Bleach: Words of the Copper Chain Book 2

Maker Of Blades

SKYE AND Phil walked down the halls of SHIELD HQ.

"It's too unfortunate that we could not get any other intel," Phil said, "I just wonder what they were using it for,"

"What worries me most is the file, did you get a good look at it?" Skye asked.

"Let's talk," Phil said.

Phil opened a door to his left and he and Skye entered a debriefing room where May, Lance, Bobbi and Leo were waiting for them.

"I'm sure you've all been updated on the results of Skye's mission," Phil said, "I just went through the dossier and it as evident as the seal on the document; the American government authorised this,"

"Isn't it Amerisan?" Leo asked.

"Oh, right, sorry; Amerisian," Phil said.

"What exactly did they authorize?" May asked.

"Secret experiments on an energy source found on the East Coast of Africa –,"

"Afrisia," Leo corrected.

"Afrisia," Phil said with a sigh, "This merging worlds crap is confusing,"

"Tell me about it," Skye said.

"What's the energy source?" Bobbi asked.

"The document calls it the Star Ball, and it was found by a group called the Tendril," Phil said, "Do we have it in our archives?"

"No," Skye said.

"We'll just have to assume they're the hostiles you came across in the building," Phil said.

"Did you find anything else other than the armour?" Bobbi asked.

"Just that and this file," Phil said.

"We need to get on the field," Skye said, "What's the address on the dossier?"

"It was commissioned by SecDef, but we shouldn't do anything first," Phil said.

"Why?" Skye asked.

"This is a little fishy to me," Phil said, "AIM's computers led us to this information too easily,"

"What do you mean?" Skye asked.

"Just think about it; MODOK was set to delete everything in the archives. If so, why leave the one location that would allow us to find a intel as sensitive as this?" Phil asked.

"Maybe they were just sloppy," Skye said.

"No, this doesn't make sense," Phil said.

"What do you want us to do then?" May asked.

"Have Mac's team look at the armour we picked up and wait for further orders," Phil said.

"And what about you?" Skye asked.

"I'm gonna do some digging around and investigate SecDef before we continue on," Phil said.

Phil left the room.

ICHIGO, NEL, Hiyori, Dondochakka, Pesche and Shinji walked down a smaller hallway in a Las Noches building.

"It's kinda odd that it's this calm around here," Shinji said.

"Get in line, wanted more action," Hiyori said.

"Careful what you wish for or you might get a super tough Arrancar that'd kill us all," Ichigo said.

"Better than hanging around Cockroach and Polka-Dots over here," Hiyori said, pointing at Pesche and Dondochakka behind her.

"I'm not a crockroach!" Pesche yelled.

"You sure look like one," Hiyori said.

"And these aren't Polka-Dots!" Dondochakka yelled, "They're my beauty marks,"

"Yeah, whatever," Hiyori said.

"I wonder what you guys are though, you're too odd to be Arrancar and you're not scary, so you're not Hollows," Ichigo said.

"Hey, I am scary," Pesche said.

"Yeah, right," Ichigo said.

"No, I am scary, watch," Pesche said.

He cleared his throat.

"Boo!" Pesche said.

Dondochakka whimpered.

"See?" Pesche said.

"He probably heard his own footsteps again," Hiyori said.

"Hey!" Dondochakka yelled.

"You're just faking it," Pesche said, "You're shaking in your boots,"

"If that's the scariest you can be, then Chucky ain't got nothing on the Care Bears," Ichigo said.

Hiyori chuckled.

"That's not fair," Pesche said, pouting, "I wasn't ready yet,"

Shinji groaned as Dondochakka start complaining.

"Will you all shut up!" Shinji yelled.

Ichigo turned to Nel who seemed lost in her thoughts.

"You've been awful quiet, what's up?" Ichigo asked.

"I don't know, I … I feel odd here," Nel said.

Ichigo looked at her and smiled slightly.

"Don't be scared, I won't let anything happen to you," Ichigo said.

Nel gave a wistful smile at Ichigo and he looked forward.

"If you think for one second that that's not scary, then –," Pesche tried to say.

Shinji put his finger before his mouth.

"What is it?" Dondochakka asked loudly.

"Shut up," Hiyori said in a hushed tone.

"Hey, I –,"

Hiyori drew her Zanpakutou and pressed it against his neck.

"If you don't shut up, I'll slice you're throat!" Hiyori said in a hushed tone.

Dondochakka gulped and remained silent.

"Don't –," Nel tried to say.

