One Way Or Another

Chapter 16

Past Revisited

Chapter Sixteen

"Wh-Whatever." Reilly tried to sound flippant, but with her teeth chattering away, it was hard to pull off.

Nick just grinned as he grabbed all the bags and flashlight and preceded her into the cabin. It was dusty, but relatively clean. It was very cold, at least to Reilly. Nick stopped just inside the door and took of his jacket. He was dripping from everywhere. He bent down and pulled off his boots and socks.

"What a-are you d-d-doing?" Reilly asked, watching as he removed his footwear.

"It's cold, and I need to get a fire going and we need to get dry as quickly as possible. You should take off your shoes and socks too; cold feet aren't gonna help you get warm." He walked over to the fireplace and seeing that there was a nick log pile, he began working on getting a fire started.

Reilly just stood there watching as he went about building the fire like he did it everyday. Hell, the man knew what he was doing; she had to give him that. Well, only to herself would she admit that. There was no way in hell she was telling him that. Besides, she still planned to shoot him. Well, not until he finished with the fire first.

Once Nick had the fire going, he got up and turned to look at her. "You haven't taken off your shoes yet." He said, as he walked over to where he had left his shoes. He watched her as he reached down and picked up his jacket and things and when she didn't respond to him, he dropped them and questioned her. "Reilly? You okay?"

Reilly was watching him, but she was so friggin' cold, she couldn't really move. Not voluntarily anyway. She was standing there twitching and chattering as she watched Nick. Her brain was sending out the signals to her body to move, but her body was not responding. "I'm t-t-too fr-fr-friggin' c-c-cold to mo-move." She stuttered.

Nick smiled at her, "Okay. Stay here and don't move I'll be right back."

She watched as he picked up the flashlight she'd dropped with the bags and shotgun earlier and went looking for something in the cabin. Was he serious? She'd just said she couldn't freakin' move, the idiot. God, shooting was too good for this man. She needed to torture him first. Yes. That'd be good. Sweet torture. She could…she snapped back when she heard him coming back.

He must have found the bedroom, because he had a couple blankets and it looked like he had just yanked them off a bed. He walked over to her and said, "Don't hit me or anything, alright? But I need to get you out of those wet clothes before you catch pneumonia."

She really didn't get what he was saying; concentrating was getting harder, she figured because her brain was becoming as numb as her body. Nick reached out and unbuttoned her jacket and pulled it off. She stood as still as she could while he did this. Okay, no problem so far, she thought. Nothing worth hitting him over yet. Until he reached for the bottom, of her T-Shirt and began pulling it over her head. That brought her around.

"Wh-What the H-Hell are y-y-you doi-ing?" She yelled past her chattering teeth, trying to make her numb fingers stop her shirt's progress, but they wouldn't cooperate.

He ignored her and her fingers as he finished getting her wet shirt off and tossing it on the floor; he reached for a blanket. He pulled it around her shoulders; as he wrapped it around her he reached behind her under the blanket and quick as a flash he had her bra unhooked and was pulling it off in one quick move. He smiled at her as he looked at it. "Nice. Blue's my favorite color." He said, as he tossed her bra on the floor with her shirt.

Reilly stood there with her mouth open gaping at him. He reached out and pulled the blanket tight around her shoulders. Then he bent down and untied her boots and pulled each one off along with her socks. He looked up at her as he reached inside the blanket and undid the button to her jeans and began pulling them and her underwear down in one swift move. Reilly felt his fingers brush against her skin as he pulled her clothes off. She just continued to gape at him.

"Panties match the bra; I love when they're a set." He stated grinning as he held her underwear up dangling from one of his fingers, the water dripping onto the floor.

Reilly realized he was trying to irritate her; to get her mad; to warm her up. He was goading her into an argument. She decided right then, damn him, she was older and wiser, and she wasn't going to be baited, even if it was for her own good.

So she looked at him and said, "Me too. They ma-make me f-f-feel; so-so pr-pr-pretty." She smiled ever so sweetly at him as her teeth continued to chatter away.

He laughed outright at that. She pulled her blanket tight around her now that she was totally naked underneath and watched as he picked up her clothes along with his things and took everything over to the fireplace. He pulled some cushions off a sofa and laid them on the floor in front of the fire.

"Come over here and sit by the fire. You'll be arm in no time." He said to her as he was situating the cushions.

Reilly looked at him and then slowly padded over to the cushions. As he reached out to help her down, she asked him teasingly, "Aren't you gonna strip too?"

He just smiled at her as he made sure she was seated okay. He stood up and threw another log on the fire to get a good heat going, and then he reached down and pulled his sopping wet T-Shirt over his head. Reilly watched, she couldn't help it. He'd seen parts of her already, so she thought it was only fair to see some of him. But when she saw how his body was toned and muscled, she realized she shouldn't be doing this. She felt a red hot rush of heat creep up into her face. She hoped he would take it as a reaction to the heat from the fire had had blazing.

Nick continued undressing pulling off his jeans and draping them over the fireplace hearth with the other clothes already spread out. He grabbed the other blanket and wrapped himself up before he removed his boxer briefs. Reilly couldn't help feeling disappointed about that.

"Disappointed?" He asked as she realized he had been watching her as she had been watching him undress.

"No!" She turned her face away from him and she moved to sit with her back against the hearth.

Nick walked over to her and sat down right next to her. He then moved to pull her blanket around him and cover them both in the two layers of warmth.

She turned and looked at him, "What are you doing now?" She demanded.

"Trying to keep you warm. You're freezing. Your lips and fingers are blue." He explained. "Trust me; I don't want anything from this, but to keep both of us alive for the night. Especially since it's your fault we're stuck out here in the first place." He ignored her flimsy protests to keep him from touching her.

When his arm came out and wrapped around her waist and pulled her backside up against his broad muscled chest, she stopped protesting and jet let him pull her in closer as he moved them to lie down on the cushions. She felt him cradle her up against him. She decided she enjoyed feeling his warmth starting to seep into her bones. She had him up against her back and the fire to her face. Soon she was fast asleep and not conscious of how her body seemed to burrow into his hold over her. She missed seeing how he was smiling into her hair as he held tightly to her before he too fell asleep.

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