Zanpakutou, which was identical to Ichigo's only with inverted colours.

"Tell me what makes you think that you can defeat me in my domain?" The being said.

"Your domain? This is my mind!" Ichigo yelled.

"And who has control of your mind?" The being asked.

Ichigo growled.

"I have the power and I'm taking over your thoughts," The being said, "And now that you're here, I can take over your entire being,"

Ichigo frowned and reached for his Zanpakutou hilt.

"Come at me, Ichigo," The being said.

A SHINIGAMI walked down the halls of the 8th Division barracks weapons vault. He walked passed some Shinigami and turned into another hallway. He swiped a card through a scanner and entered a room.

The Shinigami looked around at several weapons on different racks in the room. There were security cameras in the room. He pressed a button on his sleeve.

A SHINIGAMI in a surveillance room noticed a screen that went off.

"Sir, something's going on," The Shinigami said.

Another Shinigami walked up to him.

THE SHINIGAMI walked around the weapons vault and drew his sword. He pressed a button on the sword, which opened up along the middle of it, revealing a portal inside. He grabbed different weapons and threw it into the opening in the sword. The objects seemed to disappear into a portal inside the blade the moment he put them in.

The Shinigami emptied the room of most of the weapons and left.

PHIL and his team ran down a hall along with SHIELD field agents. AIM soldiers ran into the hall.

Phil shot one down and Skye shot three of them with a seismic beam. Mike shot down the rest. The team continued and turned into another hallway.

"Mike, Skye take the hall to the left. Lance, you're with me, May take the team and secure the place," Phil ordered.

Mike and Skye turned to the left, May and some SHIELD agents took the hall to the right and Phil and Lance continued straight ahead.

MIKE AND Skye ran down a hall and came across three, bulky, 10-foot tall robots.

"And just when I thought this couldn't get any better," Skye said with a smirk.

A robot opened fire on them and they jumped in two different directions. Another robot tried to smash Skye with its fist and she rolled out of the way. She grabbed the robot's arm and vibrated her hand, causing it to explode.

Mike shot an EMP missile into a robot's neck, causing it to short out and shut down. Skye climbed onto the robot and placed her hands on its neck, vibrating them and causing the metal to break off it. She reached into the robot's circuitry and ripped out some wires. She jumped off the robot and it shorted out, falling over.

The last robot tried to shoot a missile at Skye and she held her hand out, causing the missile to explode in its hand. The robot stumbled back and Mike shot a missile at its head, destroying it. The robot fell over.

PHIL KICKED a door down and he and Lance entered a lab filled with soldiers and scientists. Phil rolled under a table, avoiding gunfire and Lance hid behind a cabinet.

Phil pulled out a grenade and tossed it out. The grenade rolled in between two soldiers and exploded, sending them falling onto apparatus on tables. Lance fired at two soldiers and kicked a chair towards another that ran towards him.

Phil rolled out of the table and swiftly shot a soldier before him and another behind him. Lance kicked down a soldier and shot him in the head. Lance and Phil got to their feet and walked up to the two scientists.

"What are you working on?" Phil asked.

The two scientists glanced at each other and chucked pills in their mouths.

"No!" Phil yelled.

Phil ran towards a scientist as he fell over, foaming at the mouth. Lance looked at a scientist, watching him as he died.

"Hmm, wonder what they were working on that was so important," Lance said.

Phil holstered his gun and turned to see Rangiku lying on a gurney with IVs stuck in her. Lance holstered his gun.

"What were they doing to her?" Lance asked rhetorically.

"This must be the unregistered gifted they took in the alley," Phil said.

Phil looked at a cardiac monitor nearby and it was nearly flat lining.

"We need a medic," Phil said into his earpiece.

Lance began to administer CPR.

MAY WALKED down the halls of the fortress after SHIELD had secured it. She entered a lab where Phil was in.

Rangiku laid on a gurney and Phil looked at her concernedly.

"How is she?" May asked.

"She's stable, but we got nothing from the scientists before they committed suicide," Phil said.

"So, this is the unregistered gifted?" May asked.

"Yeah," Phil said, "But we won't know much of what they did to her until she comes to. Maybe she heard a little of what they said during their experiments and she could tell us who she is,"

"Well, Skye's trying to hack into the main servers she found in the control room to see if we can find anything," May said.

"Okay, keep me posted," Phil said.

"Yes, sir," May said.

May left the room.

ICHIGO FELL on his back and the being swung his Zanpakutou at him. Ichigo flipped back and the being swung at him. The combatants locked blades.

The fight was tough and the being indeed was like a double of Ichigo. The being was able to copy Ichigo's Bankai perfectly in a completely white attire and had so far had not shown any other similarities. The way things were going, Ichigo was at his wit's end.

Ichigo pushed the being back and swung down at him. The being blocked, pushed Ichigo's blade up and swung at his gut. Ichigo jumped into the air and the being grabbed his face and threw him back. Ichigo fell back, bounced a couple of times off the building and fell through a window.

Ichigo held onto the floor of the building and watched the glass fall to the other end. The gravity in his mind was difficult to get used to and he had to fight the fear that he would simply fall as he stood on the side of the building.