Ichigo placed his hand on Nel's shoulder and she kept quiet.

Shinji walked up to a door nearby and crouched beside it. The guys walked up to the door and crouched. All, except for Dondochakka who fell back with a loud thump.

"Keep quiet," Hiyori growled in a hushed tone.

Shinji leaned toward the door when he heard footsteps approaching the door.

"Someone's coming," Shinji said.

Shinji and Ichigo drew their Zanpakutou.

"What do we do? What do we do?" Pesche panicked.

"I know," Dondochakka said.

Dondochakka ran away, flailing his arms around while yelling.

"Wait for me!" Pesche yelled.

Pesche followed him.

"Will you morons get back here!" Hiyori yelled.

"Go get 'em," Shinji groaned.

Hiyori drew her Zanpakutou.

"What's that?" Pesche's voice echoed.

Dondochakka screamed.

"Dondochakka!" Nel cried.

Ichigo held Nel's hand.

"Hold on, we don't wanna lose ya," Ichigo said.

Nel looked at Ichigo with soulful eyes.

"Idiots," Hiyori growled.

Hiyori ran after Dondochakka and Pesche and soon after they disappeared out of sight, clanging sounds of clashing blades echoed.

The door swung open and Ichigo and Shinji rose to their feet, training their blades forward.

A man with long brown hair and sunglasses stood before them, clad in a dust coat. Ichigo furrowed his brow as he looked at him.

"Who are you?" The man asked.

"We should be saying that to you," Ichigo said.

The man looked at Ichigo's Zanpakutou and his eyes lit up.

"That's my Zanpakutou," The man said.

"What the hell are you talking about?" Ichigo asked.

"I'm Zangetsu," The man said.

Ichigo's eyes widened with shock.

KUUKAKU STOOD before a crowd of people and between two men clad in military uniform with an inverted Gotei Thirteen badge on their right arm. The Shiba warriors. She herself wore a black cloak with the badge acting as a button for the cloak on her chest over a red vest and white skirt that had a large slit along her left leg.

"People of Rukongai, your time of freedom has arrived," Kuukaku said, "From the time you awoke here, the Shinigami told you that this was the Afterlife and you had no choice but to accept it. But is this what the Afterlife is supposed to be?"

The people murmured amongst themselves.

"The Afterlife should be a realm of peace and equality, but what do we have?" Kuukaku asked, "Poverty, hunger, strife, while the Shinigami hide behind their walls and claim to be fighting for our survival while we die and wither away. My clan has been working hard to ensure that you were safe from the very Shinigami who had also been raiding you and forcing you to pay taxes for their services you never see bear fruit and now they want to take us out,"

The people continued murmuring and became annoyed.

Shiba warriors walked through the crowd, handing out sheathed katana blades to whoever would receive them.

"With the blade in your hands, you will show them that they cannot trample upon you anymore! With the blade in your hands, you can defend yourselves against their tyranny!" Kuukaku said, "With the blade in your hands, you can rule the Sereitei!"

The people cheered excitedly.

"Alright, what is this?" A voice called.

The crowd went silent. Kuukaku turned to see three men clad in blue Shinigami attire with black hoods attached to their tops and katana sheathed to their belts. The Military Force.

"You're not authorized to have this gathering," The Officer said.

"Get back to your houses," The Officer said.

A teen slashed one of the Military Officers across his chest.

"Tatsuya!" The Officer yelled as the cut down Officer fell over, "You little –,"

A Shiba warrior cut down the Officer before he could reach for his Zanpakutou. The remaining Officer backtracked and pressed into his earpiece.

"We've got two men down, South Westside of the Sereitei," The Officer said, "We're gonna need to –,"

Kuukaku threw a Zanpakutou into the Officer's head. She looked around and more Military Force Officers amassed.

"Are you with me?" Kuukaku asked.

The crowd cheered, lifting up their Zanpakutou.

"Then let's take 'em down," Kuukaku yelled.

Kuukaku, the two Shiba warriors and the crowd dispersed as they collided with oncoming Military Force Officers.

RENJI, MASHIRO, Aikawa, Kensei, Lisa and Rojuro walked into a large laboratory that had several unconscious Hollows in large capsules with scientists roaming around. Renji gestured for the Vizards to split up and they hid behind different capsules. They moved around and knocked out some scientists that spotted them, hiding them behind capsules.

Renji walked behind a capsule and looked around. he saw the Vizards nearby and he gestured for them to wait. He looked forward and saw the pink-haired scientist talking to another man.

