One Way Or Another

Chapter 22

08/29/2005 Same Day

Chapter Twenty-Two

"Look man, take me instead. Leave him here. He's got a baby on the way." Warrick pleaded with Thompson. He had seen the look in Nick's eyes. He knew how hard this would be for Nick after he'd been kidnapped by Walter Gordon. He knew Nick was resigning himself to the inevitable and that scared Warrick more than losing his friend. He felt Nick was going to give up, and he couldn't do that. He had a baby on the way. It should be me instead of Nick. God, he's had to go through too much already. It should be me!

Thompson ignored Warrick as he patted Nick down removing his cell phone and tossing it on the table. He wasn't going to take any chances here. A forgotten cell phone could ruin this whole thing and they'd worked too hard to get to this point.

Brass looked at Jameson and Smith. Neither man looked like they'd give anything up, but Brass needed to try. "John… you don't need to do this, you're gonna end up dead. Come on man, give it up."

Smith looked at Brass and he smiled as he replied, "Wrong man… dude. I'm only interested in getting out of here and I don't give a damn about anyone or anything. Especially your man. You picked the wrong con to plead your case to." His tone was like steel, and Brass couldn't hide his wince at the words.

Thompson held out a hand to Smith and said, "Good John. Now give me one of those guns and let's take all of them with us. We wouldn't want anyone shooting us in the back when we get out of here."

Smith handed him one of the two guns he was holding and reached for another one off the table stuffing it inside his jumpsuit and then taking up another to replace the one he'd given Thompson. Jameson did the same with the remaining guns on the table.

Thompson grabbed Nick by one arm and pulled him back against his chest as he now placed his gun up under Nick's chin. Then he said to Coleman. "You… call the other guards and tell them we're leaving and they'd better not fuckin' try to stop us or your man will be the first to die out there. And I'll make sure he gets ventilated real good before I go down."

Brass glanced at Coleman, daring him to try something. Coleman nodded and pulled his radio from his jacket pocket and spoke into it. "All units… repeat all units… Coleman Badge #11017… be advised… we have a code white… repeat code white… north rec-com room… police officer is code white… all units be advised to stand down… repeat stand down… Do not intervene… repeat do not intervene…"

"That's it?" Jameson asked, leery of falling into a trap.

"Yes. That's it." Coleman answered, keeping his voice neutral. He made eye contact with only Smith as he answered Jameson.

Thompson looked at Smith then Jameson. "Go check it out. I don't want any surprises." Thompson kept his grip on Nick and pressed the gun's barrel deeper into his throat.

Jameson went to the door and slowly opened it to reveal all the guards had moved to the opposite end of the hallway and held out their hands in surrender. Nick's heart was pounding as he realized that one way or another these guys were going to take him with them. He was going to die and he'd never see Reilly or his baby. He was afraid of dying, but he was more afraid of leaving Reilly alone to sort through his mess with their baby and possibly with Hillary. He had been trying, but he hadn't fixed everything yet. He needed to know his baby girl would be alright and that Reilly would be alright.

Jameson returned to Thompson's side, "All the guards are at the other end of the hall and are holding their hands up in surrender. Everything looks good."

Thompson grinned, "I guess we're out of here." He smiled as he pressed the gun hard up under Nick's chin causing Nick to wince in pain as he started moving him towards the door. "Larry you take point and John you flank us. We don't want any surprises here." Both men joined up to Thompson with Jameson taking the lead.

Nick was panicking now. No…no…no…! This cannot be happening! I can't go with them! He fought Thompson's pushing and turned a desperate eye to Brass once again. Please Jim…help me…I don't want to die! Don't let them take me!

"Jim!" Nick managed to get out as Thompson pushed him forward.

As the men neared the door, Brass shouted out, "This is your last chance, Thompson. You walk out that door with my guy, and I promise you, I won't stop till I've put you in a body bag and driven you to the morgue myself!"

Thompson chuckled, "It's bound to happen to me sooner or later… makes no difference to me who pulls the trigger… but I guarantee you this…if I go down, I'm taking as many of you pigs with me as I possibly can." He turned to look at Brass. "We clear the roads and I'll give 911 a call on where you can pick up your guy. Let's go!" He said as he pushed harder on Nick to get him moving.

As soon as the men cleared the building, Coleman grabbed his radio again. "All units… to the north rec-com room… now! Repeat… all units to the north rec-com room!" A few seconds later the guards from the hallway came in and secured the remaining prisoners.

Brass, Warrick and Vega ran from the building and watched the four men making their way out of the lot in Warrick's Tahoe. Warrick slammed his fist against the gate and yelled at Brass, "Damn it, Brass! What do we do now?! We can't just sit here and let Nick go! We have to get him back!"

"We'll get him…I mean it…I'm not resting till Nick is back with us, Rick." Brass reached into his pocket to call dispatch. "Dispatch, this is Captain Brass Badge # 984…I need an APB out for a county vehicle… 2004 Chevy Tahoe, Nevada license plate #..." Brass trailed on as Warrick tuned it all out; until he heard Brass add, "…Dispatch, be advised that CSI Nick Stokes – Charlie 05Stokes is a 4-18 hostage situation. Repeat 4-18 hostage CSI Nick Stokes – Charlie 05Stokes." Brass knew they would need to hurry; night was setting in and it would get harder to track them after dark.

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