Bleach: Words of the Copper Chain


ICHIGO STOOD before Byakuya who looked at him with shock. Ichigo laughed maniacally and spoke in a different, resounding voice.

"I'm finally here," Ichigo said laughing, "I'm finally the king,"

Ichigo turned away from Byakuya and looked around.

"Imagine what I can do with –" Ichigo tried to say when the petals swooped passed his left arm.

Ichigo looked at his left arm calmly. His arm was seriously lacerated and bled profusely. Ichigo turned to Byakuya, unfazed and grinned.

"So you're first in line, huh?" Ichigo asked.

Ichigo laughed like a lunatic and his arm instantly healed. Ichigo flew up to Byakuya and the petals came in his way. Ichigo teleported passed the petals and swung toward Byakuya who teleported out of the way. Byakuya appeared in the air and Ichigo spun his arm upward as if it was made of rubber Black energy with a red trim shot out of his Zanpakutou tip and shot out at Byakuya in a crescent shape. Byakuya teleported out of the way and Ichigo ran toward him, laughing maniacally. Ichigo jumped up, flipped twice in midair and swung his arm upward, releasing a whirly, wiggly shaped Getsugatenshou. The energy shot at Byakuya and the petals came in the way. The energy destroyed the petals and flew toward Byakuya who teleported away. Byakuya shot petals at Ichigo who flew toward them. Ichigo skated on the petals with his feet while slashing them as if they were nothing. Ichigo jumped off the petals and his boots and feet were lacerated. The wounds healed instantly and he flew toward Byakuya. Ichigo flew up in front of Byakuya and a Getsugatenshou moved up to him from behind. Byakuya teleported out of the way and landed on the ground. Byakuya looked around, waiting for Ichigo's next move. Byakuya couldn't see him. Ichigo appeared behind Byakuya, about to fire a Getsugatenshou when Gin appeared behind him. Gin placed his hand on Ichigo's head and Ichigo fell like a log.

"Gin," Byakuya asked, "What are you doing?"

Gin lifted Ichigo and shouldered him.

"You took too long," Gin said.

Gin teleported away.

YORUICHI LAY motionless on the ground in the forests on the outskirts of the Sereitei.

SOIFON JUMPED back as a Stealth Force Shinigami threw a kick at her. Soifon cut his chest with her gauntlet and kicked him. A Stealth Force Shinigami kicked Soifon's left arm and another elbowed her in the head. Soifon teleported away and a Stealth Force Shinigami appeared behind her, kicking her lower back. Soifon leg swept the Stealth Force Shinigami behind her and stabbed him in the chest. A Stealth Force Shinigami grabbed her left arm and pressed down on her shoulder. Another Stealth Force Shinigami moved in to cut her and she teleported away. Soifon held her arm in pain as the Stealth Force Shinigami ran up to her. A Stealth Force Shinigami threw a punch at Soifon who blocked it then stabbed him in his gut. A Stealth Force Shinigami threw a dagger at Soifon who dodged it. The other Stealth Force Shinigami threw daggers at Soifon and she teleported away.

Soifon appeared on a rooftop and looked at her left arm. There was a gash on it that began to bleed. Soifon winced and ripped a piece off her kimono, wrapping it around the gash and tightening it. Two Stealth Force Shinigami appeared beside Soifon, stabbing daggers toward her. Soifon teleported out of the way and landed a kick on a Stealth Force Shinigami who stood on a rooftop. Soifon grabbed string made of steel from the Stealth Force Shinigami's pocket and wrapped it around his neck. A Stealth Force Shinigami threw a dagger at Soifon and she used the one she strangled as a shield. The remaining Stealth Force Shinigami threw daggers at Soifon. Soifon wrapped her legs around the Stealth Force Shinigami's corpse and did a cartwheel, using it as a shield. Soifon kicked the corpse toward the two Stealth Force Shinigami who jumped out of the way.

Soifon teleported onto a rooftop where the remaining Stealth Force Shinigami appeared on either side of her. Stealth Force Shinigami #1 threw a kick at Soifon and she jumped out of the way, flipping over Stealth Force Shinigami #2. Soifon stabbed Stealth Force Shinigami #2 in the back and teleported behind Stealth Force Shinigami #1, slicing him across the back. Another Stealth Force Shinigami appeared behind Soifon and she spun around and stabbed him in the gut.

