Big Hero 6: The Sparrow and The Door - HiroGo


[Post Film] The life of robotics prodigy and superhero, Hiro Hamada, changes one fateful night as San Fransokyo plunges into chaos and he discovers that earth has changed forever.

Scifi / Romance
RealDone Universe
Age Rating:

It's Mutual

Every dark cloud has a silver lining and that was the case for 14-year-old genius, Hiro Hamada. After his older brother, Tadashi, died in a fire, his life changed as he got close to great new friends, enrolled in his dream university and got to explore his full potential in robotics. Sure, he missed his brother, but his life was good.

Hiro woke up early in the morning and prepared to go to the San Fransokyo Institute of Technology, but as he prepared, he had a nagging feeling that something was amiss. He walked up to his backpack next to his desk and he stubbed his toe on one of its legs.

"Ow!" Hiro said as he clung to his toe in pain.

Then it hit him, Baymax was not in the room. He was an artificially intelligent healthcare robot made specifically for Hiro by Tadashi. He was naive, nosey and looked like a walking marshmallow with black eyes.

Baymax would instantly activate the second Hiro said the activation word, 'Ow' and he should have the second he did this time, but he did not. Something was wrong.

Hiro ran up to the window and looked out at the city to see if Baymax had wondered off again. Baymax was nowhere in sight.

"Oh, man, where is he?" He said to himself.

He grabbed his backpack and ran out of the room.

HIRO RACED down the stairs and tripped over his pet cat, Mochi, which was sleeping on the staircase. He rolled down the stairs and crashed face first on the main floor of the apartment.

"Darn cat!" He said in a muffled voice as his face pressed against the floor.

Cass, Hiro's brunette and peppy aunt, was preparing breakfast when she heard him crash on the floor.

"Hiro!" Aunt Cass exclaimed as she turned.

Baymax, who was helping Aunt Cass cook, walked up to him as she ran up to him.

"You have fallen," Baymax said blankly.

"Yeah, no duh," Hiro said, still in a muffled voice.

"Oh no," Aunt Cass said as she helped Hiro up, "Hiro, are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine," Hiro said.

"You sure? Nothing broken, right?" Aunt Cass asked.

"I just fell down the stairs," Hiro said, "I didn't break anything,"

"On a scale of one to ten, how do you rate your pain?" Baymax said.

"I'm fine, really," Hiro said.

"Does it hurt when I touch –"Baymax tried to say as he reached out to Hiro.

"No, I'm fine, really," Hiro said.

Hiro stepped back and realized something as Baymax and Aunt Cass looked at him eagerly; they were similar in the way they treated him. They were both so worried about his safety that they usually babied him. He hated it at times, but would not have them any other way. It would be weird if Baymax was less naïve and Aunt Cass was less caring.

"It's kinda hard to get used to," Hiro said, "Didn't think you and Baymax would get along so easily,"

"Well, he's a great help," Aunt Cass said as she walked up to the stove.

Baymax walked slowly toward Aunt Cass, gingerly trying to avoid bumping into the dining table.

"Plus it's fun teaching him different things," Aunt Cass said, "He's like a baby,"

Baymax grabbed a knife and looked at it. She saw what he was doing and was alarmed.

"No, no," Aunt Cass said as she grabbed the knife from him, "Knives are dangerous,"

She placed the knife in a drawer.

Hiro took a seat at the table Aunt Cass had just set and she took a seat as well. Baymax walked up to the table and just stood there. He blinked and stared at the table.

"Something wrong?" Hiro asked.

"There's a third plate on the table," Baymax said, "Are we having a guest?"

"Oh, sorry," Aunt Cass said as she stood up, "I kinda forgot; you don't eat,"

Aunt Cass moved the plate to the other end of the table. Baymax walked up to a chair, pulled it out, looked at the space between it and the table and pulled it further. He took a seat. Hiro looked at Baymax's chair and noticed that the armrests had been broken off.

"What happened to the chair?" Hiro asked.

"I broke the armrests off earlier this morning," Aunt Cass explained, "Baymax was having a hard time sitting down,"

"Earlier? What time is it?" Hiro asked.

"Um," Aunt Cass said as she looked at the clock, "7am"

"Oh, great, I'm late," Hiro said.

"No, you're not," Aunt Cass said, "Doesn't class start at 8: 30?"