The man had spiky blue hair, wore a white jacket with a black trim, was bare-chested, had a large hole in his stomach and wore white Shinigami trousers with black and white boots. What raised Renji's curiosity the most about him was that the man had a skull jaw attacked to his skin, aligning to his right jaw.

"So, where are we on the attacks, Szayelaporro?" The man asked.

"We're just about finished putting the transmitters in their craniums," Szayelaporro said, "With them in place, the Hollows will follow our commands without any interference,"

"Well, you'd better do it quickly, we don't want Aizen to use 'em all on his experiments," The man said.

"I've got it all worked out so that our Hollows won't get mixed up with Aizen's," Szayelaporro said, "Trust me, Grimmjow,"

"Well, I'd better get going," Grimmjow said, "Don't want Aizen to get suspicious,"

"Indeed," Szayelaporro said.

Szayelaporro grinned at Grimmjow who glared at him and walked away. He left the room and Szayelaporro walked around the lab.

Renji and the Vizards moved onward swiftly.

"I know you're there," Szayelaporro said.

"Huh?" Kensei said in surprise.

RENJI, MASHIRO, Aikawa, Rojuro, Lisa, Kensei and Szayelaporro appeared in a different room, all in the same positions they were in when they were in the lab. Renji and the Vizards appeared with the capsules they leaned against.

The guys looked around and saw that they were in a large room filled with different Hollows prowling around. Szayelaporro smirked and pocketed a device.

"Welcome to my breeding pen," Szayelaporro said with a slight bow.

"What the hell is this?" Renji asked.

"Well, hell; for you anyways," Szayelaporro said.

"Whoa," Mashiro said as a Hollow walked passed her.

"What is going on here," Kensei said.

"Don't worry, these darlings won't attack you unless I tell them to," Szayelaporro said, "You've been snooping around, how rude of you,"

"Are you working for Aizen?" Lisa asked.

"Oh, no I'm not," Szayelaporro said, "But his enemies are still my enemies,"

"How does that make any sense?" Kensei asked.

"The question you should ask is how you're going to survive," Szayelaporro said.

He pulled out a remote from his pocket and held it up.

"With a push of a button, I can make these creatures rip you limb from limb, but I don't want that," Szayelaporro said.

"Why?" Renji asked.

"Well, if they do, I won't have any specimen left to work on," Szayelaporro said.

"Oh, don't worry, you're not gonna have any specimen left to work with," Lisa said, "Or any limbs to work with either,"

The guys drew their Zanpakutou and Szayelaporro laughed.

"Oh, don't humour me," Szayelaporro said, "You know, moving these Hollows around is quite difficult. Good thing we have technology on our side,"

"What does that have to do with anything?" Kensei asked impatiently.

"Lunch," Szayelaporro said.

Szayelaporro pressed a button on the device, releasing the Hollows from the capsules. They fell on the ground and quickly awoke and the others growled at the guys.

"Sic 'em," Szayelaporro said.

The Hollows lunged at the guys and a fight quickly ensued. Renji ran toward Szayelaporro and jumped into the air. He swung his Zanpakutou at him and he dodged it, letting the extended blade hit the ground.

ICHIGO, SHINJI, Nel, Hiyori, Dondochakka and Pesche stood in Zangetsu's lab. It had several swords hanging in display cases and a large round machine in the middle. The room had several computers around it and apparatus for mixing chemicals on tables across its walls.

"Wait a minute, how are you Zangetsu?" Ichigo asked.

"Well, that was my nickname since I made Zanpakutou when I worked in the Sereitei," Zangetsu said, "My real name is Otaku Tetsuo,"

"If you worked for the Sereitei, what are you doing here?" Shinji asked.

"You see, a hundred years ago, before Aizen created the Vasto Lorde, I worked with him and Urahara in Division 8, making Zanpakutou,"

"And now you're doing it for Aizen," Shinji said.

"It's not like I had a choice," Zangetsu said.

"What do you mean?" Ichigo asked.

"When Aizen created the Hogyoku, he tested its power on different Shinigami, using DNA from Hollows to try and create Arrancar," Zangetsu said.

"And how we ended up being like this," Shinji said.

"Aizen was a fool back then; mixing Shinigami and Hollow DNA would only make Vizards; second rate Arrancar," Zangetsu said.

"What you say?" Hiyori barked.

