Frozen: Kingdoms and Stars


[Post Film] Anna discovers the ability to control fire and has to become Queen of Arendelle. Chaos erupts and the sisters must discover the source of their power and the truth about their parents.

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FIRE CRACKLED as it burnt through the wood of a tree stump. A large area of a formerly thick forest now had few tree stumps covered with soot. In the middle of an open burnt area had patches of ice, exuding vapour.

Corpses of fallen soldiers laid all over the burnt patch of the forest. Some burnt to the bone and others frozen over to the core. Sigil poles stuck out of the ground, some burnt and some broken.

A sigil waved, casting a shadow over a small figure. A young girl sat in the middle of rubble and wood. She had platinum blonde hair and held a young baby with strawberry blonde hair in her arms.

The young girl rocked the baby, her entire body shaking as she had fear in her eyes. The baby was sound asleep and the look in her older sister's eyes showed her determination to protect her.

The girl raised her head slowly and she saw a man and a woman standing amongst soldiers. The man looked at the girl with deep concern and the woman looked at the destroyed forest in horror.

ANNA SAT across from Elsa's desk trying desperately not to fall asleep. Elsa had been doing paperwork for God-knows-what in her office for hours now and Anna could not take it anymore. She had tried to read a book, but quickly got bored.

"Are you gonna be done soon? This book's killing me," Anna said with a groan.

"Anna, I told you that this is important," Elsa said, "Go play with Olaf or something,"

"I don't know where he is," Anna said.

"Wasn't he with you this morning?" Elsa asked.

"Yeah, but now I don't know where he is," Anna said.

Elsa continued writing her letter to Queen Rupunzel of Corona when Anna groaned.

"Come on, Elsa, just come outside and have some fun," Anna said.

"That's what we've been doing all week," Elsa said.

"And is this any better?" Anna asked.

Elsa looked around her, the stacks of paper rising from all the work she had been doing. She looked at the bowl next to her and the ink was halfway gone. She was exhausted from her work … well, more so from Anna's prattling and she was indeed interested in taking a break.

Anna looked at Elsa and from the look on her face; she knew that she wanted to go with her.

"Well?" Anna asked.

The door swung open and Olaf walked in, holding Kristoff's hand.

"Found him!" Olaf said, "He was busy in his shop,"

"What am I here for?" Kristoff asked impatiently.

Elsa raised her eyebrow and Anna gave a cute smile.

"And you said you didn't know where he was," Elsa said.

"What's a game of snowball if there's only two people?" Anna asked.

"Is this what this is about? Come on, I've got work to do," Kristoff said.

"And so do I," Elsa said as she sat back.

Anna looked at Kristoff and Elsa who were both looking back at her disapprovingly. Elsa folded her arms.

"Come on, just one game?" Anna asked.

Kristoff turned to Elsa and she frowned.

ANNA THREW a snowball at Kristoff and he dodged it. Elsa threw a snowball at her and missed.

"Ha! Missed me!" Anna teased.

Elsa smirked as she scooped up some more snow. Kristoff threw a snowball at Anna and she ran away from them.

Anna hid behind a tree and peeped out. Kristoff and Elsa were nowhere in sight.

"Heh, I'm so gonna win," Anna said to herself confidently.

Anna scooped up some snow near her and felt something hard underneath the snow.

"What the …,"

Anna lifted it up, revealing that she held Olaf's arm.

"So that's where it went," Olaf said.

Olaf grabbed his arm from Anna and fitted it back into his side. She threw a snowball at him.

"Wait, aren't we on the same team?" Olaf asked.

"I dunno, I kinda lost track," Anna said.

"Well, I think we were," Olaf said.

Olaf shook the snow off him.

"Let's see, the teams were you and I, Elsa and Sven –," Olaf tried to say.

"It's Kristoff," Anna corrected.

"Then where's Sven?" Olaf asked.

Anna threw a snowball at Olaf and giggled.

"Found you!" Elsa said excitedly.

Elsa threw a snowball in Anna's face and she ran off. Olaf screamed as he dodged a snowball from Kristoff. Kristoff and Elsa chased after Anna and Olaf.