Hiro thought hard and he drifted off.

"It does," Aunt Cass said amid laughter, causing Hiro to snap out of it.

"Oh, right," Hiro said uneasily.

"You've been acting weird lately," Aunt Cass said as she started eating, "Is something wrong?"

"Nope, nothing's wrong," Hiro said, "Why'd you ask?"

Hiro started eating uneasily, trying to be inconspicuous.

"Well, you're starting to become quite forgetful," Aunt Cass said.

"How?" Hiro asked.

"Well, for one thing," Aunt Cass said, "You forgot to put your shirt on,"

"What?" Hiro asked.

Hiro looked at his chest and saw that he had a shirt on.

"What are you talking about? My shirt's on," Hiro said.

"Well, you weren't even really sure if it was on or not," Aunt Cass said.

"Hiro's hormonal levels have been spiking lately," Baymax said, "It is okay, Hiro, you will get accustomed to puberty; we are here to support you,"

"Well, it's no big deal," Hiro said, "I'm fine,"

"Is it tough at SFIT? Are the projects piling up?" Aunt Cass asked.

"No, things are going great," Hiro said, smiling involuntarily.

"Then what is it?" Aunt Cass asked.

"I'm fine, Aunt Cass," Hiro said, "What're you getting at?"

"I'm thinking it has something to do with a girl," Aunt Cass said, "The dark haired one maybe?"

"Who, GoGo?" Hiro asked, his smile growing slightly.

"Yeah, that's the one," Aunt Cass said, "You two seem to spend a lot of time with each other,"

"Well, yeah, we're working on projects together," Hiro said.

"It is important to stay in contact with friends and loved ones," Baymax said as he turned to Aunt Cass.

"Good choice of words on 'loved ones," Aunt Cass said with a smirk, "I think you have a crush on GoGo,"

Baymax blinked as he looked at Aunt Cass.

"Why would Hiro want to crush GoGo?" Baymax asked.

"No, I mean he has feelings for her," Aunt Cass said.

"What feelings? Hatred?" Baymax asked, "Is that why he wants to crush GoGo?"

"What? I don't have a crush on GoGo," Hiro said.

"Then why are you smiling?" Aunt Cass asked.

"I'm not smiling," Hiro said.

Aunt Cass raised an eyebrow and Hiro realized that he was smiling. He put on a straight face, but a smile seeped.

"Hiro, why would you want to crush an innocent woman?" Baymax asked concernedly, "Isn't GoGo your friend?"

"No, I mean he's in love with GoGo," Aunt Cass said.

"Aren't the hormonal imbalances due to puberty?" Baymax asked.

"I'm outta here," Hiro said embarrassedly.

Hiro got up from his seat and walked toward the staircase.

"Come back, Hiro," Aunt Cass said mockingly, "It's okay to have feelings,"

Hiro frowned and walked down the steps.

"Come on, Baymax," Hiro said.

"Shouldn't we help Aunt Cass with the dishes?" Baymax asked.

"We're gonna be late, Baymax," Hiro said.

"It's 7: 06," Aunt Cass said, "You've got plenty of time left,"

"Violence is not the answer, Hiro," Baymax said, "We can help you accustom to your body's physical needs,"

Hiro groaned and continued down the stairs. Aunt Cass giggled and she continued eating.

"What do you mean by love?" Baymax asked Aunt Cass, "It is not in my databanks,"

"Love is a strong feeling a person has for someone," Aunt Cass said, "It can make people do crazy things,"

"Love sounds detrimental to one's health," Baymax said, "I must ensure that people stay out of bodily harm,"

Baymax tried to stand up and he bumped the table, nearly making it topple.

"Oh no," Baymax said.

HIRO WALKED out the front door of Lucky Cat Café and saw a girl waiting for him. She was slender, had short raven-hair with violet streaks, purple lipstick and brown eyes. She usually wore leather jackets over shirts and black shorts over leggings with black trainers. She also loved chewing gum and did not talk much. She was leaning against a lamppost and when she saw him, she walked up to her motorcycle.

"Hey, GoGo, what're you doing here?" Hiro asked as he walked up to her.

GoGo did not answer him and she got on the bike.

"Aren't you a little early?" Hiro asked.

"We've got work to do," GoGo said.

He just looked at her and she turned to him.