Soifon sat on the rooftop, panting heavily. She looked around and gave a sigh of relief as all the Stealth Force Shinigami were dead.

Soifon looked at Stealth Force Shinigami #1's corpse and noticed something on his chest. Soifon ripped off Stealth Force Shinigami's kimono top and saw a large tattoo on it.

"No," Soifon said concernedly.

Soifon stood up and trudged to Stealth Force Shinigami #2's corpse. She ripped off his kimono top and saw the exact same tattoo. Soifon frowned angrily.

SHUNSUI STOOD before Yamamoto in his office. Yamamoto looked Shunsui in the eye.

"Are you sure about this?" Yamamoto asked sternly.

"I am sure of it," Shunsui said, "Absolutely nobody was there at Central 46,"

"I understand," Yamamoto said and he pressed a button on his chair, "Please send in the Chief of Military Police,"

"Yes, sir," the woman responded on the other end.

Shunsui and Yamamoto waited for a while before the Chief of Military Police arrived. Shunsui would've loved to ask Yamamoto how he's been doing and to have the types of conversations they'd have years ago concerning the Gotei 13 and so on. Shunsui however chose to fantasize about his assistant Nanao. He could never point out what it was about her that he found so intriguing and decided that it was the way she turned him down endlessly. He then drifted on into what she was wearing and it all turned into an image montage.

Yamamoto could easily tell without a moments glance what Shunsui was thinking about. Shunsui did not even need to make a facial expression. That was how well Yamamoto understood him. Yamamoto considered him like a son as he trained him to become a Shinigami and had become a father figure to him after he lost his biological one. Yamamoto always wondered how someone could be so intelligent and yet be such a pervy playboy. Yamamoto just decided to roll with it.

The Chief of Military Police entered the room.

"You summoned me, sir?" the Chief said.

"It's a red alert," Yamamoto said, "Put Central 46 on lockdown and find out what happened to the Shinigami Council members,"

"Yes, sir," the Chief said.

The Chief left the room and Shunsui followed him.

IN KARAKURA Town, a man in a dust coat worked at the desk of his very neat office. He had grey hair closely shaved and was bespectacled. A knock came at the door.

"Come in," The man said uninterestedly.

Urahara entered the room. The man glanced at him then back at his laptop.

"Get out," The man said.

"Come on, Ishida," Urahara said, "Is that any way to greet a friend?"

Ryuken ignored Urahara and continued working.

"Okay then," Urahara said.

Urahara pulled out a flash drive and tossed it on Ryuken's desk. Ryuken turned away from his laptop and looked at the flash drive.

"What is it?" Ryuken asked.

"That's what I want you to find out," Urahara said, "I took a photo of some reiatsu and I need you to study its molecular structure for me,"

Urahara sat at Ryuken's desk.

"And you can't do it?" Ryuken asked.

"You are more experienced in dealing with reiatsu than I am," Urahara said, "I need you to find out the exact signatures contained in that image,"

"Why should I help?" Ryuken asked.

"Because you can get more Intel on Shinigami that way," Urahara said, "That was taken from the residual reiatsu of a Shinigami,"

Ryuken looked closely at the flash drive.

URAHARA WAITED in the office for half an hour while Ryuken worked in the backroom. Urahara wondered how Yoruichi, Ichigo and Chad were doing and if they were still alive.

He assumed Chad was already dead since his reiatsu signature was weak. Urahara wondered if it was cruel of him to send the young man to his death, but he knew that Chad would not listen to reason even before he spoke to Ichigo about his training. Urahara just hoped that his assumptions were wrong. Urahara chuckled at the idea of him being wrong about something.

Urahara started missing Yoruichi and realized how attached he was to her. He wondered which form he liked more; her human or her cat form … come on, who would pick a cat over a sexy woman? Urahara started laughing and felt a little stupid that he missed Yoruichi after only a few hours.

Ryuken entered the room.

"And you wonder why I think you're insane," Ryuken said.

"Huh?" Urahara asked.

"You're busy laughing all on your own," Ryuken said, "What's wrong with you?"

"Nah, nothing," Urahara said

Ryuken sat at his desk, looking Urahara in the eye.

"So, what're the results?" Urahara asked

"I couldn't find anything," Ryuken said as he sat behind his desk, "The reiatsu image has disappeared,"

"How's that possible?" Urahara said, "I only took a subatomic photo, not an actual sample. Actual samples dissipate over time, but images don't just vanish,"

"I don't know, because the image disappeared before I could begin testing," Ryuken said.