"Wait, is someone keeping score?" Olaf asked.

Kristoff threw a snowball at Elsa.

"Hey!" Elsa yelled.

"Oh, I thought I was with Olaf," Kristoff said.

"I'm with Anna," Olaf said.

"Wait, I thought I was with Kristoff," Elsa said.

The guys looked at each other and shrugged. Kristoff and Elsa scooped up snow and Olaf and Anna ran off.

"There's nowhere to hide!" Elsa said.

Anna ran into a cluster of trees in the snowy forest and hid behind one. She breathed heavily as she was thrilled. She loved spending time with her sister.

This was the first natural winter she had ever experienced since Elsa froze over Arrendelle. All that time stuck in her room kept her from experiencing so many things. It was nearly a year since Elsa came back and winter was the last remaining season for her to fully experience.

Anna slipped and fell down a slope. She screamed as she fell and the others heard her.

"Anna, are you alright?" Elsa called out.

Anna fell into a pile of snow.

"Anna!" Kristoff called out.

The snow melted off Anna's body.

"Huh?" Anna said to herself.

Anna looked at her hands and steam exuded from them. Her skin was turning red.

"What's happening?" Anna said in surprise.

Anna's hands went on fire.

Anna screamed and flailed her arms around. She looked around and saw a small unfrozen pond nearby. She ran up to the pond and shoved her hands into it. She removed her hands from the pond and looked at them, seeing that the fire had dissipated.

"Phew," Anna sighed with relief.

"Anna where are you?" Elsa called out.

"Anna!" Olaf shouted.

"Guys, I'm over –,"

Anna's hands went on fire again and she fell over, screaming loudly.

"She's over here," Olaf said.

Elsa, Kristoff and Olaf slid down the slope and ran up to Anna.

"What happened?" Kristoff asked, helping Anna up.

"I …," Anna looked at her hands.

Her hands were no longer on fire.

"Did something happen?" Elsa asked.

"N-nothing …," Anna said, confused, "I just slipped that's all,"

"You're sure?" Kristoff asked.

"Yeah," Anna said.

A horse's neigh caught their attention. They turned and saw a guard on a horse at the top of the slope.

"My Queen," A Guard said, "It's time,"

ANNA and Elsa entered a large banquet hall filled with dignitaries from Arrendelle and Corona. Everyone was clad in their best clothing, the entire room had the most expensive décor Anna had ever seen, and the extravagant dresses she and Elsa wore made her feel awkward.

The dignitaries of the neighbouring kingdoms were attending the 21st birthday of Queen Rupunzel of Corona. Everything was so grand and sophisticated that Anna was slowly forgetting that she was royalty. Being by Elsa's side made it even worse.

Elsa was so composed, so unfazed by any of the sights of the new land they visited that Anna sometimes wondered if she really did spend nearly a decade in her bedroom.

Elsa, Anna, Olaf and Kristoff took their seats at the high table along with Queen Rupunzel and Duke Eugene during the grand feast. Some dignitaries sat at the high table as well.

"Really?" Anna asked enthusiastically.

"Yeah, well it was until Eugene decided to cut it off," Rupunzel said.

Anna gasped and Elsa chuckled.

"Why?" Elsa asked.

"Are we still bringing that up?" Eugene asked.

"Well, she wanted us to tell the story," Rupunzel said.

"Well, it's not like I wanted to or anything," Eugene said.

"He did it so we could defeat Mother Gothel," Rupunzel said, "He was always good at making hard decisions,"

"So what happened to her?" Anna asked.

"Age caught up with her and she turned to ash," Rupunzel said, "Pascal here tripped her and she off the balcony,"

"Whoa, harsh," Anna said.

"Well, she was going to keep me in that tower forever, it had to be done," Rupunzel said.

"I guess," Anna said, forking her food uneasily.

Elsa looked at the dignitaries at the other tables and smiled.

"This is a really nice banquet," Elsa said.

"Thanks," Rupunzel said.

"You do this every year?"Elsa asked.

"Yeah," Rupunzel said.

"I really like these occasions, not all the work and meetings and the work and meetings … and the work," Elsa said.