"It's weird I gotta be taken to school by a chick," Hiro said.

"How many chicks do you know who've used maglev to invent a new bike?" GoGo asked.

"Hmm, none," Hiro said, "Ah, well, I can't complain since I don't have a car or anything,"

He got on the bike.

"And why don't ya?" GoGo asked sarcastically as she looked in the mirror.

"Well, I don't have any money and I'm not old enough to drive either," Hiro said.

"Washed up at fourteen, so sad," GoGo said as she turned on the motorcycle.

"Were you spying on me?" Hiro asked.

She drove on and he nearly fell off the bike.

GOGO AND Hiro arrived at SFIT and went to their class's robotics lab. As usual, all of Hiro's friends were there.

They were the slightly neurotic neat freak, Wasabi, the eccentric and comic obsessed Fred and the fairly tall, geeky and bubbly Honey Lemon. Hiro never liked the nicknames, courtesy of Fred, but decided not to question them to avoid getting one of his own.

"Hiro!" Honey said as she walked up to him, "We've been waiting for you,"

"Well, here I am," Hiro said.

Honey hugged him and he felt a little embarrassed because the guys treated him like a kid. Well, he liked hugs, but he wondered when the guys would start treating him like an equal. They were age mates after all. Well, he was fourteen and the guys ranged from 16 to 19, but still.

"There're the twins," Fred said.

"The what?" GoGo asked.

"That's what I'm gonna call you two," Fred said, "You're always found with each other,"

"And thank you yet again for proving that you do nothing other than pry into other people's business," GoGo said.

"Why 'the twins'?" Hiro asked angrily.

"What don't like the nickname?" Fred said.

"No, it's weird," Hiro said as he shook his head.

"Well, how's about 'Hirogo'?" Fred asked.

"What are you talking about?" Wasabi asked.

"Hirogo, that's what we'll call them once we fuse them," Fred said.

"That's not science," Honey said, "Well, it is, but it's just weird,"

"And dangerous," Wasabi said.

"Well, what're we gonna do with them?" Fred asked, "Oh, I know, we can fuse them with a sandwich, that will definitely get a Nobel Prize,"

"For what?" Wasabi asked.

"For awesome inventions that I came up with," Fred said, "I'll call them, 'Haricot',"

"That's not a sandwich," Wasabi said.

Honey shook her head and turned to Hiro. Hiro and GoGo had gone. She was confused.

"Where'd they go?" Honey asked.

"They fused and it made them invisible," Fred said, "I knew it was real,"

"If they fused, wouldn't we see them?" Honey said, "Like Gotenks?"

"Well, they aren't Sayians," Fred said.

"I'm getting back to work," Wasabi said.

Wasabi walked to his workstation and Fred and Honey continued geeking out about anime.

"What about 'Lego'?" Fred asked.

"What about it?" Honey asked.

"That's what I'd call you if you fused with GoGo," Fred said.

"It's not sound science," Honey said.

"Not yet," Fred said.

"The name's already been used anyways," Wasabi said.

"Which is why no one will see it coming," Fred said.

Honey sighed and walked to her workstation.

"There's no reasoning with him," Wasabi said.

Wasabi slapped on a pair of goggles.

HIRO HAD followed GoGo out of the lab and down the hallways.

"We're we going?" Hiro asked.

"There's only so much of Fred I can take in a day," GoGo said.

"That still doesn't explain where we're going," Hiro said.

GoGo made a turn and Hiro followed her. She walked up to a door and knocked on it. He looked at the sign on the door. It read, 'PROFESSOR CELLO.'

"Who's Professor Cello?" Hiro asked.

"That's Dr. Cello," A male voice said from inside the room, "Come in,"

GoGo opened the door and they entered a large laboratory filled with all sorts of machines and advanced technology. In the centre of the room was a huge, yellow, strange looking metallic door. Dr. Cello was typing in something on a computer when they entered.

Dr. Cello was a relatively young man who dressed in a biker's outfit even when he was in the lab. He was a charming man who asserted a warm presence with very little effort.

"Oh, there's my star pupil," Dr. Cello said as he turned to GoGo.

Dr. Cello walked up to the two and reached into his jacket pocket. He pulled out a cloth, wiped his hands and shook Hiro's hand with both hands.

"Hi, Stephen," GoGo said.

