Bleach: Words of the Copper Chain


THE EXPLOSION illumined the sky. Shinigami in the Sereitei panicked as they saw it. The Sereitei's shields reformed. The spiky haired Captain was disappointed.

"Too bad," the Captain said, "I wanted to have some fun,"

The Captain began to walk away. The girl was mesmerized by fire in the sky which had now become smoke.

"Pretty," the girl said.

ICHIGO, CHAD, the Shiba warriors, Yoruichi and Kuukaku were split apart by the force of the explosion. Ichigo plummeted to the ground and crashed onto a pathway, walled by a series of buildings. Ichigo struggled to move as his entire body ached. He crawled out of the small crater he had just created when he was met by a sudden sword slash.

Ichigo jumped out of the crater and drew his Zanpakutou. A Shinigami ran toward him. Ichigo blocked the attack and slashed him in the gut. About thirty Shinigami stood around Ichigo, afraid to attack.

"Ugh, come on, you imbeciles!" a Shinigami shouted.

A bald Shinigami sat on a rooftop nearby. He wielded a staff and barked orders.

"Move in, before I show you how to fight," the bald Shinigami shouted.

The Shinigami attacked Ichigo and he slashed one across the chest. Ichigo kicked a Shinigami and blocked another attack. Ichigo was overwhelmed as a Shinigami swung toward him. Ichigo teleported behind the Shinigami group and kicked a Shinigami in the ribs. Ichigo cut down another a Shinigami and backtracked. Ichigo punched a Shinigami and cut another one in the neck.

"Will you freaking back off!?" Ichigo yelled.

Ichigo jumped far back and the Shinigami ran up to him.

"Come on," the bald Shinigami shouted, "can't you tell that he's trying to get some distance so that he can take you on one by one!"

A Shinigami swung at Ichigo. He kicked him in the arm and stabbed him.

"Idiots!" the bald Shinigami yelled.

Ichigo dislodged his Zanpakutou from the Shinigami. A Shinigami jumped over Ichigo and landed behind him. Ichigo blocked a Zanpakutou slash from the Shinigami behind him. Another Shinigami ran toward Ichigo and he teleported away. Ichigo held up his Zanpakutou.

"Getsuga –" Ichigo tried to shout when

Some of the buildings along the pathway exploded and some bricks fell, killing 6 Shinigami. The bald Shinigami jumped off the roof he was on as it exploded.

"What the hell?" Ichigo wondered.

"Hey, Ichigo!, get going!" Ganju called out.

Ganju emerged from the cloud of dust, along with 10 of the Shiba warriors. The dust settled and Ichigo ran off. Ganju, the Shiba warriors and the Shinigami ran up to each other, ready to strike.

ICHIGO RAN down a pathway, wondering when a turn would show up. All he could see were buildings lining the pathway. The bald Shinigami flipped over Ichigo and hit his head with his staff. Ichigo fell back and the bald Shinigami spun his staff around skilfully.

Ichigo got up and ran toward the bald Shinigami who sidestepped and smacked Ichigo in the temple. The bald Shinigami hit Ichigo in the gut and smacked him in the ribs. Ichigo jumped back then swung at the bald Shinigami. The bald Shinigami blocked the attack, kneed Ichigo's gut and smacked Ichigo's leg with his staff. Ichigo tried to block some strikes, but the bald Shinigami smacked Ichigo in his joints. Ichigo fell back and the bald man poked his staff at him. Ichigo rolled to his feet and sheathed his Zanpakutou. The bald Shinigami was a little confused.

"So you fail with you Zanpakutou and now you're trying without it?" the bald Shinigami asked, "pretty stupid"

The bald Shinigami and Ichigo went into fighting stances.

The bald Shinigami swung his staff at Ichigo who blocked it with his forearm. Ichigo judo-flipped him and punched him in the neck. The bald Shinigami smacked Ichigo in the head and he recoiled. Ichigo drew his Zanpakutou and swung toward the bald Shinigami. The bald Shinigami blocked the attack with his Zanpakutou and smacked Ichigo's arms.

Ichigo nearly dropped his Zanpakutou and started transforming back into a human. Ichigo began to suffocate. Ichigo quickly clenched his Zanpakutou and maintained his Shinigami form. The bald Shinigami smacked Ichigo across the face, knocking him off his feet.

