One Way Or Another

Chapter 18

08/29/2005 Monday Afternoon

Chapter Eighteen

Reilly brought her mind back to the present as she looked at Nick. He was standing there smiling at her like the cat that ate the canary. He knew what she'd been doing, standing there and thinking about them… together…

She chuckled to herself and brought her thoughts back to how they had gone that morning to Hillary's doctor appointment and Nick had given his blood for the test. She was proud that he was going to stand by Hillary if she was having his baby, too. And they'd decided together that they would be there even if Nick wasn't the father, because they'd also found out that morning from Hillary that Kevin didn't have a brain injury. He had a brain tumor.

It was operable, but the doctor had told them that they needed to be prepared for all possibilities, so Nick had told Hillary that no matter what, both he and Reilly were there for her. Kevin's surgery was scheduled for Thursday morning and Reilly was planning on sitting with Hillary while she waited.

Reilly sighed as she saw how both Nick and Sam were going all out on the pink stuff and it was totally getting out of hand as she walked into the room they were painting a really bright blinding pink. Nick was still smiling wickedly at her and she blushed even deeper.

"You two realize that you're going to give this baby a blinding headache with all this pink don't you? I mean, I think you could have gone for some pastels in the rainbow of colors I know were also available at the paint store." Reilly laughed as she noted that it appeared they probably had more paint on themselves than on the walls.

Reilly had just gotten back from her appointment with Dr. Warren, which she'd attended alone, because Sam had wanted to get started on the painting. Nick had been leery of missing the appointment, but Reilly had told him she would have others and not to worry, so he had relented and let her go alone; and because he hadn't been there he didn't know the latest news. No one did and Reilly was going to keep this news a secret for now. She didn't want to upset anyone right now until it was a sure thing anyway.

The nurse had suspected something during her sonogram and Dr. Warren had confirmed the possibility, but he wasn't one hundred percent sure, so he had scheduled her for another sonogram in two weeks. Reilly wasn't saying anything until after that appointment. Like before she wanted to wait until it was an absolute before disrupting their lives again.

"Mom! you can't be in here with the paint fumes! Get out right this minute or I'll have Nick carry you out!" Sam yelled over 'Boot Scootin' Boogie' blaring from the radio they had set up in the corner for entertainment while they worked. They had purchased non-toxic paint, but Sam wasn't taking anything for granted; she had hoped they'd be done before Reilly returned, but they were running a little behind.

"Oh, now that sounds like fun!" Nick said as he dropped his roller brush and headed for Reilly. He gathered her in his arms and casually lifted her off her feet and moved her out of the room and back into the hallway, leaving her smeared with pink paint on her clothes and arms as he rubbed his body against hers. "Where were your thoughts a moment ago, princess?" He asked softly just for her ears. He leaned down and kissed her gently on the lips.

Reilly couldn't help but giggle like a schoolgirl at him. The man did know her. "Ummm, just thinking… which reminds me, I was just wondering, how did you become so adept at removing a bra in less than a second?" She looked up into his deep brown eyes as she wiggled her eyebrows at him. "Ummm?"

He laughed out loud at that and snuggled tight against her. "I'll never tell!" And that was when they both felt the baby move.

Both of them froze at that moment when the baby moved between them and Nick's eyes got round with the shock and surprise. "She kicked me!" He laughed as he pulled away slightly to put his palms across Reilly's slightly poofy stomach.

Reilly was almost in her fourth month now and while not really showing she had begun to start feeling the tiny flutters of movement from the baby as she began floating around in her home. Even though it was a little early, Reilly suspected she knew why the baby was moving earlier than usual and she was happy with that thought. But this was the first time she'd moved this much and it had been strong enough for Nick to feel it too. The look on his face was priceless. Reilly looked over at Sam and saw the look of happiness mixed with sadness cross her face. "Do you want to feel too?" She asked her firstborn.

Sam looked up and at first Reilly thought she was going to come running over, but instead she stayed put and said, "No. Nick should be there, not me."

Reilly started to object, but Nick beat her to it. "That's ridiculous, this is your sister. Get your butt over here and feel her move." He said to her as he beamed from ear to ear.

Sam smiled so big, Reilly thought she'd break her face. "Thank you, Nick." She said, as she threw one arm around him and used her other hand to pat Reilly's tummy.

"You guys are something else." Reilly said, smiling at them. She felt better that Sam was forgiving Nick and he was being sure he included Sam in things. One way or another, they were going to be a family and Reilly loved that thought.

Just then Nick's phone rang. He pulled away from Reilly to reach for it on the dresser just inside the room. "Looks like Grissom. I'm on call today so either something bad has come up or someone called in or both." He looked at Reilly disappointed; he'd had hopes of having a rousing discussion and possibly some demonstrations on the attributes of quick bra removal techniques. He smiled to himself; he'd have to wait.

"Answer the phone Nick, it's your job. I'll finish the room and then you can put the crib together tomorrow." Sam said, happily. "I'm not touching those five hundred and fifty pieces of Chinese technology." She laughed.

"Funny." Nick said smiling as he turned and walked out of the room to answer his call.


The woman walked into The Excalibur Hotel and headed straight for the elevator to the penthouse floor. She was occupying one of the best suites in the hotel. She had finished conducting her business early and everything had been set in motion this morning. The crime had been staged and she knew that her new favorite CSI would be responding to the scene soon if he hadn't already and by this time tomorrow she would have the prize in her hands and no one would interfere again. Transportation and stocking of the warehouse had been taken care of. She'd left the backpack with the necessary information and cell phone in the alley he'd told her about and all she needed now was to contact her sister and await her arrival. Her brother would be contacting her when he was able.

She smiled as she exited the elevator. Yes by this time tomorrow they would have Nick Stokes and her sister would have her revenge. Her brown eyes twinkled as she hummed to herself while entering her hotel room. He husband's money was able to buy the best, and she loved this hotel, but her husband had just about used up his usefulness and she would have to eliminate him soon. She had plans for her brother to take care of that, too. Soon she would be rid of any ties to him and his looney family.

She had only married into the family to get closer to the man she had her sites set on. Nick Stokes had ties to that family and her husband had been oblivious to those ties until recently. Everything had worked out and now it was time to begin cleaning up the loose ends. Yes, by this time tomorrow she would have her sister back with her and she would have Nick, then she'd be a pretty young widow with a very rich bank account. She smiled as she walked over to the liquor cabinet and poured herself a drink.

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