"Hey," Hiro said, "It's nice to meet you,"

Hiro looked at Dr. Cello then looked at GoGo and realized that they dressed in a similar manner.

"You're GoGo's mentor?" Hiro asked.

"Why?" Dr. Cello asked, he looked at GoGo then chuckled, "Oh, no, we just share a similar taste in clothing. She is my star pupil though,"

"What's the difference?" Hiro asked, "Isn't she your star pupil because you mentor her?"

"No, I'm working on time travel," Dr. Cello said.

"If she's working on Industrial Design and Mechanical Engineering, how is she your star pupil?" Hiro asked.

"YELLOW," Dr. Cello said.

"What?" Hiro asked, confused.

"YELLOW," Dr. Cello said.

Dr. Cello gestured to the large door at the centre of the room.

"It stands for …, uh …, hmm," Dr. Cello said.

Dr. Cello stroked his chin and began to think. Hiro was confused. He turned to GoGo and she was unfazed by Dr. Cello's odd behaviour. He began to smile and Dr. Cello began to speak, causing him to snap out of it.

"Well, I haven't thought of a cool acronym yet," Dr. Cello said, "But, it is the world's first working time machine,"

"Whoa, really?" Hiro asked excitedly.

"Well, theoretically, yes," Dr. Cello said.

Hiro and GoGo followed Dr. Cello as he walked up to the machine, manoeuvring through the cluster of machines.

"I've been able to open a portal, but I have not been able to do any real experiments on it," Dr. Cello said.

"How come?" Hiro asked.

"Well, for one thing, the portals have been unstable, only lasting for about thirty seconds max," Dr. Cello said, "And the other is – well, I'll take an hour to explain this, but there are irregularities that could cause a disaster like what happened at Krei Tech. Since I haven't properly tested it, who knows if it is actually a time machine like I had planned,"

"We wouldn't want that happen again now would we," Hiro said in a slightly sad tone.

"Well, that doesn't mean that I won't keep trying, but I'm not crazy like those guys," Dr. Cello said, "I won't carry out any experiments until the portal is stabilized,"

"Well, we don't want to disturb you," GoGo said.

"Actually you did, get out," Dr. Cello said sternly.

Hiro was taken aback and GoGo headed for the door, smirking. He followed her and Dr. Cello grinned.

"Come again!" Dr. Cello said, waving happily at them.

Hiro left the room and closed the door behind him.

"How do you stand the guy?" Hiro asked.

"He's unpredictable," GoGo said, "It's fun,"

Hiro was still reeling from meeting Dr. Cello. He wondered how someone like him would actually up with sound science.

GoGo continued down the hallway and Hiro followed her.

FRED, WASABI and Honey had lunch at a table in the cafeteria.

"What about 'Wamon'?" Fred asked.

"Are you running out of lines or something?" Wasabi asked, "How are you still on that fusion thing?"

"Well, I'd keep quiet if someone had invented the invisible sandwich I asked for," Fred said.

"Um, you didn't tell anyone to make that for you," Wasabi said.

"Well, nobody has anyway," Fred said.

Fred took a bite of his sandwich. GoGo took a seat at the table.

"Hey, where's Hiro?" Honey asked.

"Ordering lunch," GoGo said.

"You wouldn't lose him if you'd just fu –"Fred tried to say when GoGo shoved a chicken wing at his face.

"Eat it," GoGo said.

Fred took the chicken wing and took a bite out of it.

"Shut it," GoGo said.

"Got ya," Fred said with his mouth full.

GoGo shrugged.

"Something's up," Honey said.

"What do you mean?" GoGo asked.

"You always order Steak and Kale salad, always," Honey said.

"And?" GoGo asked.

"Well, it's your favourite," Honey said, "When the cafeteria didn't serve any; you made a petition to the board so that they'd include it on the menu,"

"So?" GoGo asked.

"You have chicken wings on your plate," Honey said, "That's Hiro's favourite,"

GoGo looked at her plate and realized that she did have chicken wings. Fred looked around uneasily as his cheeks started turning red.

"Funny, the guy who loves fire breathing lizards can't take the heat," Wasabi said.

"I'm fine," Fred said.

Fred gave a weak cough and began to sweat. Wasabi handed him a glass of water. He acted calm and did not take the glass. Wasabi wiggled the glass and Fred grabbed it, guzzling the water all down.