"I know, right?" Rupunzel said, "Too bad it can't happen all year,"

"It'd be nice if it did," Elsa said.

"It isn't that bad," Balder said, "If we didn't do any work, the kingdoms would crumble,"

"I wonder what all the fuss is about," Anna said, "You councilmen have meetings everyday so I don't see the big deal,"

"It's not wise to let others run things for you," Balder said, "Sure, they help out here and there, but you need to be in charge and that means you should know everything about the affairs of your kingdom,"

"It's weird though," Anna said, "If you're royalty, shouldn't you be able to do what you want?"

"Yeah, but we have responsibilities," Rupunzel said with a sigh.

"Responsibilities suck," Anna said.

"Yup," Eugene said with a sigh.

Eugene turned to Olaf, looking at him as he ate with curiosity.

"Why do you eat?" Eugene asked.

"Me?" Anna asked.

"No, that snowman guy," Eugene said, "It's not like he gets hungry,"

"Well, I don't, but its fun," Olaf said.

"It's no big deal," Elsa said.

"Okay," Eugene said with a shrug.

"He likes doing stuff that makes no sense," Kristoff said, "The guy thought he could survive the summer,"

"I thought we weren't going to talk about it?" Anna scolded.

"No, it's alright," Olaf said, "I'm going to do something even cooler. I'm going to be a horse rider!"

Eugene raised an eyebrow.

"Why?" Rupunzel asked.

"How're you gonna to get on a horse?" Kristoff asked, "Your legs are too sho –,"

"Shh!" Anna said.

"Fine, fine," Kristoff said, lifting up his hands in defeat.

"You're weird," Eugene said with a chuckle.

"Yeah," Rupunzel said.

Rupunzel sat back and sighed after she finished eating.

"You know what, I can't wait any longer," Rupunzel said, "Skip the rest of the stuff and let's get to releasing the lanterns,"

"Yeah, let's go," Anna said excitedly.

"But, there's still a lot left," Eugene said, "What about the -,"

"Come on, it's the best part," Rupunzel said.

"The banquet's not even over yet," Eugene said.

"Okay, continue without me then," Rupunzel said.

Rupunzel got up and walked away from the table.

"Where're you going?" Eugene asked.

"To the fire cellar," Rupunzel said.

"What's that?" Anna asked.

"I'll show you," Rupunzel said.

"Okay," Anna said.

"I'm coming too," Olaf said.

Anna and Olaf rose from their seats and followed Rupunzel as she left.

"Coming, Elsa?" Rupunzel asked.

"No thanks," Elsa said.

"Suit yourself," Rupunzel said.

Rupunzel, Olaf and Anna left the banquet hall.

ELSA STOOD on the balcony of a palace, high above the rest of the buildings that descended toward the piers at the bay.

She looked out at the city and it was a beautiful sight as the setting sun spread beautiful rays in the sky, purple being the dominant one.

Balder walked up to Elsa, clad in expensive clothes in a very neat manner.

"My Queen," Balder said.

She turned to him and smiled.

"Sir Balder," Elsa said.

"Forgive me if I disturbed you," Balder said.

"You didn't," Elsa said.

"If you say so," Balder said.

Balder walked up to Elsa and stood beside her on the balcony.

"Is there something important?" Elsa asked.

"I just wanted the grace of your presence, my Queen," Balder said.

"You flatter me," Elsa said.

"It's hard not to," Balder said.

She glanced at him and looked out at the city.

"I've heard a lot about this city since I was a boy," Balder said, "I thought they were mostly stories and it's too bad that I couldn't see it for myself,"

"Yeah, it would've been nice to see the hair people have been talking about for so long," Elsa said.

"Hair blessed with the power to heal and reverse age when a song is sung yet it can't grow again after it's cut," Balder said, "Do you believe that?"

"Do you?" Elsa asked.

"If I saw it, I would give you an answer," Balder said.

"Whether you saw it or not, I doubt it would be of any use," Elsa said, "I'm young enough and I'm not sick, so I don't need it,"

"What makes you think I would have no use for it?" Balder asked.

"Would you?" Elsa asked.