Ryuken handed Urahara the flash drive.

"Are you sure? Maybe you're computer's busted," Urahara said.

"I tested it on multiple systems," Ryuken said, "The image is not there anymore,"

"That's strange," Urahara said, "How is it possible?"

"I don't know," Ryuken said.

"Well," Urahara said, "Thanks for your help,"

"Leave," Ryuken said.

Urahara got up from his seat and left the room.

URAHARA entered his shop and walked down the hallways to his lab. Urahara walked up to the computer and the screen had a large flickering icon.

Urahara pressed an icon on the screen and a real-time aerial map of the Sereitei came on screen. A red dot beeped at a point.

"What the …" Urahara said.

RUKIA HUNG helplessly from the chains in the prison tower. She was slowly becoming losing strength in her limbs as she'd been hanging for hours. The door opened and a tall brunette haired Shinigami Captain entered the room. Rukia strained to look at him.

"Captain Aizen," Rukia said.

Aizen walked up to Rukia, looking concerned.

"What are you doing here?" Rukia asked.

"Saving you," Aizen said.

Aizen drew his Zanpakutou and sliced the chains in half. Rukia fell limp toward the ground and Aizen caught her. Rukia looked weakly into Aizen's eyes, his warm gaze; she felt safe.

"Hold on," Aizen said gently.

"Thank you," Rukia said.

Aizen smiled and teleported away.

AN ENORMOUS land mass shaped like a damaged gun stood beside the tower of the Division 1 barracks. It was the Sereitei's execution grounds, Sogyoku Hill.

Aizen appeared at the Hill with Rukia in his arms.

"Where are we?" Rukia asked.

"Sogyoku Hill," Aizen said.

Rukia became afraid, but Aizen comforted her.

"No, don't worry," Aizen said, "It's not time for your execution. We're here to see a friend of yours,"

Aizen set Rukia on the ground, trying to help her stand. Her legs were a little weak and Aizen held her hand.

"Why are you doing this?" Rukia said.

"I knew something was wrong when you were arrested," Aizen said, "You would not do something as forbidden as resurrection,"

Rukia smiled at Aizen, but then frowned.

"No, Aizen, you see I – " Rukia tried to say when Aizen interrupted her.

"Oh, here they are," Aizen said.

Gin appeared before the two, shouldering Ichigo. The Hollow mask on Ichigo's face broke into pieces.

"Okay, wake up," Gin said.

Gin lifted Ichigo with one hand like a rag doll and slapped him. Ichigo suddenly woke up and jumped away from Gin.

"Alright, come on!" Ichigo said, "I'm not afraid of – "

Ichigo yawned and dropped on the ground like a log. Ichigo snored loudly and the others looked at him in surprise. Gin walked up to Ichigo.

"Uh, are you okay?" Gin asked, confused.

Ichigo woke up again, screaming wildly. Ichigo teleported several times in different spots and Gin slapped him across the face. Ichigo saw Rukia at the corner of his eye and composed himself.

"Rukia?" Ichigo said, unable to believe his eyes.

Rukia nodded happily. Ichigo walked up to her, sheathing his Zanpakutou. Ichigo suddenly stopped when he noticed Rukia transform. Rukia transformed into a Shinigami with her Zanpakutou sheathed on her waist. Rukia's oxygen mask broke.

"What the ...?" Rukia said as she turned to Aizen.

"Consider it a gift," Aizen said with a smile.

Rukia ran up to Ichigo and hugged him.

"You came back for me!" Rukia said.

"Well, yeah," Ichigo said.

Gin was playfully annoyed.

"Hey, I brought him here," Gin said.

Ichigo and Rukia ignored him. Gin folded his arms and looked away.

"I thought I'd lost you," Ichigo said.

Ichigo lifted Rukia and spun her around.

"Now, now," Aizen said, interrupting the two, "Let's compose ourselves,"

Ichigo stopped hugging Rukia and walked up to Aizen.

"How can I ever thank you?" Ichigo said.

"Hey, I brought you here!" Gin shouted from the back.

"Oh, don't thank me yet," Aizen said, "Excitandis,"

Rukia's eyes turned back and she froze in place. Ichigo turned to Rukia.

"Rukia?" Ichigo asked as he walked up to Rukia, "What's wrong?"

Rukia did not respond and she just stood there. Ichigo's eyes widened with shock and fear.


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