One Way Or Another

Chapter 2

08/20-08/21/2005 Late Saturday Evening into early Sunday morning

Chapter Two

Reilly walked into the building of the crime lab in Las Vegas the following evening. This was going to be the most awkward and nerve wracking moment of her life, and that was saying a lot considering her life. It wasn't going to be her proudest moment either. She was going to have to tell the man she was in a relationship with; a man she knew in her heart she loved. She might lose him, because he may not want to stay on this ride with her, but she was going to tell him. She didn't want to lose Nick now when things between them were going so good. However she still needed to tell him. He had a right to know… that he was about to become a father.

"Hey, Reilly, what are you doing here?" Greg Sanders asked, excitedly, as he came around the corner to the main lobby and saw her signing in at the front desk. He had a manila folder in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other. The smell kind of played havoc with Reilly's stomach, because Greg loved a little coffee with his cream and sugar.

She smiled trying to hide her discomfort and returned with, "Hey, yourself, Greg. I'm looking for Nick, have you seen him around?"

"He's out on a case; he won't be back here for awhile." Greg said, stopping at the front desk to check on his messages with Judy, the receptionist.

"What do you mean? Is it a bad one?" Reilly asked, a little worried.

"Sara and him have a nasty quadruple homicide out in Henderson." Greg said, smiling. "Family of four looks like a possible home invasion." He knew she was worried about Nick, so he added, "He's fine though, nothing they can't handle. Trust me." He knew Reilly worried a lot about Nick sine his kidnapping. They all did. "I have to get the results from Hodges on my own case, but if I hear from him, I'll have him call you. Are you going to be at his place?" He asked, innocently.

"Um, no, I'm staying at The Sands. I have an appointment Monday morning and a meeting there tomorrow afternoon." She hurriedly explained away the hotel stay. "Tell him to call my cell. I'll be up no matter what time."

"Is this anything major, Reilly?" Greg looked at Reilly with his deep blue soulful eyes. He could tell something wasn't quite right. "You know you can tell me… I'm there for you, too."

Reilly smiled at the young man, "No, Greg, it's fine. Really. I just need to talk to him. Everything's great." She stepped up to the young man and planted a big kiss on his cheek. "You are the sweetest guy I know next to Nick, and if I ever think of dumping him well, be ready, cause I'm gonna be knocking on your door."

The young man blushed at the praise and remarked, "Now that's one time I'll be sure and answer my door!" He waved bye and Reilly, still smiling, turned around and left the building.


Back at her hotel, Reilly sat with Sam, who had insisted on traveling to Vegas with her, in one of the hotel's restaurants for a late night dinner, when a young woman came up to their table. Both women glanced up, expecting their waitress, and instead Reilly saw the amber eyes of Nick's former girlfriend, Lauren Hall.

"Hello, Reilly. I know it's late, but I was wondering if I could talk to you for a moment?" She asked, as she settled herself at the table without waiting for an invitation.


Nick and Sara were sitting in the break room at the lab, when Greg walked in. "Hey, Nick Sara; I didn't know you were back."

"Just got back actually, and waiting on the results from Hodges on our trace." Sara said, as she got up to fill her coffee mug. "I'm about to head out and work on the fingerprints we lifted. Not sure what lazy bones Nick is going to do besides checking out the sports page." She smiled at Nick whose nose was buried deep in the mentioned section of the newspaper and was oblivious to her comment.

"Well, Nick, Reilly stopped by while you were out. Said to tell you to call her." Greg said, as he walked over to the coffee pot for his own refill. He smiled at the fact that Nick hadn't even registered Sara's comment.

"Reilly? She didn't tell me she was coming out. How long ago was this? Is she at home?" Nick asked, looking up from the newspaper and pulling out his cell phone.

"Um, about three hours ago, and no she isn't at home. Said she was staying at The Sands for a couple of meetings she had there. But she said to call her cell anytime, she'd be up waiting."

"Wow. Must be important. She didn't say anything else?" Nick questioned, checking to see if he'd missed any messages on his cell.

Before Greg could answer, Judy came in and said, "Nick? There's someone here waiting for you in the lobby." She smiled at the three as she spoke.

"Thanks, Judy." Nick got up and followed her out, thinking Reilly must have come back. As he rounded the corner into the lobby he was a little surprised to see Sam, Reilly's daughter, there waiting for him instead.

"Sam? Is something wrong-" Nick started, but before he could finish, Sam strode over and slapped him soundly across the face.

"What the Hell?" Sara said from behind them. She and Greg had followed Nick being curious as to what the mystery was.

"Stay away from my mother, Nick Stokes!" And with that Sam turned and strode out of the building.

Nick was rendered speechless as he watched Sam go. Whatever was going on, they had his full attention now. He was going to find out what was going on, one way or another.

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