Ichigo flew out of the window and the being lunged at him. Ichigo blocked the swing of the blade and the being flew forward, pushing Ichigo back and grazing against his blade. Ichigo pushed the being back.

"Getsuga Tenshou!" Ichigo yelled.

Ichigo swung his blade down, sending the wave of black energy at the being. The being swung his blade, following the shape of the energy blast and wove it around with the tip of his blade. Ichigo watched in shock as the being sent the energy blast at him. Ichigo teleported out of the way and watched the Getsuga Tenshou explode behind him.

"I told you, I have all your power!"The being yelled.

The being shot a large, red Getsuga Tenshou at Ichigo who teleported away. Ichigo reappeared and the blast still caught him. Ichigo bended backward to avoid the blast and lost his balance, falling toward the building. The being appeared behind Ichigo and slashed his back, sending him crashing onto the building.

The being brandished his Zanpakutou and threw it at Ichigo. Ichigo rolled to his feet and the blade stuck onto the building. The being still held the blade from a chain connected to its hilt and he withdrew the blade, causing the chain to retract into it.

Ichigo held his back and was lucky that the being's Zanpakutou did not dig deep into his skin. He was lucky that being a Shinigami came with dense skin. Fighting in his mind felt very much like fighting in the real world and the only difference was the weird gravity. He did not know what would exactly happen if he would lose this fight, but he would not take the chance to find out.

The being threw his Zanpakutou at Ichigo repeatedly, cutting him off as he teleported. Ichigo appeared and the being threw his Zanpakutou at him. Ichigo dodged, but the blade grazed his arm as it stuck into the building. Ichigo cut the chain connected to the being's blade and flew up to him. The being teleported behind Ichigo, grabbed his Zanpakutou and slashed Ichigo's leg.

Ichigo fell on one knee and the being swung at him. Ichigo blocked and his eyes glowed blue. The being grabbed Ichigo's face and threw him several feet back.

The being shot a Getsuga Tenshou at Ichigo who teleported away. Ichigo teleported around the being repeatedly, appearing in different spots around him at such high speeds that he looked like he had clones. The being blocked Ichigo's hits and punched him.

Ichigo struggled to his feet and the being chuckled as he brandished his blade.

"This is my domain and I have all the power," The being said, "And now, I am the king of this body,"

The being flew toward Ichigo with a stab. Ichigo's eyes glowed blue and energy exuded from his body.

Ichigo grabbed the blade of the being's Zanpakutou, catching him by surprise.

"This is my body, my mind and my power," Ichigo said.

The being's Zanpakutou slowly turned from white to black from Ichigo's hand all the way to the hilt. The being's eyes widened with shock.

Ichigo stabbed the being in the gut and smirked.

"You were right; the fight did end in a second," Ichigo said.

"Oh, it's not over, Ichigo," The being said.

The being slowly started turning black from the point where Ichigo stabbed him and outward. The being grabbed the blade of Ichigo's Zanpakutou.

"I told you, there's nowhere to run and nowhere to hide," The being said.

Ichigo drove his blade deeper into the being's gut and the being slowly began to disintegrate.

"I am coming back, Ichigo," The being said, "Don't think you've won,"

The being disintegrated and disappeared, along with his Zanpakutou.

ICHIGO AWOKE in the large room and looked around. Hachigen sat across from him and looked at his wristwatch.

"Oh, I was beginning to worry that you would not make it," Hachigen said.

"What happened?" Ichigo asked.

"You've succeeded in taking control of your Hollow," Hachigen said.

Ichigo looked around and breathed heavily.

"Congratulations," Hachigen said.

"Yeah," Ichigo said.

Ichigo placed his hand on his chest. He could not believe that he had won the battle. The being's words echoed in his mind and he wondered whether he was telling the truth or just taunting him. Ichigo was not sure, but he did know that the being was gone for now.

THE SHINIGAMI walked down a hallway, bypassing other Shinigami in his path. He made a turn and saw two Shinigami on the other end.

"That's him!" One of the Shinigami said.

The Shinigami ran as the two Shinigami chased after him. He ran into another hallway and Mayuri, Nemu and three other Shinigami stood in his way.

"Now, now, let's not play games," Mayuri said, "You've already lost,"

The Shinigami frowned as the other Shinigami came up behind him. The Shinigami teleported and appeared only a few feet away. Mayuri chuckled.

"I've turned on the electron disrupters," Mayuri said, "You cannot teleport out of here,"

The Shinigami looked around and frowned.

"Fine, you've got me," The Shinigami said.

The Shinigami raised his hands.

"I surrender," The Shinigami said.

"Good," Mayuri said.

Mayuri and Nemu walked toward the Shinigami and he smirked. The Shinigami teleported up to Nemu, grabbed her and teleported to the other end of the hallway.

"Nemu!" Mayuri said angrily.

The Shinigami held Nemu hostage and placed his hand on the nape of her neck.

"Let go of her this instant," Mayuri said.

The Shinigami kicked Nemu away from him and he pulled out a bomb from his pocket. The Shinigami detonated the bomb and it exploded.

The explosion knocked Mayuri and the Shinigami off their feet. Mayuri struggled to sit up and looked at the flames that burnt part of the room.

"What is going on here?" Mayuri said.

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