"'Sup guys," Hiro said.

Hiro took a seat at the table and Honey smirked.

"Now Hiro's got Steak and Kale salad on his plate," Honey said.

"Uh," Hiro said.

He ate a little bit of the salad and recoiled.

"Ew, salad with no mayo," Hiro said.

"See?" Honey said.

"What're you getting at?" GoGo asked.

"You two are acting strange today," Honey said.

"No, we're not," Hiro said uneasily.

Hiro and GoGo switched plates awkwardly and GoGo started eating.

"GoGo," Honey said.

"Yeah?" GoGo said.

"Hiro just used that fork," Honey said.

"And?" GoGo asked.

"You told me you hated that," Honey said.

"And me," Wasabi said.

"Me too," Fred said weakly as he fanned his mouth.

"Meh," GoGo said as she continued eating.

"What were you all using her fork for?" Hiro asked.

Honey, Wasabi and Fred looked around uneasily.

"It's not what you think!" Fred yelled.

Hiro raised an eyebrow

"I see sparks," Honey said excitedly.

He glanced at GoGo and started eating.

"Hiro and GoGo, sitting in a –"Fred tried to sing when he coughed weakly again, "Wow, that's hot,"

"What's up with people today?" Hiro asked, "Aunt Cass said the same thing at breakfast,"

"Yeah, so did my dad," GoGo said, realizing something.

Honey smiled, Hiro and GoGo looked at each other worriedly. The two continued eating.

"Ooh, I love it when love's in the air," Honey said.

Hiro tried to ignore her as she turned to him.

"So, what's the kid's name gonna be?" Honey asked.

"What!" Hiro yelled in shock.

GoGo spat out water she had drunk.

"Kid?" GoGo yelled.

"Okay, maybe I'm going a little fast, but I'm so excited," Honey said in a squeal.

"Geoffrey," GoGo said blankly.

"Like King Geoffrey?" Fred asked.

"That guy was a jerk," Wasabi said.

"I'm not having a kid," Hiro said, "I'm 14!"

"I'm kidding, relax," GoGo said.

A rush of wind came out of nowhere and a young blonde man was suddenly sitting at the end of the table. He placed his feet on it.

"Geoffrey, a jerk? Understatement of the millennia," The man said.

"Who are you?" Honey asked.

"Dashiell Robert Parr, but you can call me, 'The Dash'," Dash said quickly.

"What?" Honey said.

"Sorry, I do that sometimes," Dash said, "I'm Dashiell Parr,"

Dash smirked at Honey and she raised an eyebrow. He looked at Fred whose face was bright red and was sweating profusely.

"You need some water, bro?" Dash asked.

Fred nodded.

"There you go," Dash said.

A glass of water fell into Fred's hands and he guzzled it down. The guys were awestruck and had their mouths agape. They all did, except for GoGo, who looked at Fred and chewed her bubblegum like a moviegoer chewing popcorn during a tense scene, and Hiro who continued eating.

"How'd you do that?" Wasabi asked.

"It's a gift," Dash said.

Fred finished drinking and gave a relieved sigh.

"He's a magician," Fred said.

"Magic," Dash said cockily as he waved his hands.

"That's not possible," Wasabi said.

"Magic is not real," Honey said.

"Then what do you call that?" Dash said.

"Super speed," Hiro said blankly.

Dash turned to Hiro who looked at him blankly.

"And how'd you come up with that?" Dash said.

"Dunno, I just guessed," Hiro said.

Hiro munched on a chicken wing. GoGo jerked and looked behind her.

"What is it?" Hiro asked.

"Someone just touched my butt," GoGo said.

"How?" Hiro asked.

"I didn't see anybody," Wasabi said.

"Weird," Dash said as he darted his eyes left to right and tapped his thumbs together.

"Oh, that's nasty," Wasabi said in a low-pitched, slow voice as he looked at Dash.

"What? I didn't do it," Dash said, "I was sitting right here,"

Hiro looked around angrily.

"You seem pretty upset," Honey said.

"Huh?" Hiro said then got what Honey was saying, "Well, it's rude to do that,"

"Aw, you're so cute together," Honey said.

"Hirogo," Fred said like a singsong.

Hiro looked at Fred angrily.

