Frozen: Kingdoms and Stars

By RealDone Universe

Mystery / Thriller


THE MASKED man drew the bow and aimed for Anna's head as she slept. He fired the arrow and it shot toward her. She awoke.

Anna sat up and shot fire at the man, incinerating the arrow and burning the front half of the man's body.

Anna screamed and clung to the bed sheets.

Kristoff heard Anna scream, got out of bed and ran out of the room. He ran down the hall toward her room and saw guards' corpses with arrows in them.

"Oh my God," Kristoff said, "Anna!"

Kristoff ran up to Anna's room and entered, finding some guards in the room. He squeezed his way through and saw the man's burnt corpse stuck in a standing position. He was horrified.

He turned to Anna and saw the fear on her eyes. He ran up to her bed and held her.

Anna cried into Kristoff's shoulder and he consoled her.

KRISTOFF AND Anna sat in her office.

"That's all that happened?" Kristoff asked.

"Yeah, that's all," Anna said then held her head, "Oh my God, I just killed someone,"

"You were defending yourself," Kristoff said, "He was trying to kill you,"

Anna shook her head and sighed.

"Well, who did this?" Anna asked, "Who sent him?"

"I don't know," Kristoff said.

A knock came at the door.

"Balder?" Anna asked.

"It is I, my Queen," Balder said.

"Come in," Anna said.

Balder entered the room and stood before Anna.

"You find anything?" Anna asked.

"Yes," Balder said, "When they were cleaning the body, they found a coin in his pocket,"

Balder drew a coin from his pocket and gave it to Anna. She examined the coin.

"This is a coin of Arrendelle; it has our sigil on it," Anna said.

"Exactly and it is only owned by men of high rank and councilmen," Balder said.

"You're saying the councilmen are behind this?" Kristoff asked.

"It's the only explanation," Balder said.

"We can't just jump to conclusions," Anna said, "It could've been anybody,"

"In that case, we have to bring all the Lords and Ladies of Arrendelle under trial," Balder said.

"We can't point fingers at everybody," Anna said.

"Then what do we do about this? Just sit by and let the conspirator's go free?" Balder asked, "This is an act of treason and the councilmen are the first suspects,"

"He does have a point," Kristoff said.

"Come on, they wouldn't send somebody to kill me," Anna said.

"Then you think that man just came in to kill you on his own?" Balder asked.

"Yeah, what with those rebels running around," Anna said.

Balder took a seat.

"Anna, rebels like those do not have the skills necessary to infiltrate the Queen's chambers and kill her," Balder said, "That was a highly trained assassin,"

"Not so highly trained if I could kill him just like that," Anna said.

"Assassins were trained to kill men, not …,"

Balder had just dug himself a hole.

"Not what?" Anna asked.

"… Not goddesses?" Balder said uneasily.

"Dude," Anna chuckled, shaking her head.

"I'm sorry," Balder said embarrassedly, "You know what I mean,"

Balder folded his arms playfully and Kristoff chuckled.

"Balder's right," Kristoff said, "That guy hit each one of the soldiers right between the eyes; he wasn't a common criminal,"

Anna tried to think, considering what they were saying.

"What do you think I should do?" Anna asked.

"We just told you what we think you should do," Balder said.

"You give the order then," Anna said.

"What order?" Kristoff asked.

"I don't know," Anna said uneasily, "Question the Lords and Ladies?"

"You have to do it," Balder said, "I'm not the King,"

Anna sat back and kicked her feet. She pursed her lips and tapped the armrests.

"Aren't these chairs comfy?" Anna asked.

"Yeah, they're comfy," Kristoff said, sitting back.

Balder looked at them disapprovingly. Kristoff shrugged.

"Hey, I'm not the one who should give the order," Kristoff said.

Balder turned to Anna and she feigned ignorance.

"Well?" Balder asked.

"What?" Anna asked.

"What're you going to do?" Balder asked.

Anna sighed and leaded on the table, cupping her chin in her hands.

"I think we should just wait it out," Anna said, "If there're any more attacks, then the guy wasn't alone and we can put the Lords and Ladies on trial. If not, then it means I was right and the assassin already got his punishment,"

"I highly advise against inaction, my Queen," Balder said.

"It's kinda like you're doing nothing," Kristoff said.

"No, I'm just being careful," Anna said, "I don't want to do anything that will cause people to hate me,"

"Some clearly already do," Kristoff said.

"Well, let's wait and see," Anna said.