The bald Shinigami swung his staff at Ichigo and he rolled to his feet. The bald Shinigami swung at Ichigo who blocked the staff with his Zanpakutou. Ichigo kneed the bald Shinigami, pulled him in and gave him a head butt. The bald Shinigami fell over then stuck his staff on the ground, using it to keep himself steady. Ichigo swung twice at the bald Shinigami who evaded by flipping over while balancing on his staff. Ichigo smacked the staff his Zanpakutou and punched the bald Shinigami as he fell. The bald Shinigami hurled a few feet and fell on the ground. Ichigo ran toward the bald Shinigami.

"Lieutenant Madarame!" a Shinigami called out from behind Ichigo.

Ichigo turned around and saw three Shinigami running toward them. Ichigo teleported away.

A SMALL bodied female Captain walked down the courtyard of the 2nd Division barracks. Her kimono and jacket were sleeveless and she wore a yellow cloth as a belt, wrapped in a large bow in the front. She had a full-length katana-shaped Zanpakutou sheathed around her lower back. She had raven hair that was tied up in two ponytails that were wrapped in white cloth.

She was the 9th Division Captain and head of the Punishment Force, Soifon. She was accompanied by a tall big bodied Shinigami. He was her lieutenant, Marechiyo Omaeda. Omaeda stopped suddenly.

"Wait, I forgot something," Omaeda said.

"It's not another bag of chips again, is it?" Soifon asked.

"Maybe …" Omaeda said, looking away from Soifon.

Soifon raised an eyebrow and Omaeda smiled uneasily.

"Can't you last a minute without them?" Soifon groaned, "we're going to be late,"

Omaeda ran in the direction they came from.

"Don't worry, babes," Omaeda said, "I won't take long,"

"Do you really need them?" Soifon asked.

"Well, you don't want me to doze off during Yamamoto's boring meeting, do you?" Omaeda said.

"Fine," Soifon sighed, "be quick,"

"Got ya," Omaeda said.

Soifon shook her head and continued on.

Soifon was always late for meetings because of Omaeda. He was so forgetful and laidback that hardly caring about protocol. Being the only Captain heading a squad and a military division made her a bit tense and thus most people were afraid of her. She always tried to be on top of things and not have that fact be an excuse for the incompetence. It was truly a case of opposites attract when it came to her and Omaeda.

Omaeda on the other hand didn't care much about how people saw him and Soifon cared so much that it made people afraid of her. Their relationship helped them complement each other as Omaeda helped Soifon ease up at times and she made him shape up. The irony in it all is that what they tried to help the other tone down on was exactly what they found attractive in each other. Omaeda never seemed to worry about anything and Soifon wished she could be like him while Omaeda wished he was on top of things like she was.

Soifon walked out of the barracks and Omaeda had not returned yet.

"How long does it take to get a bag of chips?" Soifon wondered.

Eight Stealth Force Shinigami appeared before Soifon and she stopped.

"What is it?" Soifon asked.

"We bring a message from Central 46," a Stealth Force Shinigami said.

"Why not send a Messenger Butterfly?" Soifon asked.

"A Messenger Butterfly wouldn't be able to carry your head," a Stealth Force Shinigami said.

Soifon jumped out of the way as the Stealth Force Shinigami fired ninja stars at her. Soifon teleported behind a Stealth Force Shinigami and slashed him across the back with her Zanpakutou. Another attacked with a dagger. Soifon blocked it and slashed him in the midsection. Soifon cut down three Stealth Force Shinigami with her Zanpakutou, swiftly as if she were cutting down leaves. Only three Stealth Force Shinigami remained and Soifon smirked.

"C'mon, I dare you," Soifon said cockily.

A bomb exploded behind Soifon and she was knocked over. A small device stuck on Soifon's back and tethered hooks flew out of it and drilled into the ground, pinning Soifon down. A Stealth Force Shinigami ran up to Soifon from behind and stabbed toward her leg. A dagger shot into the Stealth Force Shinigami's neck and he fell dead. Four Stealth Force Shinigami ran into the area and swiftly killed the Stealth Force Shinigami that attacked Soifon.