"What, it's a good idea," Fred said, "If you fuse, my dreams of a flying taco will finally be realized!"

GoGo looked at Fred angrily as well as she chewed a mouthful of salad.

"You know, maybe it's because you're chewing, but I could swear that you're blushing right now," Fred said.

Hiro and GoGo stood up and walked away in perfect synch, albeit leaving in different directions.

"It's so beautiful," Honey said as she reached for a tissue in her handbag.

"I know, right," Wasabi said as he handed her a tissue, "Look at that,"

Wasabi pointed at a garden outside.

"So much green," Wasabi said.

WASABI placed a bag on a table at his workstation and sighed.

"It's always nice to have this place all to myself," Wasabi said.

Wasabi used this time in the evening to concentrate and get more work done on his inventions using laser-induced plasma. He needed absolute precision and concentration and this was a good time to do it. Sometimes he did some T'ai Chi in the lab because his family was usually noisy, but today – rather tonight – he wanted to focus on his inventions.

He walked up to his work desk where he had his tools carefully arranged in a system for quick and easy access. He slapped on his goggles and reached for a screwdriver when a loud noise suddenly came from the hallway. There were loud crashes, thumping noises and unearthly roars.

He readied himself and went into a fighting stance. If it was a monster, he could use the tech in the room to fight it. If not, he would use his martial arts training to get the job done and hopeful escape without having murder on his conscience.

The sounds came closer and closer and sounded like they were right at the door. He waited patiently so that he could catch the opponent off guard. He ran up to the door so that he could attack the intruder from the back.

The door swung open and he heard familiar voices.

"Oh, come on," Wasabi said in a frustrated groan.

GoGo, Hiro and Honey entered the room, all shouldering backpacks. GoGo played loud punk rock music on her phone and heard Wasabi complain.

"What?" GoGo asked.

"I needed this time to myself," Wasabi said, "You're not supposed to be here,"

"We're not, but Genius here insisted that we come to work on our projects," GoGo explained.

She walked up to her workstation.

"You know, sometimes I wonder whether I should be offended or flattered when you call me that," Hiro said.

"Pick one," GoGo said as she placed her bag on the table.

"I hope we're not disturbing you," Honey said loudly.

Wasabi gestured for Honey to remove her earphones.

"Oh, sorry," Honey said as she removed her earphones, "I was saying, I hope we're not disturbing you, but we need to work on our projects for the expo tomorrow,"

"Fine," Wasabi sighed, "How long are you gonna be here?"

"It's gonna be an all-nighter," Hiro said sarcastically, "So I brought a fresh pair of underpants,"

Wasabi frowned.

"Cool," GoGo said.

"Actually, I didn't," Hiro said.

"Meh," GoGo said.

The doors swung open as a rush of wind came from the hallway.

"Lasers," Dash said from behind Wasabi.

Wasabi turned and saw Dash standing before his machine. Dash flipped the switch and the machine's lasers came on.

"No, no, get away from there," Wasabi yelled as he ran up to the machine.

Wasabi turned off the machine and Dash appeared on a chair across the room.

"Again, how do you do that?" Honey asked.

"How am I supposed to keep up if you keep on doing that?" Fred called out from the hallway.

Fred entered the room shouldering two bags.

"Guess you'll have to keep up with my speed," Dash said cockily.

"Ah-ha, I was right," Hiro said.

"Uh, duh," Dash said, "I kinda didn't see the point in hiding my speed from the Big Hero 6,"

"How'd you know?" Hiro asked.

"Um, TV, Internet, Newspapers, uh, hmm …," Dash said and he stroked his chin, "Oh, and Fred told me,"

The guys turned to Fred and looked at him disapprovingly.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" Fred asked.

"It's fun," Dash said with a grin.

Fred rolled his eyes.

"You can't just blab out secrets like that," GoGo said.

"Some secret if everyone in San Fransokyo saw us and if I'm the only one technically wearing a mask," Fred said.

"Oh, yeah, right," GoGo said.

The guys felt a little stupid.

"No harm guys," Dash said, "Your 'secret' is safe with me,"

"So you're the one who touched GoGo at lunch earlier, aren't you?" Hiro asked.

"Chill out, bro," Dash said, "I didn't touch your girlfriend,"

Hiro groaned and slapped his forehead. GoGo threw a punch at Dash who dodged and ran to the other side of the room.