"Well, I'm not going to sit by," Balder said.

Balder stood up.

"Wait, what're you doing?" Anna asked.

"As your Advisor, I've taken it upon myself to ensure your safety," Balder said, "I'll go and do some digging around,"

"How?" Anna asked.

"You're not the only one who can put Lords and Ladies under trial," Balder said, "I am head of the council and I will put the councilmen to trail,"

"No, don't," Anna said.

"But, my Queen, –," Balder tried to say.

"Look, I am the Queen and I …," Anna said uneasily, "I – I order you to wait this out. We don't want to do anything drastic,"

Balder looked at Anna and frowned.

"Yes, my Queen," Balder said with a sigh.

Balder left the room.

"Anna, are you sure this is a good idea?" Kristoff asked, "You could at least let him question the council; they did imply usurping you,"

"I've made my decision," Anna said.

"Okay," Kristoff said uneasily.

THE ELDERLY and hefty Bjarke walked down a hallway with the young and dashing Adalstan.

"Did you hear about the assassin they found in the Anna's room?" Bjarke asked.

"Yeah; thought he'd kill her," Adalstan said.

"Yeah, lucky kid," Bjarke said.

"Not so lucky though, she lived and she's gonna let whoever did it go scot-free," Adalstan said.

"Pretty freakin' stupid," Bjarke said, "I'd try to figure out who's behind it,"

"As you said; still a kid," Adalstan said.

"Yeah," Bjarke said.

"A very dumb kid," Adalstan said.

Bjarke chuckled.

"Shh, don't talk about the Queen that way or she may frown at you," Bjarke said playfully.

"But seriously, what kind of Queen is she?" Adalstan asked.

"Told you, women shouldn't rule a kingdom," Bjarke said, "Keyword, kingdom; never heard of a queendom,"

"Don't be like that," Adalstan said, "But fact is, Anna's plain terrible,"

"Probably better this way, rather than a heartless wench that causes misery," Bjarke said.

"A heartless wench who causes misery would not let criminals go unpunished," Adalstan said.

"That is true," Bjarke said then sighed, "You can kinda agree with Ben; Elsa was far better than Anna,"

"Well, she's gonna be dead soon, you just wait," Adalstan said, "She will regret not investigating the matter,"

A MONTH AGO, Olaf and Elsa treaded the snowy landscape for what felt like hours. The blizzard did not let up and they could not tell what time of day it was.

The storm roared and roared and the walk was difficult and perilous. If it had been anyone else, the cold would have killed them both long ago. Luckily, the cold did not key in as a factor that would lead to death, but the biggest one right now was fatigue.

Elsa was dead tired, but she knew that she could not let herself die out there. They way she felt, if she fell on the ground, she would never be able to get herself back up.

"Do you think we should sing a song," Olaf said, "I miss singing,"

"Well, I don't think we can sing with this weather," Elsa said.

"Well, I don't have a song left in me," Olaf said.

"Me neither," Elsa said.

Elsa and Olaf continued walking until they saw a figure in the distance.

"Hey, look! Someone's out there!" Olaf said excitedly.

Olaf ran toward the figure.

"Olaf, wait!" Elsa called.

Olaf ignored Elsa and ran up to the figure.

"Hi, do you know where we – oh," Olaf said.

Elsa ran up to Olaf and he stood before a frozen tree stump.

"It's just a tree stump," Olaf said.

"We have to keep moving," Elsa said.

Elsa continued walking and reached a snowy plain. Walking became even more difficult as she struggled to move her feet.

Olaf followed Elsa and ended up stuck in the snow. Olaf struggled to move and failed.

"Uh, Elsa," Olaf called.

Elsa turned and saw Olaf stuck in the snow.

"A little help?" Olaf asked.

Elsa walked up to Olaf and picked him up.

"Good thing you're light, 'cuz it'd make things difficult," Elsa said, straining as she walked.

"Well, at least I'm being hugged all the way," Olaf said.

Elsa smiled slightly and continued walking. Olaf looked around and wondered something.

"Hey, Elsa," Olaf said, "Since this is a blizzard, can't you just control it to go away?"

"I didn't make it," Elsa said, "The weather's hard for me to control,"

"I don't know, this blizzard seems a little bit like you're doing it," Olaf said.

"What makes you say that?" Elsa asked.

"I don't know, just guessing," Olaf said.

Elsa walked up to a tree and was surprised at the sight.

"Whoa, guess you were right," Elsa said in surprise.

