One Way Or Another

Chapter 10

08/22/2005 Still same day

Chapter Ten

"Okay and this has something to do with the scuffle in the hallway earlier?" Grissom asked. He was a scientist, he was trained to look at the evidence; he wasn't good at factoring the human element into the scene, therefore he didn't quite get what Officer Mackland was implying with her announcement.

Grissom turned to look at Nick; to see if Nick understood what the officer was saying. Grissom guessed he did, because Nick had become white as a sheet and Officer Collins looked like he could spit nails.

Nick felt his stomach fall to the floor at Hillary's announcement. Not again, he thought. Hillary was pregnant, too. Oh, God, what was he going to do? How could this be happening? He couldn't have two women pregnant at the same time; that just couldn't happen. He thought he'd been careful with Hillary, but things happen. What was he going to say to Reilly?

It doesn't matter if it does or doesn't; I hit Nick, so punish me. Nick didn't do anything." Kevin said, suddenly speaking up and sounding so totally devastated. He was sorry for what he'd done now and he was at a loss as to why he'd really attacked Nick. It wasn't his fault anymore than it was Kevin's or Hillary's. Things had just happened. And, geez, my head is killing me, he thought as he reached up to rub gently at his temples. The pain was becoming intense.

"It does matter, Kevin." Hillary said. "I told Kevin I was pregnant, because he could be the father." She looked at Grissom and Brass." But I'm not sure if he's the father or if… or if Nick is." She finished.

Reilly felt her world starting to tilt. Like a boat listing to one side in a storm; she was losing focus. She didn't need to look at Sam to know she was getting angry again. How could Reilly continue to defend Nick to her if he had another woman pregnant especially if he had been with Hillary during the time he was supposed to be with Reilly? This was so not good, she thought.

Nick knew it; he'd messed up; again. This was bad and now Grissom and Brass knew he'd messed up too and they would lose any respect for him if they'd ever really had any to begin with. He just wanted the floor to open up and swallow him; he just couldn't seem to stop ruining everything.

"Wait a minute. You're saying the father is either Nick or Kevin? And that's why Kevin blindsided Nick?" Warrick asked, calmly.

Nick jumped slightly when he heard Warrick speak. He'd forgotten Warrick was in the room. He's gonna hate me, too. Nick was about to lose everything, just because he hadn't been more careful.

"Yes. It's a long story and I'd rather not go into all the details, but I just wanted to be honest with both men. I was trying to find Nick to tell him before Kevin found him, but I didn't make it in time." Hillary looked at Nick. "I'm so sorry, Nick."

Nick avoided looking at her or anyone else in the room. He knew he had messed up and now everyone would blame him for this workplace drama. Worst of all, he was going to have to explain this to Reilly and he knew she'd end up hating him. He would end up losing her and that was what he feared the most. He wished the world would just stop spinning so he could get off this ride.

"I'm almost four months along and I was planning on coming to see you next, Captain, but I just wanted Kevin and Nick to know first. Before the entire department found out." Hillary said to Brass.

That's when the door to Grissom's office was flung open and Sam barreled into the room, seething. "You are an ass, Nick Stokes!" She said, as she approached him and slapped him again. Warrick jumped up and grabbed Sam around the waist and pulled her back from Nick.

"Sam!" Reilly yelled at her daughter from just inside the office. "Stop doing that!" She hadn't even felt Sam move around her and rush in the room. She had been too quick.

Nick had jumped up after Sam slammed into the room and hit him and now he backed away from her. He had everyone in the room looking at him and he wasn't sure what to say or do. But he was getting damned tired of people using his face to express their anger. He just wished he could get out of the suddenly crowded room before he passed out. He knew he deserved Sam's wrath, but he need to stop his racing mind; he needed everything to stop spinning out of control.

"Reilly?" Grissom asked, surprised by the intrusion. "What are you doing here and who is this?" He asked indicating Sam.

"I'm sorry, Gil. This is my daughter Sam. Everyone-Sam. She acts before she thinks, and it's becoming a really bad habit." Reilly tried smiling at everyone, but it was hard to do with all the shocked faces watching Sam and Nick. "I'm sorry for her barging in on you. Greg, could you please take Sam back to the break room and maybe cuff her to the table or something. Anything… just get her out of here." Reilly asked of Greg. Then she looked at Sam, "You are in so much trouble, girl, and trust me, one way or another, we will have words. Angry words."

Warrick reluctantly released Sam as Greg quietly, but carefully reached out and snagged Sam's arm and practically dragged her from the room. He would rather face Sam's wrath, than Reilly's. Besides, he didn't think Sam would hit him, or at least he hoped she wouldn't. It seemed her favorite target was Nick, for now.

"What the Hell?" Kevin said as he jumped up while Sam and Greg were leaving. "I don't know what just happened, but I think it's a safe bet that it seems Nick needs to keep his hands to himself." Kevin was back to feeling angry.

Reilly turned to face Kevin. The man was tall, at least six feet and he probably had a good thirty pounds on Nick. Reilly turned to Hillary after sizing up the man. "Hillary, I would love to talk to you, later; if you need to talk." Reilly turned then to look at Nick and she saw the raw emotion there deep in his brown eyes. His poor face, she thought.

He met her eyes and she could practically hear the string of I'm sorrys coming from him. She tried to smile at him, but he tore his gaze away to quickly drop back down in his chair and put his head between his knees. She walked over to him and kneeled down as she gently rubbed his back. He slowly turned his head to meet her eyes and she gently leaned in and kissed his red and bruised cheek. He smiled weakly at her.

"Hillary doesn't need to talk to you or anyone else here!" Kevin roared, focusing on Reilly. He was beginning to sweat profusely and his head was pounding like he had a three day old hangover.

Reilly and Nick both turned to look at Kevin. They both slowly stood up and faced the young patrol officer. "Reilly's just trying to offer Hillary some comfort here." Nick said, as he subconsciously placed himself between Reilly and the man.

Reilly looked at Kevin again, but this time she really looked at him. "Nick… he needs help." It hit Reilly as she jerked on Nick's shirt sleeve. "Gil, you need to call for help." She turned to Grissom who still stood behind his desk. "This man is about to have a seizure!" This man was going down and judging by his size, it was going to be hard and not pretty. He needed help and soon.

And to prove Reilly's point, Kevin's eyes rolled back in his head and he fell to the floor thrashing and convulsing.

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