"Whoa, chill out, babe, I didn't do it," Dash said, "Geez, Fred, didn't think your friends were so jumpy. Well, I should've seen that coming when I saw your monster costume,"

"If you do that again, I'll slice off your head and throw it in your face," GoGo said.

"You guys watch a lot of TV," Dash said.

GoGo frowned and walked up to a bike hanging from tethers and started working on it.

"How are you able to move so fast?" Honey said, "I couldn't see you at all,"

"Want me to slow down?" Dash said.

Dash appeared beside Honey, leaning on a desk.

"Cuz I can do that for you," Dash said in a deep voice.

Honey blushed slightly and Fred smirked.

"Hash tag Hash," Fred said cockily.

Dash looked at Fred disapprovingly.

"Stop it, man, it's getting old," Dash said.

"Alright, fine," Fred said.

Something caught Dash's eye in a box in the corner of the room and he ran up to it. He lifted it up a jacket from the box and laughed.

"Whoa, this is one ugly jacket," Dash said, "Who wore this piece of crap?"

"My brother," Hiro said angrily.

Hiro stormed out of the room and Dash felt ashamed.

"Crap, sorry man," Dash said as Hiro stormed out.

"Not cool, bro," Fred said.

"Hiro!" GoGo called out.

Honey sniffled and wiped an imaginary tear from her cheek.

"What's Tadashi's jacket doing here anyway?" Fred asked.

Honey started crying for real and she got upset.

"Hey!" Honey yelled at Wasabi.

Wasabi was holding a half cut onion near Honey's face.

"Sorry, I felt like doing something stupid for once," Wasabi said.

HIRO WALKED around campus and ended up in front of the newly rebuilt auditorium. Tadashi died in the building after it had caught fire. He sighed angrily and walked up to a small bridge. He leaned on the guardrail and looked out at the buildings on campus.

The lights made for beautiful atmosphere that gave a mood completely opposite to what he felt right now.

Hiro thought he would get over it soon enough, but he did not. Maybe he was being hard on himself, after all, a few months is not really that long when it comes to mourning, but he wished it would stop hurting. Maybe he would rather hurt than not care and completely forget that Tadashi existed.

He held his head in a frustrated manner and cupped his chin in his hands.

"You okay?" GoGo asked.

He turned and saw GoGo walking up to him.

"You were pretty upset," GoGo said.

"No," Hiro tried to keep his cool, "I'm fine,"

"Doesn't look like it," GoGo said.

She walked up to him and leaned on the guardrail.

"Wanna talk about it?" GoGo asked.

"You're not one to talk," Hiro said.

"Can't a girl try new things?" GoGo asked.

"How many girls can say what they mean in only four words?" Hiro asked.

"Hmm, one," GoGo said with a smile.

She placed her arm over his shoulder.

"Cheer up," GoGo said, "Tadashi isn't really gone as long –,"

"As you remember him?" Hiro said.

"Yeah," GoGo said.

"Thanks," Hiro said with a smile.

She took her arm off his shoulder and looked out at the buildings.

"You've got a lot of potential," GoGo said, "I know it's hard to realize it, but the past will only hurt if you keep holding on to it. Let it go,"

"Man, people really say that a lot," Hiro said.

"And ironically, I've never even listened to the song," GoGo said.

"Yeah," Hiro said.

"But it's true, the past is in the past," GoGo said.

"Okay, stop it," Hiro said, laughing.

He walked away from her and she turned to him.

"What? It's true," GoGo said, laughing as well.

He leaned on the opposite guardrail on the bridge and she followed him.

"Thanks," Hiro said.

"For what?" GoGo asked.

"You've always been there for me; you've been a good friend when I needed someone to talk to," Hiro said, "It means a lot,"

"Well, it's no big deal," GoGo said.

"Wow," Hiro said.

"What?" GoGo asked.

"I wish I had a nickel right now," Hiro said.

"For what?" GoGo said.

"For every word you've said today. If I did, I'd probably be a millionaire or something," Hiro said, "You're really chatty today,"

"What, now you're jumping on that bandwagon?" GoGo asked.

"No, seriously, let me get this on my phone," Hiro said, "This may be the last time it ever happens,"

"No, don't," GoGo said.

Hiro reached into his pocket and GoGo grabbed his arm.