A Stealth Force Shinigami slashed the device, freeing Soifon. Soifon got to her feet and looked at the Stealth Force Shinigami that arrived.

"You've come to ambush me too?" Soifon asked.

"We are loyal to you, Captain Soifon," one Stealth Force Shinigami said.

"In that case," Soifon said as she sheathed her Zanpakutou, "we need to find out why these weren't and who sent them,"

Soifon started walking away and the four Stealth Force Shinigami followed her.

"Where are we going?" a Stealth Force Shinigami asked.

"Central 46," Soifon said, "there are questions to ask,"

GANJU KICKED a Shinigami and cut his head off. He looked around. Corpses were splayed on the ground and only 7 Shiba warriors remained. Shinigami amassed from one end of the pathway.

"Alright," Ganju said, "let's get moving!"

Ganju and the Shiba warriors ran away from the incoming Shinigami.

"I KNOW this is sudden," Renji said, "but I had nowhere else to turn,"

Renji sat in the office of the 13th Division Captain, Toushiro Hitsugaya. He had white spiky and stylized hair and had the physique of a schoolboy. His lieutenant, Rangiku Matsumoto, lay on a couch behind Renji. She has long, flowing orange hair, a voluptuous body and wore her kimono top in a way that showed a lot of cleavage. For a person in a high position, she didn't carry herself that way, contrary to her Captain who was usually formal.

"What do you want?" Toushiro said.

"I've been concerned about Rukia Kuchiki's case and I've been investigating to find evidence that would vindicate her," Renji said as he handed Toushiro the paper, "so I went to Task Force and checked Deployment Logs,"

Toushiro received the paper and started to read it.

"That is the list of Shinigami that were deployed to Asia in the past six months," Renji said.

"Rukia Kuchiki's name is not here," Toushiro said.

'Exactly," Renji said, "she was not sent there by Task Force,"

"Do you realize that you've just added to the list of crimes Rukia is accused of?," Toushiro asked.

"No, you don't understand," Renji said, "if Rukia went there on her own, Shinigami would have been sent to apprehend her,"

"So, what are you saying?" Toushiro asked.

"I don't know, but someone wanted Rukia to be arrested and made sure she went to Karakura Town on her own and tried to make it look authorized," Renji said.

"And you're sure Rukia's innocent?" Toushiro asked.

"Yes," Renji said.

Toushiro looked at Renji sternly and he did not flinch.

"Fine," Toushiro said.

Toushiro got up and grabbed his Zanpakutou, which was in a sheath, slinging it over his shoulder.

"Rangiku," Toushiro said, "let's get going,"

Rangiku got up from the couch and followed Toushiro who walked toward the door.

"Where're we going?" Rangiku asked.

ASHIDO LAY on the ground, breathing heavily as Takeshi looked around, anticipating a Hollow attack. They were a few feet from the mysterious floating gate.

"Are you sure you don't want me to carry you?" Takeshi asked.

"I'll be fine," Ashido said.

Ashido struggled to sit up and Takeshi moved in to help him.

"No," Ashido said, "I can stand; I've been through worse,"

Ashido got to his feet and steadied himself.

"Then I again, I didn't take my own grenade," Ashido said.

Footsteps echoed from nearby, sounding like those of a large Hollow. Takeshi drew his Zanpakutou.

"We'd better get going," Takeshi said.

"No," Ashido said, "there's no point in that. Let's get rid of it first before we drain all our energy on running,"

"Fine," Takeshi sighed angrily.

The footsteps became louder and louder and sounded like they came from behind the gate.

"Guess you were right about it being a portal, huh?" Takeshi said.

Ashido drew his Zanpakutou. Ashido and Takeshi awaited their approaching enemy, looking at the gate. The footsteps sounded like they were right before them, but the Hollow was nowhere to be seen.

"What the?" Ashido said.

Something smacked Ashido in the back of the neck and he fell turned to see a humanoid Hollow standing before him. It had a human physique with snow white skin, circular markings on its body, a skull for a head and three horns sticking out of it.

The Hollow roared.

"Man, this place keeps getting freakier," Takeshi said.

