One Way Or Another

Chapter 11

08/22/2005 Still same day

Chapter Eleven

Everyone started to rush to Kevin's aid, but they were halted by Reilly. "Stop! Leave him alone! Gil, get that ambulance!" Reilly moved around Nick and kneeled down by Kevin dragging Hillary down with her. "Don't try to touch him until he slows down. You can hurt him if you try to stop him in any way. Turn him on his side and just let it happen." She instructed Hillary.

Gill grabbed the phone and Brass hurried over to the two women and helped to turn Kevin onto his side. Warrick and Nick just stood frozen, taking in the sight in the office, and how Reilly seemed to be in control of the whole situation.

"What's happening to him?" Hillary asked afraid. She wanted to grab one of Kevin's big beefy hands in her own, but was hesitant to do so since Reilly had said to not touch him. She felt the tears falling from her eyes as she watched Kevin writhing before her. He looked so vulnerable; she was terrified for him.

"He's having a seizure. Does he have a medical history of seizures?" Reilly asked reaching out to touch Hillary's shoulder as she also checked her watch. It was important to know how long Kevin had been seizing.

"No. Nothing that I know of." Hillary answered, shocked at the sight of Kevin's limbs jerking about him.

"Jim, do you know?" Reilly asked the Captain.

"No. Nothing stands out." Brass answered, as he too knelt down by Kevin's body. His convulsing was starting to ease up, but he was still shaking.

"Has he complained of a headache…or has he had a head injury recently?" Reilly asked, pointing to Hillary to go ahead and take his hand as she took up his other one and began stroking it to try and calm the man. "He's slowing down now; try stroking his cheek or brushing his hair. Something like that will be comforting to him. He'll feel it even if he can't acknowledge it right now." She added as Hillary quickly grabbed his hand and began touching his cheek.

"He was hit in the head with a tire iron about two months ago, when trying to apprehend a gang member." Hillary replied, and Brass nodded in agreement.

"He may have developed seizures from the head injury. He may have had other seizures and no one was around to see before now. He needs to be treated and a doctor can run tests. Has his behavior been abnormal lately?" Reilly asked them.

"Yes. He was on probation for using excessive force in the arrest of a robbery suspect." Brass replied, worried now that maybe they'd all missed the warning signs.

"That was probably the first indication of a problem. Sometimes seizures are preceded by abnormal or aggressive behavior. Or he could have another medical issue. He really needs to be tested."

"He will be. He's a good officer and I'm not taking any chances here. He'll go through whatever needs to be done." Brass confirmed.

"How do you know so much about this?" Nick asked, finally speaking, his eyes meeting Reilly's. He couldn't believe how together she was about what was happening to the young officer.

"My niece was in a car accident two years ago. She developed seizures from a head injury. I've been there when she's had seizures so I read up on them. So I'd be able to help, just in case." Reilly answered as she tried to get up off the floor, but she felt her balance was off a bit as she swayed on her knees. Nick rushed over to help her to her feet.

The moment Nick touched Reilly's waist to help her up, he remembered why he was here in this office, and he remembered Hillary's announcement. "You heard what Hillary said, didn't you?" He asked softly, lowering his eyes as he spoke.

"Yes." She answered him, just as softly.

"I'm sorry, Reilly. I'm so sorry."

The room was suddenly filling up with the EMTs, so Reilly didn't get to answer Nick. He carefully, but firmly leg her over to Gil's couch and helped her to sit down. Then he went back to help Hillary to her feet. So she was out of the way for the medics to do their job. Brass stayed close relaying everything Reilly had said about Kevin's seizure.

Warrick came over and took Hillary from Nick and used his head to point Nick back in Reilly's direction. "I'll take care of Hillary. Go take care of Reilly, Nick; now." He said softly, but firmly. He would talk to his friend later.

"Yeah." Nick said quietly as he walked back over to Reilly and sat down next to her on the couch, taking her hand in his.

"I know you didn't cheat on me, Nick. Not with Lauren or Hillary." She said softly as she allowed him to take her hand.

Nick was rendered speechless by Reilly's words and just nodded as he tried to swallow the huge lump that was blocking his throat. "I'm sorry." He couldn't think of anything else to say and this was becoming his mantra.

The two sat silently as they watched Office Collins lifted onto the gurney and wheeled out. Brass told Hillary to go with him in the ambulance and he would be there as soon as he replaced both officers for the evening. After the group left Grissom's office, Brass turned to Reilly. "Thank you for helping with Collins. Just…thank you." He said gruffly.

Reilly smiled up at the man. "Your welcome. Please let me know how he's doing as soon as you can." She said as she reached out her free hand to him.

Brass took her hand in a quick squeeze and nodded, and then he left the room. Warrick had followed Hillary out to be sure she got in the ambulance okay, so there were only Grissom, nick and Reilly remaining in his office. Grissom cleared his throat and looked at the two sitting on his couch.

"Do you want to tell me what else is going on here, Nick?" Grissom asked, looking at them. He knew more was afoot than what had just happened between the officers and Nick.

"Griss, it's a long story." Nick sighed wearily. He was tired; so tired. And now there was so much more he had to deal with; that was his fault. He really needed to just stop interacting with people because he only seemed to hurt everyone he came into contact with. He had so much to try and fix, and he didn't know if he even could fix things. He was beginning to think everyone would be better off without him in their lives.

"Nick, I think we have plenty of time." Reilly said. She trusted Nick, but she also deserved to know what was going on. Especially if her child was going to have another sibling. She didn't like the idea of another woman pregnant with Nick's baby, but if it happened before they met, then that was just the way it was. She forced Nick to look at her.

She knew he was back to the self-blaming game; he always did that when something happened. Nick always seemed to carry the weight of the world on his shoulders. She could see it in his eyes, but this time she wasn't going to tell him he was wrong. He was going to have to realize he couldn't control everything that happened to him. He was going to have to come to terms with the fact that things just happened in life and the best one could do was roll with the punches and continue living. One way or another everything happened for a reason.

"Well…" Nick began.

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Just a note, I had a family member that was in auto accident and developed epilepsy from a head injury so this topic is based on my experience with her care. I may not be totally accurate, but I tried to the best.

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