"Well, not now perhaps, but it would have been great if I could have used it on my ailing mother," Balder said.

"I'm sorry," Elsa said.

"Don't be, there are things we can't change and I doubt her hair would have done much anyway," Balder said.

"You just said it would have been helpful," Elsa said.

"Well, what am I going to say; I haven't seen anything," Balder said.

"I have a question then," Elsa said, "If she did have the hair and if she had healed your mother, would you have used it on yourself?"

"And become a child again?" Balder asked.

"Depending on how long you held her hair, yeah," Elsa said.

"Would you?" Balder asked.

"I would give anything to change my childhood," Elsa said, "I lived in my room my whole life and I know so little,"

"You don't seem to," Balder said.

"It's a gift," Elsa said.

"I suppose," Balder said.

"What about you?" Elsa asked, "Would you want to return to your childhood?"

"Sure, things were grand back then; nothing to worry about and playing in the sun all day, but I would not want to go back to it," Balder said.

"So you would not want to change your childhood because it was good?" Elsa asked.

"My childhood was awful," Balder said, "My father was a drunk, he would beat me and my mother would let me go nights without supper for the tiniest slight,"

"Terrible life for a lord," Elsa said, "Why would you not want to change it then?"

"Yes, but the thing is that, maybe I went through that for a reason," Balder said, "Maybe my suffering helped me become the man I am today. I don't know how, but maybe it did,"

"Hmm, never thought of it that way," Elsa said.

"Nothing happens without a reason," Balder said.

Dusk was coming and a slight breeze swept through the city.

"You know we were talking like Queen Rupunzel's hair can send you back in time, right?" Elsa asked.

"Yes, I did, but it was something to think about," Balder said.

She nodded and a squire walked up to her.

"My Queen, it is time for the Sky Lantern send off," the squire said.

"Of course," Elsa said, "Coming, Sir Balder?"

"Certainly," Balder said.

The squire walked on and Elsa and Balder followed him.

KRISTOFF, ANNA, Elsa, Duke Eugene and Queen Rupunzel stood on a large balcony above other buildings near the pier. Civilians each held a lantern in their hands, orange lights littered all over the city.

Rupunzel held her lantern and unlike everyone else's, it had purple flames. Elsa leaned toward Anna and whispered in her ear.

"That's what you got from the cellar?" Elsa asked.

"Yeah, she said it was from a dragon," Anna said, "They say the flames never go out,"

"That makes no sense," Elsa said sceptically.

"Well, I saw them, so you tell me," Anna said.

"Okay, if you say so," Elsa said, disbelieving Anna.

"And a talking snowman makes sense?" Anna asked, pointing at Olaf.

Elsa shrugged.

Rupunzel nudged Eugene and he turned to her.

"Okay, Eugene, you go first," Rupunzel said.

"Okay," Eugene said.

Eugene released his lantern and it ascended slowly into the sky. The civilians began to release their own lanterns as they saw Eugene's in the sky.

The lanterns ascended into the air and beautified the sky with their glow. They ascended together and clustered up in a beautiful array of colour.

Anna's jaw dropped at the sight and Olaf was awestruck.

"Whoa," Anna said.

"So beautiful," Elsa said in amazement.

"Wow," Olaf said.

"Isn't it pretty?" Anna asked Kristoff.

"Yeah, stuff," Kristoff said absentmindedly staring at the cluster.

"Why don't we do this more often in Arrendelle?" Anna asked.

"We don't," Elsa said.

"Well, we should," Anna said.

"Okay, let me give it a try," Olaf said.

Olaf reached for Anna's lantern and touched her arm. His hand went on fire and he flailed around, screaming.

"Olaf!" Elsa yelled worriedly.

Elsa conjured up snow around Olaf's hand, snuffing out the fire.

"Olaf, are you okay?" Elsa asked, kneeling beside him.

"Yeah, just singed my hand a little," Olaf said, holding his hand out to her.

"What happened?" Eugene asked.

"It was an accident," Anna said, "Olaf got burned when he touched my lantern,"

"How'd the lantern burn him? There's a casing around it," Rupunzel said.