"No one has to know," GoGo said.

"Come on, just for a minute," Hiro said.

They struggled for the phone and Hiro turned around. GoGo reached for the phone from behind Hiro and she wrapped her arms around him trying to get it. Hiro looked up at GoGo and then stopped struggling.

GoGo was slightly taller than Hiro was and he had to look up at her most of the time, but he had never looked at her from right below. He had never truly thought like this, but she was gorgeous, especially in the moonlight that reflected in her eyes, those deep, alluring brown eyes. She had her mouth slightly open and Hiro started staring at her succulent lips. He was mesmerized.

GoGo never truly thought about it either, but Hiro was not just adorable, he was downright handsome. She normally did not like guys with gap teeth, but it looked attractive on him. He was shorter than she was and normally, she would look down on him and probably not give him much attention if he was someone else, but he looked cute, yet brave and strong. She had her knowledge of robotics, but this young boy had knowledge that completely surpassed hers and yet, she did not mind it at all. GoGo found that she was staring as well and got lost in his brown eyes, and those lips … she leaned toward him, but stopped.

GoGo stepped away from Hiro. He stood up and pocketed his phone.

"You're not gonna record me talking?" GoGo asked.

"No," Hiro said, "It's better heard firsthand,"

GoGo gave a warm smile and Hiro smiled as well.

They caught themselves staring at each other, but they did not care this time. She walked up to him until they were inches apart. she leaned toward him and puckered her lips. Hiro suddenly recoiled, crossing his arms and clenching his shoulders like a person caught nude.

"I'm just a child," Hiro gasped, feigning fear, "You seductress,"

GoGo raised an eyebrow and Hiro laughed uneasily.

"Yeah, sorry; bad joke," Hiro said, rubbing the nape of his neck, "The writers are morons,"

"What did you think I was gonna do?" GoGo asked.

"I don't know, I –," Hiro tried to say when GoGo grabbed him.

GoGo pulled Hiro in and hugged him, holding him close to her. He hugged her back and began to realize something. Sure, he hated being treated like a kid, but he was beginning to get used to all the hugging, especially from her. Unlike with Aunt Cass or Honey or Baymax where he felt safe, with GoGo, he felt something special. It was not in the way she hugged him, but there was something different about it when she did.

GoGo pulled away from Hiro and held his shoulders firmly.

"Promise me something," GoGo said.

"What?" Hiro asked.

"That you'll be strong for me, okay?" GoGo said, "You need to let Tadashi go,"

"Sure," Hiro said, nodding.

"And …," GoGo said, "That you won't tell anyone that this happened,"

She let go of him and stepped back.

"This is the last time you'll hear me talk this much," GoGo said.

"Oh, man, I knew I should've recorded it," Hiro said lightly, "Now no one's gonna believe me,"

"I will," GoGo said.

Hiro smiled at her and GoGo smiled back.

"Now, come on," GoGo said as she walked on, "Let's get back to the others; we don't want Fred to make up more weird fusion nicknames for us,"

"I kinda like Hirogo though," Hiro said.

"Yeah?" GoGo asked.

"Yeah," Hiro said.

She looked at him and walked on.

"Not gonna happen, kid," GoGo said.

"Yeah, I don't want wide hips, so," Hiro said playfully.

She nudged him and the two laughed. The earth shook violently all of a sudden.

"What's happening?" Hiro yelled.

The shaking became worse and it knocked them off their feet.

THE 'NERD Lab' shook violently as well and the guys fell over. Tools fell off tables and large machines rocked back and forth. Everyone panicked except for Honey.

"Please explode, please explode, please explode!" Honey said with her fingers crossed.

The earth stopped shaking and things calmed down. The guys got up to their feet and Dash helped Honey up.

"Oh, come on," Honey complained.

The lights went out and the room became pitch black.

"Well, careful what you ask for," Honey said, "The power plant must've exploded,"

HIRO AND GoGo looked around at the buildings. The entire campus had gone dark as power went out.

"What was that?" Hiro said.

GoGo pulled out the bubblegum from her mouth and placed it on the guardrail.

RADIATION SIGNS stood around a fenced area. Rubble covered the area and tiny black machines lay scattered around. Sand began to rise off the ground as sparks appeared in midair. A small portal flickered open and sucked some sand into it.

The portal closed.

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