The tree was completely frozen and the icicles formed around it all faced one direction.

"See?" Olaf said.

Elsa placed Olaf on the ground and looked around.

"Let's see where we are," Elsa said with a smirk.

Elsa spread her arms out, stopping the winds in their tracks. She raised her hands slowly and the snow lifted off the ground. Off the trees, rocks and animals and rose to the sky. The snow formed a huge snowflake in the sky and dissipated, revealing the sunny sky.

Elsa conjured up a cloud above Olaf's head, preventing him from melting.

Elsa and Olaf stood in the midst of a large, green forest and were under a fig tree.

"We're either no longer in Arrendelle, or we were unconscious for a very long time," Olaf said.

Elsa looked around and saw Arrendelle far off in the distance. What stood between them was a vast valley and the mountains in front of the fjord.

The area from the mountains to Arrendelle and beyond still had snowy weather.

"So, we're just far off," Elsa said and then sighed, "Phew, at least I didn't freeze over Arrendelle again,"

"Are we gonna have to walk all the way there?" Olaf groaned.

"Would you rather die here?" Elsa asked.

Elsa walked on and Olaf sat on the ground, folding his arms. Elsa stopped and turned to Olaf.

"You coming?" Elsa asked.

"I'm tired," Olaf said.

Elsa chuckled and continued walking. Olaf rolled his eyes and got back on his feet.

"Okay, fine," Olaf said with a groan, following Elsa, "You have to carry me,"

"You have legs, don't you?" Elsa said.

"Well, they're short, so they're wearing out," Olaf said.

"How are you tired? You're a snowman," Elsa said.

"Okay, I'm just bored," Olaf said.

"Well, we won't be long," Elsa said, "… Just a few days or so,"

Olaf groaned and Elsa laughed.

A heavily clad man watched Elsa and Olaf leave from behind a tree.

ANNA rode on horseback to the Valley of the Living Rock. It looked a lot different now that snow covered everything and she could not see the rocks at all.

Anna led her horse carefully and it stepped on a rock.


"Oops, sorry," Anna said.

The rock rolled away from the horse, which began to panic.

"Easy now, easy, easy," Anna said, stroking the mane of the horse.

The horse stopped panicking and watched the rocks gather up in front of them.

"Yeah, I know; it was confusing for me too," Anna said to the horse.

Anna got off the horse and led it by its leash.

"Watch your step, Buttercup," Anna said.

Buttercup looked at the ground carefully as it walked, avoiding any rocks in its path.

The rocks unfolded, revealing themselves as Trolls.

"It's Anna!" one Troll said.

The Trolls chattered amongst themselves, excited by Anna's arrival.

"Hi," Anna said.

"Where's Kristoff?" a Troll asked.

"I left him behind," Anna said.

"Why?" A Troll asked.

"You aren't hitched yet?" another Troll asked.

"Yeah, I'm gonna take it easy on that," Anna said, "Learned my lesson the first time,"

"Well, that Hans sure was mean," a Troll said.

The Trolls chattered amongst themselves.

"Yeah," Ann said uneasily, "Look, I wanted to see Grand Pabbie,"

"Yes?" A hoarse voice called.

Grand Pabbie walked up to Anna and the Trolls cleared a path for him.

"You're troubled, aren't you?" Grand Pabbie asked.

"Y-yeah," Anna said, feeling uneasy in Grand Pabbie's presence, "I had to take up the throne, but I don't know what to do. All these duties and –,"

"Listen to your heart," Grand Pabbie.

"Yeah, I doubt my heart knows what to do either," Anna said.

"Listen to me," Grand Pabbie said, "I know you are scared and I know you are confused, but there is no one else up to the task, but you. There is an inner struggle and turmoil in you, but I do not know the cause. Only you can fix it,"

"You don't know?" Anna said in surprise.

"I'm not God," Grand Pabbie said with a chuckle.

"Well, I just assumed you know, cuz …," Anna said.

"Something else's the matter, isn't it?" Grand Pabbie asked.

Anna wanted to tell Grand Pabbie about her powers, but decided not to since he did not bring it up.

"Yeah," Anna said, "You see there're these people trying to kill me and I was lucky to escape with my life,"

"Were you hurt?" Grand Pabbie asked.

Anna sensed a slight hint of smugness in Grand Pabbie's question, but decided to ignore it.

"No, I'm okay," Anna said.

"Thank goodness," Grand Pabbie said.

"The thing is, my Advisor, Balder – he's nice, you should meet him, he'd totally like to meet you guys –, said that I need to found out who sent the assassin after me," Anna said.

