One Way Or Another

Chapter 3

08/21/2005 Early Sunday morning

Chapter Three

Nick clocked out at his designated time and brushed off any concern from Sara and Greg over the earlier incident. He had to find Reilly and find out what the hell was going on. He got in his truck and headed straight for her hotel. It was going to be weird if Sam was with her, but hell he deserved to know what was going on. After the last weekend Reilly and he had shared, he hadn't seen anything like this coming.

Nick was in love with Reilly and he had been starting to think of a more long term relationship, possibly even marriage, if she would listen to him. He'd even been looking at rings, and he'd found the one he wanted. He had it at home in his dresser drawer just waiting for the right time, but now he couldn't help but worry that something was wrong. He knew how Reilly felt about marriage, especially after the hurt she'd endured in her past, and to be honest he'd had his fair share in the hurt department himself.

He still remembered how he'd been hurt by Lauren, almost a year ago now. He'd been ready to just stay a bachelor forever after that until the night fate brought Reilly Mallone into his life. That had been an amazing adventure, then things had gone bad with his kidnapping, and he had wanted nothing else, but to just be back in Reilly's arms. He'd fought to stay alive those awful hours in that box, because he'd only been thinking of getting back to his friends and Reilly. He needed to hold her in his arms, to keep him grounded and remind him just how precious life was.

Now this was happening and he didn't understand what he'd done to deserve Sam's wrath. But he was more worried about Reilly. If Sam was this mad at him, then he could only guess at Reilly's anger.

He handed his keys to the hotel's valet service attendant, and walked inside the hotel straight up to the front desk. He just happened to be friends with Jimmy, the night manager. If he was still on duty, Nick would find out which room Reilly was in. Sometimes being a CSI had its advantages.

Nick was relieved after finding out from Jimmy that Reilly was indeed staying there and that she was booked into two rooms, which hopefully meant that Sam was not sharing a room with her and that Nick might be able to catch Reilly alone. He stepped out of the elevator on the fourteenth floor and headed for her room. He was halfway there when his cell phone rang. He looked down at the caller ID and was surprised to see Lauren's name.

"Hey," Nick answered, stopping in the hallway. "Now is not a good time, Lauren."

"Hey, Nick, I just wanted to call and invite you over. Are you at home?" Lauren asked slightly seductive and catching Nick's attention.

"What? Lauren, we broke up a year ago, and I told you the last time you called, that I was in a relationship with someone else. You have to stop calling me. This has to end. Now." Nick couldn't believe her.

"Oh, I don't know… I heard from a little birdie that your relationship fell apart… and I thought you might need a shoulder to cry on… I guess maybe you just haven't gotten the news yet." With that, she hung up.

Nick looked at his cell like it'd grown a head. What the Hell, he thought. This woman was beginning to worry him. Then it hit him like a ton of bricks. She'd gotten to Reilly or Sam or both. That's why Sam had been so mad at him. He realized Lauren was trying to break him and Reilly up. He had to get to Reilly. He turned and raced down the hall to the room Jimmy had given him and he knocked on the door. No answer. He knocked again. Still no answer.

"Reilly, its Nick." He said; he knew she was in her room. He could feel it. She was looking at him through the peephole and she was hiding behind the door. He grew angry thinking of how childish that was, but he knew it wasn't Reilly's fault. He was going to have a field day with Lauren when he got a hold of her.

"Come on, Reilly. I know you're in there, and I know you're looking at me through the peephole. I can feel you staring at me. Just answer the door, so your neighbors don't come out to watch me as I camp out here at your door, 'cause I'm not leaving till we get whatever's going on sorted out." He said, as he continued knocking away.

He heard the lock click and she opened the door. She didn't look surprised to see him, and Nick realized that she wasn't angry – she looked… hurt. And he could see that she'd been crying. She had been expecting him, he was sure of that, and this only caused his anger with Lauren to intensify.

"Hi, Nick." Reilly said, trying to sound nonchalant about this, but Nick could see through that charade and this only caused him to become more upset with this whole situation. He entered her room ignoring all the other signs that Reilly was silently putting out there for him.

"I need to tell you that whatever Lauren has said to you or Sam that she was lying! You can't believe her for one minute-" He stopped as he turned around to look at Reilly. Really look at her. His eyebrows slanted as he took in the light pallor of her skin and the dark circles under her eyes. "Reilly, are you okay? You look like you don't feel well. I know you're upset, and I'm really sorry and I promise I will be filing a report against Lauren for harassment first thing after I leave here. I swear to you I'm not going to let her bother you. I will deal with her, one way or another." He reached out for her, but Reilly backed away and moved further into the room, away from Nick.

"Reilly?" He tried again. "What's wrong?" He had been ready for one of their classic arguments like they'd had in their early days, when they'd first met and butted heads; he fully expected Reilly to be angry with him about this whole thing, but that's not the way she looked at all. She looked hurt… and afraid. She was afraid of something.

"I'm pregnant." She said, not missing a beat.

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