"I hadn't touched your lantern when my hand went on fire," Olaf said, "I only touched your arm,"

"How does that make any sense?" Kristoff asked, "What set you on fire then?"

"I don't know," Olaf said, "But that's what happened,"

"I'm sorry, Olaf," Anna said.

Elsa turned to her and looked at her concernedly.

"Anna, your arm!" Elsa yelled frightfully.

"What about my a- ahh!" Anna screamed.

Her arm was on fire and she flailed it around.

"What's going here?" Eugene demanded.

"I don't know," Anna said in a panic.

Elsa shot snow on Anna's arm, dousing out the fire.

"Phew," Anna said, wiping sweat off her brow.

"Anna, are you okay?" Kristoff asked.

"Yeah, I think so," Anna said.

Anna wiped the snow off her arm and as she wiped it, it lit on fire. She screamed.

"What's happening?" Anna screamed.

"What in the world …?" Rupunzel said in confusion.

As Anna flailed her arm around, fire shot from it and onto the roof they were underneath, setting it on fire with the force knocking her off her feet. Rupunzel yelped and she, Eugene and the others stepped back.

Elsa sent snow on the roof and shot snow on Anna's arm. Kristoff helped her up to her feet.

"Anna, are you alright?" Kristoff asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine," Anna said, "I think,"

Kristoff backed away from Anna abruptly, shaking his hands painfully.

"What is it?" Elsa asked.

"I don't know," Kristoff said, "She sort of became hot all of a sudden,"

"Well, I wouldn't say hot," Anna said with a giggle.

She blushed and steam exuded from her skin. Eugene and Rupunzel backed away concernedly and guards arrived.

"My Lady, my Queen, what's going on?" A guard asked.

"Anna," Elsa said worriedly.

"What?" Anna asked.

She looked at her body and saw the steam exuding from her skin.

"Can she control fire or something?" Eugene asked.

"I don't know," Elsa explained, "I've had these powers my whole life, but she hasn't,"

"Then what is going on here?" Eugene asked.

"I don't kno –,"

Fire escaped Anna's mouth in a puff. She and Rupunzel yelped and Rupunzel accidentally let go of her lantern, which ascended into the air.

"Oh, I didn't do that properly," Rupunzel said, complaining.

Anna breathed heavily and looked at her hands. Her body pulsated and orange energy flowed through her veins. Fire escaped her mouth in puffs as she breathed.

"What's happening to me?" Anna asked in a panic.

Anna started breathing fast and her body slowly began to set on fire.

"Anna, wait, just calm down," Elsa said, "Breathe slowly,"

Anna continued to panic and looked at Elsa worriedly.

"Calm down; I'm right here," Elsa said, "Breathe in and breathe out, slowly,"

Elsa lifted her chest up and down as she told Anna to breathe slower.

"Calm down," Elsa said.

Anna nodded and stabilized her breathing, mimicking Elsa's chest movement.

"Good, now just relax," Elsa said.

Anna took a deep breath and calmed down. Steam stopped exuding from her body; her breathing became normal as she calmed down.

"Good," Elsa said.

"Oh my God," Anna said.

"She's alright now?" Rupunzel asked.

Elsa looked at Anna closely then smiled.

"She's alright," Elsa said.

The others stepped closer to Anna.

"What's happening to me?" Anna asked.

"I don't know," Elsa said.

"Didn't you say that you had your powers your whole life? If so, why does she only have them now?" Eugene asked.

"Maybe because she is younger than me or something?" Elsa said uneasily, "I don't understand all of this myself,"

"Well, you sure gave us a scare," Eugene said.

"You're okay, right?" Rupunzel asked.

"I think so," Anna said.

Anna squealed and hugged Elsa tightly.

"Ooh, now we have something in common!" Anna screamed happily.

"Okay, just be careful with that," Elsa said, pulling away from Anna, "I don't want you burning my dress,"

"Of course, sorry," Anna said, backing away from Elsa.

"This is so cool," Olaf said, "Are you gonna make a fire me or something?"

"I don't know how to use this yet," Anna said.

"Make it a girl; I've been a little lonely," Olaf said.

