One Way Or Another

Chapter 23

08/29/2005 Same day into evening

Chapter Twenty-Three

The prisoners made their way to the parking lot with their hostage and went past the guards stationed at the front gate without any confrontation. The guards just stood back and watched them walk through. No one tried to stop them. Nick only watched as these guys kept forcing him onward towards the parking lot.

"Which car is yours?" Thompson said, gripping Nick's left arm tightly and waving the gun around hear his face.

Nick didn't respond; he'd decided if he was going to die, then so be it, but he wasn't going to do one damn thing to help them escape. Jameson stepped forward and pressed the remote button on the key ring. They heard the chirping and saw the lights blink on the black Tahoe parked directly in front of them.

"Must be getting a lot of the taxpayers money budgeted to the county for the police to afford the rides." Smith said as he and Larry ran to the vehicle.

"Let's go." Thompson said as he pushed Nick forward over to the left rear side of the car. Larry opened the door as Thompson said, "Get in."

Nick looked at each man and found all three had their guns trained on him. He couldn't escape this, no one was coming to help him; so he did what he was told, he got in the back seat of the car. Thompson reached into the car and pulled the seatbelt around Nick and buckled it, then he jogged around to the other side of the car and got in next to Nick keeping his gun trained on him.

Larry climbed into the driver's seat and John got in the shotgun seat. Once they were all in the car, John instructed Larry to head to the south exit of the parking lot.


The Clark County Detention Center is located on Casino Center Blvd near the police and CSI buildings and no one saw the black Tahoe with its four occupants exit the parking lot and blend in with the city traffic. Brass and Warrick had already returned to the lab leaving Detective Vega on scene at the jail to secure all evidence that had yet to be processed. Warrick and Brass walked into the A/V lab to see what Grissom and Archie had on the tracking of the Tahoe.

Grissom looked up as the two men entered the lab where Grissom had Archie working several systems trying to track the Tahoe. He'd heard over the radio that it was Nick who had been taken and there was no way his crew would be stepping back from this one. Just as when Nick had been kidnapped and buried alive, Grissom was working this one. It was personal. Very personal.

"Griss, tell me you got something on Nicky." Brass said as he walked up to Grissom.

"We're trying, I've got Archie running every option available, but it looks like they've disabled both the LoJack and the GPS systems somehow. Both stopped transmitting at the south exit of the parking lot of the Detention Center. What the hell happened out there, Warrick?" Grissom said, frustration showing in his every word.

"Man, it all happened so fast; one of the inmates grabbed Nick from behind and used him as a shield and recruited two other inmates to help him with his jailbreak. I shouldn't have made Nick turn his back to the guy; I was just gonna ask him something, and the next thing I know, Nick's in a chokehold with the guy. It's all my fault." Warrick groaned.

"Hey guys, somehow these guys knew about the tracking systems and they knew how to disable them." Archie stated. "I've tried running the backup transmitter for the LoJack, and it won't respond either." He added.

"What?" Warrick questioned. "How is that even possible? No one should be able to disable the LoJack, it's run on a remote radio transmitter. They might be able to pull the regular GPS tracking system and get rid of it, but not the LoJack."

"Well, maybe they got information from Nick on the tracking possibilities. Maybe they forced it from him… somehow." Grissom said, not wanting to believe they would hurt Nick, but knowing it was highly possible. "Then again, they knew about the backup transmitter on the LoJack, so how did they disable both frequencies?" He asked himself.

"Oh, God… Griss, we have to find Nick. He can't go through something like this again. I can't let this happen to Nick again." Warrick said, feeling so damn frustrated.

"What do you mean, 'go through this again'?" All eyes turned towards the entrance to the room to see Reilly and Sam standing there with several bags in their hands.


"Good job on disabling the LoJack, John… I learned something new. Must be a well kept secret; I never knew you could use lead mesh to jam the radio signals. Is that something you learned in the army?" Thompson spoke from the back seat as John got back in the car after disabling the tracking systems.