The Hollow clawed at Takeshi and he sliced its hand. The blade simply grazed the Hollow's skin, as if it were hitting solid steel. The Hollow stabbed Takeshi in the gut with its other hand and tossed him aside. The Hollow moved towards Ashido who was getting to his feet. Takeshi got on one knee and pointed his hand at the Hollow. Orange energy erupted from the Hollow and moved into Takeshi's hand. The Hollow became slower and slower as the energy erupted from it, nearly coming to a standstill. The Hollow teleported behind Takeshi and stabbed him in the head with its hand.

"Takeshi!" Ashido yelled.

Ashido teleported away. The Hollow tossed Takeshi's corpse and walked away.

The gate swung open and a Hollow emerged from it. The gate shut.

ICHIGO RAN down a courtyard, passing some Shinigami who didn't attack him. He'd encountered one earlier and decided not to start a fight unprovoked in order to help the mission run smoothly. Ichigo assumed that they thought he was just a Shinigami from another squad.

Ichigo entered an open area in the middle of some buildings. He ran across it when Renji entered from the other end.

"You!" Ichigo said angrily.

Ichigo drew his Zanpakutou and lunged at Renji with a swing. Renji drew his Zanpakutou and blocked the attack. Renji pushed Ichigo back and transformed his Zanpakutou into its whip-like form. Renji shot his Zanpakutou at Ichigo who sidestepped and teleported behind Renji. Renji ducked from Ichigo's swing and elbowed him. Renji retracted his Zanpakutou and swung at Ichigo's gut. Ichigo jumped back and stabbed toward Renji. Renji and Ichigo exchanged two slashes and locked blades. Ichigo's eyes glowed blue and pushed Renji back. Ichigo punched Renji, kicked him and swung his blade at him. Ichigo leg swept Renji and swung down at him. Renji blocked with his Zanpakutou and Ichigo kicked him in the head. Renji jumped to his feet and shot his Zanpakutou at Ichigo. Ichigo dodged and cut Renji's Zanpakutou in half, right between the demarcated blades. Ichigo sheathed his Zanpakutou and ran up to Renji.

"Crap!" Renji exclaimed.

Renji threw a punch, Ichigo blocked it with his arm and kicked him in the leg. Renji punched Ichigo in the gut and backhanded him. Ichigo kicked Renji in the shin and kneed him in the gut. Ichigo head butted Renji and gave him a roundhouse kick. to the head Renji tried to get up and Ichigo stomped hard on his stomach. Ichigo punched Renji out cold.

"This is for Rukia," Ichigo said.

Ichigo reached for his Zanpakutou hilt.

"Eh!" a male voice called out, "Ryoka!"

A force came over Ichigo, making it hard to move. Ichigo began to sweat and tried hard to turn his head. The raven-haired Captain with the pink-haired Shinigami girl walked into the area.

"Quit wasting your time with that wimp," the Captain said, "and fight a true warrior,"

A CAPTAIN wearing a straw hat and a pink floral jacket over her official one walked down the streets. He was the 2nd Division Captain, Shunsui Kyoraku. He was laidback, a drunkard and used to sleep a lot of girls before he was paired with his assistant Nanao Ise. Despite his reputation, he was a wise men and a bookworm who detested violence, which was why he hated times like these. Normally, he would just stay in his room and get wasted on sake, but with the red alert Yamamoto put out, he had no choice. At least for now, he was having a nice walk, or not.

White energy exploded from a wall a few metres ahead of him.

"Oh, great here we go," Shunsui said.

The smoke and dust cleared up. Chad walked out of the rubble and turned to Shunsui. His right arm was completely black, with a thick red strip going from the knuckles of his middle and ring finder to the top of his shoulder. Out of his shoulder came two horns, shaped like blunt knives.

"If you value your life," Shunsui said, "don't fight me and I can find a way for you to leave unscathed,"

Chad ran towards Shunsui.

"Please," Shunsui asked once more.

Chad clenched his fist and prepared to punch.

"Well, you asked for it," Shunsui said.

Shunsui drew out twin swords from his sheath; his Zanpakutou. Chad punched toward Shunsui who swiftly sidestepped and cut him across the stomach. Chad fell over and died on the ground.

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