"Relax, Olaf," Elsa said, patting Olaf's head, "I've got you covered,"

Elsa began to conjure up snow and Olaf interrupted her.

"No, I want her to be made out of fire," Olaf said.

"Wait, if they make you a girlfriend, then she'll be your sister," Kristoff said.

"Oh, right … well, forget it then," Olaf said, pouting.

Elsa picked him up and hugged him.

"You're funny, Olaf," Elsa said.

The others chuckled.

"Wait, do you hear that?" Kristoff said.

The guys listened closely and they heard clamouring from the city. The guys walked up to the balcony and looked at the city.

"I can't see anything," Eugene said.

"What're they looking at?" Elsa asked.

People in the city pointed at the sky and they looked up. The lanterns seemed to be multiplying.

"What's going on?" Elsa asked.

"Are they multiplying?" Rupunzel asked.

"It looks like it," Eugene said.

"Ooh, look; more snowgies," Olaf said excitedly.

"What?" Elsa asked.

Elsa looked closely at the lanterns and managed to make out blue and orange lights appearing amongst them.

"Are you guys seeing this?" Elsa asked.

"Yeah," Kristoff said.

"Mm-hmm," Eugene said.

The lights fell out of the sky and crashed onto the beach, causing a lot of sand to upheave. Rupunzel moved closer to the balcony's guardrail and looked closely at the beach.

"What the hell is going on?" Rupunzel asked.

Eugene, Kristoff and Elsa walked up to the guardrail and looked closely at the beach as well.

Anna groaned and held her stomach in pain. Elsa turned to her and saw that her body was exuding steam again.

"Anna, what's wrong?" Elsa asked.

Anna closed her eyes and winced. Kristoff tried to touch her, but her skin was too hot.

"Anna, you have to calm down or you won't be able to control it," Elsa said.

"I … can't!" Anna screamed.

Fire shot out of Anna's hands and wove around her waist in the shape of a whirlpool.

"Anna!" Elsa cried.

Anna screamed and flew toward the beach. Civilians turned to her and panicked as they saw her fly over them.

"Anna!" Kristoff called out.

Elsa conjured snow around her waist in the shape of a whirlpool and flew toward Anna, chasing after her.

"Elsa can fly?" Eugene asked.

"Sort of," Kristoff said, trying to understand what was going on.

The snow dissipated as Elsa flew and fell as snowflakes on the civilians below.

Anna crashed onto the beach and skidded into the sand. Elsa landed nearby and ran up to her. She fumbled as she hastily tried to lift her out of the sand. She lifted her out of the sand and held her limp body in her arms.

"Anna," Elsa said concernedly, "Anna!"

Elsa shook her and she came to.

"Are you okay?" Elsa asked.

"Maybe," Anna said in a daze, "I'm not sure,"

Elsa helped Anna to her feet and saw that parts of her dress had burnt.

"My Queen," A heavy voice called.

Elsa and Anna turned to the source of the voice and stepped back. Anna screamed and Elsa's eyes widened with shock.

Several giants ranging from 10 to 30 feet tall stood on the beachfront. Some had icy blue skin and others had scaly skin that was on fire. They were not human, but had humanoid physiques.

Eugene, Rupunzel and Kristoff were terrified at the sight.

"Oh my God," Kristoff said.

"What's going on here?" Rupunzel said.

"I don't know, but we need to protect Elsa and Anna," Eugene said, "Guard!"

"Yes, Sire," A guard said as he ran up to Eugene.

"Round up the soldiers and defend the city from those monsters," Eugene ordered.

"Yes, Sire," The guard said.

The guard ran off.

"I'm going to help Anna," Kristoff said.

"No, you stay here," Eugene said.

"She needs my help," Kristoff said.

"What you need is to stay here," Eugene said, "Elsa can take care of her and Anna has those … powers, you wouldn't be any help there,"

"Then what am I supposed to do? I can't leave her there," Kristoff said.

"You're not gonna be any help to her dead," Eugene said, "You can't do anything to help her,"

Kristoff took it aback and felt a little useless. Rupunzel looked at Eugene disapprovingly. Eugene sighed and walked up to him.