"Like it or not, you're weaker than Arrancar are … or at least you should be," Zangetsu said, "You see, Aizen's been making Arrancar using the reiatsu of Hollows and mixing it with Shinigami reiatsu, but to make powerful Arrancar, you need Vasto Lorde,"

"I thought they were extinct," Shinji said.

"They should have been, but it was only a year ago that Aizen found one," Zangetsu said, "Right now there are …,"

Zangetsu glanced at Nel.

"… five Vasto Lorde whom he got reiatsu from to create Arrancar who are now part of the Espadas," Zangetsu said.

"So, this mission is pointless, isn't it?" Ichigo asked, "We're all gonna end up dead,"

"Not with you on the battlefield," Zangetsu said.

"What're talking about?" Ichigo asked.

"I made Zangetsu, which I named after myself, particularly for you because you are not human," Zangetsu said, "When Aizen discovered that I knew what he was doing with the Hogyoku, I sent it to earth, hoping it would end up in the hands of someone who would stop him. Thank God it ended up in the hands of the one it was intended for,"

"I'm not human?" Ichigo asked.

"Even before you became a Shinigami by obtaining Zangetsu," Zangetsu said.

"Then what am I?" Ichigo asked.

"You're –,"

A man burst through a wall and rolled to his feet. He went into a Kung Fu stance and made a cliché martial arts fighter sound. He wore a white Shinigami trouser, had blue hair, a heavily-tattooed torso and had a blade sheathed to his belt.

"What the hell," Ichigo said, reaching for his Zanpakutou.

"Is it just me or does that guy look like Bruce Lee?" Hiyori asked.

"Whado-ah!" The man yelled.

The man tackled Ichigo through a wall and flew away with him.

"Ichigo!" Nel cried.

"Hiyori, stay with them," Shinji ordered.

"Hey, why do I have to –," Hiyori tried to say.

Shinji drew his Zanapkutou and flew through the hole in the wall, chasing after the assailant.

THE BLUE-haired man flew through the wall of a hallway and threw Ichigo onto the opposite wall. The man landed on the ground and went into several martial arts stances.

Ichigo struggled to his feet.

"Oh, so that's how you're gonna play, huh?" Ichigo asked.

Ichigo reached for his Zanpakutou and the man flew towards him. The man kicked him in the groin.

Ichigo screamed and the man punched his jaw shut and backhanded him, sending him bouncing on the ground. He skidded to a stop.

"Come on," The man said.

Ichigo struggled to his feet and the man kicked him in the gut, sending him falling some feet back.

Shinji ran up to the man with a swing and he received a swift backhand to the face. The man kicked Shinji's leg and dropkicked him, sending him smacking against a wall.

Ichigo struggled to all fours and the man flew up to him and kicked him, hurling him through a wall.

"Whaa!" The man yelled.

Ichigo spat out blood.

PHIL SAT on a chair across from Rangiku, who laid unconscious in a gurney. He stroked his chin.

"She is hot though," A voice came.

Phil turned to see Skye standing beside him.

"She's got a nice rack," Skye said.

"Well, yeah I mean – wait, I'm not checking her out," Phil said.

"Come on, Phil, think about it," Skye said, "You, an unregistered gifted, blasting a bunch of bottles with the destroyer,"

"That's not all I do in my free time," Phil said.

"So you admit you do it in your free time," Skye said.

Phil groaned and Skye laughed.

"What're you doing here?" Phil asked.

"Just checking up on our prize here," Skye said.

She looked at her then took a seat beside Phil.

"She's a heavy sleeper," Skye said.

"Doc said she'd be coming to at any moment," Phil said, "Wanted to be present so that I could ask some questions,"

"Like which tie you look great in?" Skye asked.

"Will you cut it with that? I've got more important things to worry about," Phil said.

"Like never getting laid?" Skye asked smugly.

Phil sighed.

Rangiku stirred.

"Ooh, ooh, she's up, lemme get my camera so I can take a photo," Skye teased, "Mamma's gonna be so proud you finally asked a girl out. All it took was sixty years,"

Phil shook his head as he got up. Skye laughed.

Rangiku looked around the room and tried to sit up.

"Ugh, where am I?" Rangiku asked.

"That's classified," Phil said.

Rangiku sat up and held her head.

"We need to talk," Phil said.

Rangiku groaned.

Urahara appeared in the room, grabbed Rangiku and teleported with her. The IVs fell on the ground and Phil and Skye's mouths fell agape.

"What just happened?" Phil asked.

"Did someone just teleport in and out of here without setting off any alarms?" Skye asked.

Phil looked around the room and frowned.

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