One Way Or Another

Chapter 17

Past Revisited

Chapter Seventeen

She must have fallen asleep, she thought. She felt so blissfully warm. Then she realized she felt something else. She looked down at the broad strong arms circling her body and felt the rock hard body at her back. Then she realized she was feeling another something else. One of those strong hands was gently stroking her left breast.

She knew Nick must be asleep by the even sounds of his breathing, but he was still stroking her breast. She thought to herself, this is so not good. I need this to stop. But Reilly made no move to remove his hand from her body. Instead she closed her eyes and let the feeling come over her. As she became aware of the stroking becoming more intense, she also became aware that Nick was also becoming aroused. She thought about moving, but then thought THAT'S a bad idea. She thought about trying to wake him, but she didn't want to be embarrassed or embarrass him. Wait why did she care about him? She hated this guy, didn't she?

And that's when she realized one final thing. She did not hate Nick Stokes; she loved him. Oh – my – God. I love him. And that's also when Nick decided to move. He moaned as he began to shift against her, and when he realized he had an erection, he froze. She knew what was going through his mind, because the same things had been going through her mind a few minutes ago.

"I'm awake science guy." She said, smiling to herself. She wished she could've seen his face when she spoke.

"Mmmm, sorry…" he mumbled into her hair. "I think I should ummm… no that's not… ummm…" He didn't know what he should do. If he moved against her, it would be torture. If he stayed put it wasn't going to go away and that would also be torture.

Reilly turned her head to look up into his damn chocolate eyes. The same eyes that had had her from the first time he'd laid them on her. She reached up and pressed her lips to his; gently at first until she knew what he would do. When she felt him respond to her, she deepened the kiss and allowed him to turn her slowly onto her back and move over her.

She heard him moan against her lips and when he pulled back a little, he said, "God help me, but I want you Reilly Mallone."

Before Reilly's brain could fully take that in he pulled her against him and his mouth came down again over hers in a warm passionate kiss. She could feel his hands caressing her back as he gently moved his lips from hers to take in her earlobe and then she felt him bury his face in the crook of her throat as he kissed the pulse beating wildly at her neck.

His hands moved over her breasts and down the length of her body, exploring her curves and hollows. When his hands moved lower, she shivered at the touch of him there. She forced herself to lie still under his roaming hands and to enjoy the experience to the fullest. A part of her brain was telling her she should stop him because he didn't love her, but she was too far gone, and his touch was doing things to her that her brain was beginning to respond to as well.

At least, thank God, Nick was with it enough to know exactly what to do considering she wasn't; he was gentle, his hands patient with her shivering flesh. He was a passionate lover, he was sharing everything. His body half covered hers where they lay and his hands were continuing to explore her body. His fingertips brushed like fire against her skin. She felt his mouth return to her breast, his lips and tongue teasing her nipple until she moaned and at the same time, taking her by surprise, his fingers were moving lower stroking her flat stomach and then even lower until he found hat he had been looking for.

He gently moved his fingers in and out stroking her there until she thought she'd have an orgasm just from his touch. He was good at this, her numbed brain was thinking. Very good. After a while she simply forgot who he was and who she was. She forgot the anger she felt for him at times and allowed herself to fall into the dark velvety abyss his lovemaking was creating.

She was vaguely aware of how his eyes went from chocolate brown to deep black showing his desire for her. She was also aware of his scent. He smelled very male mixed with soap and a mild aftershave of a woodsy scent. He smelled so damn good, she thought. She felt him move off of her and for an instant she didn't understand why until she searched his face.

"I… I have to… ummm… just a second." He said, as he moved over to his jeans and pulled out his wallet. She realized then what he was searching for. His hands trembled as he pulled the small square from his wallet.

"Okay?" He seemed to be asking her.

She smiled at him and reached for the packet. "Let me… please?"

He grinned as he let Reilly take the packet from him. She returned his grin as she pulled the condom from the wrapper and moved under him to slowly, very slowly roll the condom gently down his throbbing penis. He was bracing himself on the cushions with his arms on either side of her, and Reilly could see how his arms quivered while she was performing her task.

"You are enjoying that way too much." He said softly smiling at her.

"Yes, I am." She smiled back up at him.

Finally with her job done, he came back down on her and returned to his roaming of her body. His mouth came down over hers harder this time, because he was beginning to feel his urgency to move on as she kept her arms wrapped around him, her nails leaving mild red marks on the skin of his back.

Slowly he lifted his body so his knees were between her thighs now and he reached down to guide himself as he slowly entered her. He moved so slowly relishing the experience. He claimed her mouth when he finally thrust all the way inside her. He felt her gasp against his mouth as he began to rhythmically move over her. She was so moist and wet, he thought. God, she was hot. His mouth continued to move over hers and down her throat to her breasts as she began to move her hips in time to his thrusts.

She was gripping his back and his ass; God his ass, she thought, he had an amazing ass; she pushed him into her harder and harder until he thought he would explode at any moment. He fought to keep control until he knew she was close to reaching her climax as well. One way or another, they both knew they had crossed over that fine line of love/hate and that there was no turning back now. They were done for.

Nick wanted her to enjoy this as much as he was so he began to slow down just slightly; until she became more insistent that he move, so he watched her throw her head back and begin to moan, he moved a bit faster timing his climax to hers as they both let out a cry of pleasure when the tremors wracked both of them.

They made love again before they fell asleep; and when the morning sun came through the front window of the cabin, the fire had died down to just glowing embers…


"Reilly, you okay over there?" Nick asked, as he turned to smile at her in his glow of the bright pink paint that covered him from head to toe.

Reilly's face was a nice shade of pink itself, but Nick was willing to bet it had nothing to do with his eyes seeing only pink right now. She had been thinking of something… something that embarrassed her… he smiled. She had been thinking of them together… and he continued to smile at her.

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