"Look, if you want to help, take care of Olaf," Eugene said and placed his hand on Kristoff's shoulder, "She can take care of herself,"

"Fine," Kristoff said in defeat, "Come on, Olaf, let's –,"

Kristoff looked around and Olaf was gone.

"Olaf?" Kristoff called, "Olaf!"

ANNA AND Elsa stepped back, confused at what the ice giant said.

"Y-Your Queen?" Elsa asked worriedly.

"We are you subjects, Frost Queen," An ice giant said.

"And we are yours, Demon Queen," A fire giant said.

Anna looked around worriedly then realized the giant was talking to her.

"Me?" Anna asked, "You mean me?"

"Yes, Demon Queen, we are your subjects," The fire giant said.

"What are you talking about?" Elsa asked.

"We are Frost Giants and these are Fire Demons," the tallest of the Frost Giants said, "We came from afar to bring you home,"

"Home?" Anna asked.

"Muspelheim," the tallest of the Fire Demons said.

"And Jutonheim," The Frost Giant said.

"Wait, you're from the stories I heard as a kid," Anna said, "You're not supposed to be real,"

"We stand before you, do we not?" The Frost Giant said.

"What are you talking about? We're humans, not … demons or whatever you are," Elsa said.

"You have been with the humans for far too long and they have taught you their lies," The Frost Giant said, "Come with us and we will tell you the truth,"

"We're not going anywhere," Elsa said.

"We live in Arrendelle," Anna said.

"But it is not your home," The Frost Giant said.

"So, you think we're your Queens?" Elsa asked.

"We know you are," The Frost Giant said, "For years, kings have led us in wars against the tyrants who rule Asgard, calling themselves gods. With you by our King's side, Asgard will ruled by its true heir,"

"You want us to help you usurp the gods?" Anna asked in confusion.

"That is where you belong," The Fire Demon said, "You do not belong with the humans,"

"We told you, we are humans," Elsa said.

"We can show you the truth," The Frost Giant said, "Come with us, Frost Queen,"

Elsa looked at Anna worriedly and saw that her steam was exuding from her skin. The ground beneath her was slowly going on fire.

Elsa looked at herself and realized that vapour exuded from her skin, from the cold that ran through her veins. The ground around her was slowly freezing over.

"Your powers are growing," The Fire Demon said, "You've flowered, Demon Queen,"

Anna looked at Elsa worriedly. Elsa looked at her and saw doubt in her eyes. She was considering what they were saying. Elsa frowned and stood her ground.

"We are not going anywhere," Elsa said.

"That was not a request," The Frost Giant said.

"Come with us now or we will take you by force and destroy this place," The Fire Demon said.

Elsa looked at Anna who was still afraid. She held her hand firmly.

"No," Elsa said.

The Fire Demons and Frost Giants charged at Elsa and Anna. Elsa conjured up a wall of snow around them and Frost Giant punched through it and hit her, sending her hurling some feet back.

"Elsa!" Anna cried.

A Frost Giant grabbed Anna and it recoiled from the heat. Anna ran away from the Giant and the rest of the Giants and Demons headed for the city.

A Fire Demon chased after Anna and Elsa wove a wave of snow on it, knocking it off its feet. Anna turned to Elsa and saw that she had a bruise on her face.

The bruise healed and a Frost Giant smacked Elsa, sending her hurling into the air. A Frost Giant sent icicles at Anna and she ran out of the way. A Fire Demon shot fire at her and she moved out of the way. Some of the flames hit her and singed her hand slightly. The wound healed slowly and a Frost Giant unleashed a wave of snow on her.

The snow enveloped Anna and pushed her back. The snow slowly froze her skin and she screamed. Fire exploded out of her, melted the snow and burned the Frost Giant.

Demons and Giants amassed around Elsa as she struggled to her feet.

Anna tried to shoot fire at the Giants and Demons, but nothing came out of her hands. She tried repeatedly, but nothing happened. She panicked as she saw the Demons and Giants get closer to Elsa.

A Demon stalked toward Anna.

"Come with us, Demon Queen," The Demon said.

