One Way Or Another

Chapter 15

Past Revisited

Chapter Fifteen

"Nick!" Reilly yelled, trying hard to get out from under his weight.

"Stop moving… I hear you… you annoying woman." Nick grunted. He slowly moved off the top of her groaning in pain as he did so.

When he had moved and was sitting back over on his side of the car again, she raised her head to look at him. He was pale, and he had a cut on his forehead. He had his eyes closed and she knew he had hit his shoulder because she had felt it from his body's reaction. She released her seatbelt and reached a shaky hand out to check on him.

"Don't even think about it… I'm not dead… just knocked around thanks to your crazy driving." He replied, finally opening his eyes and looking at her.

"My crazy driving?! You're the one who grabbed the wheel from me! This is your fault!" Reilly screeched at him. How in the world could she have been so worried about this guy? He was unreal, God, she hated him!

"Yeah… my fault! It's all my fault, because I agreed to even be here with you in the first place! I am so tearing Brass a new one when we get back!" He yelled back at her.

Reilly couldn't help smiling at that because she was thinking the same thing. If Brass hadn't insisted, Nick wouldn't be here to be a pain in her ass. So it was all Brass' fault.

"You have a cut on your head. Where else are you hurt?" Reilly asked him quietly, reaching for some napkins in the console and handing them to Nick.

He reached out slowly and took the napkins and pushed them to his forehead. "Well, my ass hurts from you riding it!" He muttered. "But other than that, I'll live." He replied, giving her a smirk.

"Well, sorry about your ass, I'll just have to ease up a bit, since you're such a delicate man who can't take a little crap from a wee little Kansas Princess." Reilly smirked back at him, then she let it settle into a full on smile.

Nick slowly grinned, "Point taken; time to man up." He looked out what was left of the windshield and stated the obvious, "Well, looks like we crashed."

"Oh, good one, Sherlock. Now I can sit back ad stop wondering why the car has stopped moving. You've solved the case."

"You are not funny, princess." He said, looking at her. "Since it's you're fault we crashed, you know."

"We already went through this; I did NOT crash this car!"

"Well, who's sittin' in the driver's seat? Hummmm?" He asked, innocently smiling at her.

"Oh, you are impossible!" Reilly said, as she jerked on her door handle and pushed the door open. She grabbed the keys from the ignition and got out of the car.

Nick watched as she got out and went around to the trunk of the car. He sighed, as he realized he had to see what she was up to and follow her. He so hated this, he thought as he got out and ran back to the trunk to join her.

"What the Hell are you doing?" He asked as he saw her grabbing for the shotgun attached to the underside of the trunk lid. She also grabbed a backpack and his CSI field kit. He reached out and grabbed the kit from her and then snatched at the backpack.

"We can't stay in the car, the windshield is crushed and barely hanging on and it won't be long with this rain, before we're drenched and frozen and stuck in the car. I'd rather be making our way down the trail to the cabin where we can at least maybe get warm and dry while we wait out this storm. We were fairly close to the turnoff anyway; only a few yards away, before YOU crashed the car!" She yelled at him over the sound of the driving rain.

"We're walking in this?" He couldn't believe her. She was totally crazy. He had proof now.

"Yes. What's the matter Mr. Texas Gotta Man Up, too civilized to do a little hikin'?" She said in her best southern drawl. "Too delicate to actually have to walk in a mild little rain shower?"

"You are so getting' it when we find shelter. I have had it up to here with you!" Nick said as he indicated a place somewhere over his head. He grabbed the bags and started walking.

Reilly reached into the trunk and grabbed the flashlight. She slammed the trunk closed and headed off after Nick shining the flashlight in the darkness.


Reilly tried to keep the flashlight shining on the ground to help them find the trail, but Nick insisted on leading the way, so she had to settle with staying as close to him as possible. And the man seemed hell-bent on marching at a pace that took two of her steps to his one, so she was practically running to keep up with his long legs. She was so gonna kill Mr. Texas Dud when she got the chance. Preferably while he slept. With a plastic bag maybe. No, she'd just shoot him; she had the shotgun after all. She'd get off. She'd push for an all woman jury and she knew they'd see her side. Yep, shootin' him in his sleep.

She had been so busy trying to keep up with him and looking at the ground, that she didn't see him stop until she ran right into his backside. She reached out to grab a hold of his jacket to keep from falling and he dropped his bags to turn and grab her arms to keep her on her feet.

"Sorry." He mumbled an apology.

Reilly just nodded. "Why'd you stop?"

\Nick pointed in front of him. Reilly looked up through the driving rain and saw what he was pointing at. There in front of them was a cabin. Not the one they'd been looking for, but a different older looking cabin. Nick bent down and grabbed the backpack and his kit and headed for the cabin. Reilly scrambled to keep up still carrying the shotgun and flashlight. She was soaked through to her skin, and now the temperature was dropping and she was beginning to freeze.

She watched as Nick climbed the porch steps two at a time and ducked under the eave for protection from the rain. As he stood there he shook himself like a dog when they're drying off after a dip in the big mud puddle in the backyard. Looking at him doing that made Reilly think of him as a Labrador. A large solid beautiful chocolate Lab.

He reached out and tried the doorknob. "Locked." He said as she caught up to him.

"Of course it is." Reilly said, as she dropped the flashlight on the porch with the bags. Her teeth were starting to chatter and Nick turned to look at her.

He seemed to be deciding something as she just looked back at him. She couldn't hide that she was starting to shake, too. She tried to hold the gun steady as she tried not to shake and chatter. Nick watched her for a moment more than he reached into his jeans pocket and pulled out a pocket knife. He flipped the blade out and slipped it in between the door and the door frame as he worked it around, finally he gave a quick twist with his wrist and threw is body weight against the door and it popped open.

"How'd y-you do th-that?" Reilly asked surprised, starting to stutter from her teeth clacking away in her head.

"I'm not just another pretty face." He grinned at her. "I was raised in hunting cabins. I'm from Texas, remember?" He smirked at her.

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