"And you don't want to?" Grand Pabbie asked.

"If I catch the person responsible, I'll have to order for their head," Anna said, "I don't want to do that,"

"They committed a crime and justice is needed," Grand Pabbie said.

"Well, people have been saying that a lot," Anna said, "C-can't there be any other way?"

Grand Pabbie held Anna's hand.

"Anna, I know you don't want to do it and you want to find a way to do this without violence, but life's not that simple," Grand Pabbie said, "Criminals left unpunished will always come back to take revenge. Some people's hearts are too hardened,"

"Well, can't I at least prove he isn't before I have him killed?" Anna asked.

"Would it be worth it if you lose your life in the process?" Grand Pabbie asked.

Anna did not answer and her face washed with worry.

"I know you don't want to have blood on your hands, but it is your duty to carry out justice," Grand Pabbie said, "We have to do bad things sometimes for the sake of others. This will not be the last time you come across this type of situation. Throwing him in the dungeon would also mean that he would die in there. Will you spend your royal funds on criminals instead of the innocent, needy people of Arrendelle?"

Anna did not respond.

"I'm sorry, Anna, but this is the burden you must bear if you have to rule a kingdom," Grand Pabbie said, "It takes a few lives to make life better for others,"

Anna sighed angrily.

"I have to go," Anna said.

Anna walked away from Grand Pabbie and got on Buttercup. Grand Pabbie looked at Anna concernedly and she rode off.

A MONTH AGO, Elsa and Olaf walked through the forest for hours and came across a small cabin. Smoke exuded from the chimney and the slightly ajar door creaked.

"Someone's here," Elsa said.

"Finally, some warmth," Olaf said excitedly, "Let's go in!"

Olaf ran toward the house and Elsa held his hand, stopping him in his tracks.

"Wait, Olaf, you need to be careful," Elsa said, "What if whoever's in there is –,"

"Old?" a voice called.

Elsa looked up and saw an elderly man walk off the porch.

"Oh, hey; sorry if we're disturbing you," Elsa said.

"Nah, I don't mind," the man said, "Name's Oliver Freeze,"

"Oliver Freeze?" Elsa asked, furrowing her brow, "Freeze isn't a family name,"

"Nope, it's a nickname I gave myself," Oliver said, "My name is Oliver though,"

Elsa walked toward the man.

"You got cocoa?" Olaf asked.

"Olaf," Elsa said.

"What? I'm thirsty," Olaf said.

"Shh," Elsa said.

"Why did you give yourself that nickname?" Elsa asked.

"Because of people like you," Oliver said.

"People like me?" Elsa asked.

"People who control ice and create creatures with them," Oliver said.

Elsa and Olaf shared a look.

"There were others?" Elsa asked.

"Yeah, met three of 'em years ago before the Great War," Oliver said, "Never met others like them until now,"

"So you know who I am?" Elsa asked.

"Yeah, Elsa of Arrendelle," Oliver said.

"You're the first other than my sister to call me directly by my first name," Elsa said.

"Just because you have a title doesn't mean you rule me," Oliver said.

"You're not from Arrendelle?" Elsa asked.

Oliver saw that Elsa had taken offense to what he said.

"Not meaning I don't respect a woman like you, but I don't believe in bowing before men or women," Oliver said.

"Can you tell me more?" Elsa asked.

"Have a seat," Oliver offered.

Oliver walked up to his porch and he, Elsa and Olaf took seats.

"After the Great War, I met three soldiers infected by Frost Giant powers and they had the powers your possess," Oliver said, "I lived with them for a while and helped them learn to control their power,"

"How'd you know how their powers worked?" Elsa asked.

"It took a while, but I learned what made them tick," Oliver said, "I used to train soldiers before I retired,"

"Retired? That's a first," Elsa said.

"We lost a lot of men in the war," Oliver said, "I was forced into it,"

"I'm sorry," Elsa said uneasily.

"Don't be," Oliver said.

Elsa looked at Olaf who sat impatiently, probably still waiting for the cocoa.

"Hey, since you knew others like me and trained them …," Elsa said.

"Could I train you?" Oliver said.

"It would be helpful," Elsa said, "First of all; I want to know how I ended up here,"

Oliver smirked.

A MAN walked into a dim room and kneeled before a man seated on a throne.

"My Lord, we have found another," the man said.

"Seems the job is never done," the man on the throne said, "Let's get to work,"

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