Anna backtracked, fear enveloping her as she was too scared to move. The Demon reached out at her, its claws inches away from grabbing her.

Elsa shot ice at the Demon, freezing it. Anna turned to her and watched as she battled the Demons and Giants.

"Elsa!" Anna yelled.

A Giant shot icicles at Elsa and she jumped out of the way. A Demon sent fire at her and she shot a wave of snow at it, freezing it. A Giant grabbed at her and she froze its hand. She sent an icicle through a Demon and the Giant broke out of the ice and grabbed her.

Elsa conjured up a snow monster before her that nearly equalled the Giant in height, Marshmallow.

Marshmallow punched the Giant, freeing Elsa from its grasp. A Demon shot flames at Marshmallow, beginning to melt it. She sent snow at the Demon and conjured up more snow around Marshmallow, fixing his body.

Marshmallow fought off the Giants and Elsa fought off the Demons, but the numbers were overwhelming.

Anna just stood there, unable to do anything to help her sister. She did not want to fight, but she wanted to do something to help her.

Corona's soldiers descended on the beach on horses, armed with swords and shields. A Demon shot a wave of fire, burning several soldiers in its wake.

Archers stood on high rooftops, sending a volley of arrows on the Demons and Giants. The arrows broke as they made contact with the Giants and burnt when they made contact with the flames on the Demons.

Soldiers manned cannons and sent fireballs that knocked over some Giants. The army of Corona fought an uphill battle against the Giants and Demons.

A Demon shot fire at Elsa's back, burning a part of her dress. A Giant punched her, knocking her off her feet. Anna ran toward her.

"Stop!" Elsa yelled, stopping Anna in her tracks.

Elsa struggled to her feet and shot snow at the Demon. A Giant grabbed Marshmallow's arm and ripped it off. She turned to Marshmallow and saw the Giants rip him apart. She shot ice at three Demons and a Giant grabbed her. She froze one of the Giant's arms, turning it brittle and broke it, freeing herself from its grasp.

Elsa trudged toward Anna and blood trickled from her mouth.

"Elsa!" Anna cried.

Elsa looked down at her stomach and a disembodied Giant's hand stuck in it. One of its fingers was lodged in her. The Giant must have stabbed her and she did not notice. Elsa pulled the hand out and her stomach bled profusely.

Elsa spat out a lot of blood and she fell on one knee. Anna ran toward her and a Demon stood in her way. Elsa fell on all fours and her blood dripped to the ground.

She wondered how she was even alive. She should have died with the first punch, but her wounds had healed. The people of Arrendelle called her a monster when she ran off to the mountains and since she was alive, maybe she really was not a human.

A Demon grabbed at Anna and Elsa directed snow at it, freezing it in place. She sent snow at the Demons and Giants amassing, enduring the pain of the wound she had sustained. She struggled to her feet, gripping her stomach painfully. She shot Demons as they amassed around her and a Giant threw a punch at her. She conjured up ice, blocking the hit. She sent more ice out, pushing the Giant away from her.

A crack sound echoed in Elsa's ears and her eyes widened with shock. She looked at her hand and it was freezing solid.

"What is this?" Elsa said to herself.

Anna ran toward Elsa and another Demon stood in her way. Elsa's arm froze completely and her feet started freezing as well. Her arm started cracking and pieces slowly broke off her hand, turning into snow that whisked away in the wind.

Elsa's arm broke into pieces and slowly turned into snow that swept away in the wind. She looked at Anna and saw the Demon grabbing her. She blanketed it with snow, freezing it over. Elsa's remaining arm began to break apart as well.

"Elsa!" Anna screamed.

Elsa's body broke into pieces, turning into snow and disappearing in the wind. She completely disappeared and her clothes fell on the ground. Anna heard a clicking sound and turned to her left. Olaf's arms were on the ground near her.

Demons and Giants amassed around Anna and others reached the city and destroyed buildings in their wake.

Anna screamed and fell to her knees. Fire exploded out of her, spreading around and burning everything in its way. The fire engulfed all the Demons and Giants on the beach and in the city, destroying them all.

Anna wept bitterly, kneeling in the middle of the burning beachfront. Elsa was gone.

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