"Something like that… let's just say it's not something the cops want known." John turned and smiled at Nick.

"Okay, we found the mesh left for us and we're on our way without being tracked, so what's the game plan from here?" Thompson asked, keeping one eye on Nick and the other on the two men up front.

"We need to get out of town, but first we keep the meet in the morning, where we get rid our Mr. CSI guy here." Smith said, looking at Nick. "Till then we need to lay low."

Nick looked up to meet Smith's eyes. They were going to get rid of him. I'm a dead man, but I knew that already. Nick thought. There's more than meets the eye here. He turned back to look out the window; at least he could try and remember the route they were taking just in case by some miracle he were able to escape this. Something else stuck with Nick, too. Thompson was asking Smith what their next move was to be. Not the other way around.

"Take a left up here then a right at the next cross street. There's a bar on the left after that where something else should be waiting for us in the alley. It'll tell us where to go from here." John instructed Larry. "We need to dump this car though before too long. Even if the tracking is disabled , this big black SUV stands out as government issue all the way, not to mention the emergency lights can be seen if someone gets to close to us."

"Right. Okay, how about we find something in the bar's parking lot; take our pick from there." Larry asked, as he turned on the next street.

"Yeah. Sounds good. Do either of you know how to boost a car? My skills lean a bit more towards disciplinary security." Thompson joked. "Bouncer at a biker bar, that's my skill."

"Not a problem." Smith said, smiling again.

Nick listened as the group carried on, but felt his stomach drop when he realized they'd be leaving the Tahoe. He had hoped that the LoJack was still transmitting even if Smith had blocked it. There was always a chance the backup signal could still be picked up. He watched as Jameson pulled into the parking lot of the bar Smith had named. Jameson worked his way down the line of cars until he spotted one.

"How about this one?" He asked Smith as he neared an older model dark green Ford Bronco.

"Yeah. This is good. Too old for any kind of tracking device and big enough for all of us. Pull up alongside and let me out." Smith said eying the Bronco.

The Bronco was parked away from the front of the bar, so there was plenty of darkness to cover Smith and let him do his thing. He got out of the Tahoe and in less than two minutes they could see he had the engine of the car running and ready to go.

"Let's get out of here." Thompson said as he leaned over and undid Nick's seat belt and pulled him across the seat by the arm and out the Tahoe on his side.

"Hey, why don't you make it easier on yourself and just leave me here with the Tahoe, okay?" Nick said, trying to keep his voice as calm as possible. His throat was a little sore from the bruising he'd taken earlier during Thompson's chokehold.

"No way." Thompson replied still holding onto Nick.

"Come on, man. Just let me go here and you guys can be long gone before anyone finds me."

"No. You already heard some of our plans and you'll tell them what car we're in now." Thompson narrowed his eyes at Nick. "There's no way we're letting you go; we've got plans for you. Besides the whole reason I'm out of that stinking jail is because of you." Thompson actually smiled at Nick over that.

Nick looked up at that, confused. "What do you mean?"

"He wants to know what do I mean?" Thompson laughed as Jameson and Smith joined them.

"He means the whole thing with Waller, bringing in you CSI guys, it was all planned. We're delivering you to someone very special who's gonna pay us a bundle. Enough for us to get out of Nevada, probably head down to Mexico and live it up on a beach somewhere where no one will ever bother us again." Smith laughed at the look on Nick's face.

"You were paid to kidnap and deliver me to someone? Who?" Nick demanded. What the hell was going on here? What did all this mean?

"Just what we said. Someone wants your ass, pretty boy, and we were paid to deliver you one way or another. We don't care who or why, at least I don't anyway. All I want is to get paid and get out Las Vegas." Jameson sneered.

AN: The part about the lead mesh disabling the LoJack systems, I found this on the internet. I don't know if it will actually work, but I did ask my ex-brother-in-law who is a retired policeman and he said is it possible, but he had never seen it done.

Don't forget to send me those reviews. I need to know how I'm doing for my first story!

Thank you!

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