One Way Or Another

Chapter 32

08/30/2005 Same Day 8:00AM-8:30AM

Chapter Thirty-Two

"Hey, hurry up in there, pretty boy." Smith's cold voice boomed at Nick through the closed door.

Nick quickly flushed his face with cold water then wiped his face on his shirt sleeve. He was about to find out what was going down today and he needed his wits about him. No one had found him yet, but that didn't mean they weren't looking. He knew his friends and they were out there looking for him right now. He had to keep the faith. He gave himself a mental shake as he took one final look in the mirror before turning around and pulling open the door.


Sam Vega called for backup as he and Warrick followed Mike and his arson dog, Milo, a German shepherd. Milo had led the group to a warehouse at the end of the street about a mile from the convenience store's parking lot. The warehouse was preceded by a large parking lot and a chained off area for heavy equipment. There was a small outbuilding that stood flush against the warehouse itself.

Vega had already checked a window and spotted the Bronco inside the building as their backup began to arrive silently. Once all the units were in place, Vega allowed Warrick to follow him as they drew their weapons and slowly proceeded to approach the front of the warehouse.

The door was ajar and on the count of three the men rushed the building amidst the shouting of "Police! Don't move!" from Vega. The building was vacant save for the Bronco.

"Spread out and check every room and every corner. If they aren't here now, they were and we need a clue to where they are going." Vega instructed as he pulled out his radio to call it in.

Warrick walked over to something by a closed door that had caught his eye and Vega followed him. Warrick bent down and picked up Nick's black CSI field vest with 'Stokes' in white lettering over the pocket and looked at Vega. "Damn it! He was here!"

Patrolman Beckett came over to them. "We just missed them sir. There's a coffee pot in the last room, an office and it's still warm."

"Damn it!" Warrick said again. "Now how are we going to find him?!"

Vega's cell rang in his hand. "Vega." He paused as he listened to the caller. "Okay we're heading back now." He looked at Warrick as he ended his call. "That was Brass and he's sending dayshift to process the scene here. He wants us back at the station; he may have a lead on Nick." Both men left the patrolmen there to secure the scene and rushed back to the lab.


Nick sat in the red GMC Envoy with his hands cuffed in front of him holding the Styrofoam cup of coffee given to him in one hand and the doughnut in the other. It was dry, but he was starved and didn't really care as long as it was edible. He needed to maintain his strength.

Thompson was driving this time and Smith was seated in the back with Nick. Jameson was following them in the pickup truck.

After Nick had come out of the bathroom, they had cuffed him and gotten in the vehicles. Smith had a bag of food that he put in the front seat with Thompson and they had different weapons. The three men had also been able to change their clothes. Nick thought about this; someone had stocked the warehouse for them. They had planned on being taken care of and someone was helping them along on the outside since their jailbreak.

Nick finished the doughnut and Smith handed him another from the box on his lap without question. Nick took it and chewed it as he continued thinking. He needed a plan here. He just hoped his friends were going to be able to keep up with these changes. He knew Reilly wasn't going to give up, but he knew she'd need help with this one. Help that only Reilly knew how to get. CSI was good, damn good, but they had to follow the science and the law and sometimes Reilly knew how to maneuver around those legal road blocks. Whoever was helping these guys was hiding in the background and only Reilly's sources would be able to flush them out.


Jackie and Allyson were up and had already had their own breakfast from room service. The two women were gathering their belongings and preparing to check out. They were heading into the final stages of their plan and both women were ready.

"Okay Jackie, we're on our way. Soon you'll be with Nick and we'll be out of Vegas for good and home free." Allyson smiled at her sister. "Here, you need to be sure and take your meds." She added as she handed Jackie several different pills.

"I hate those pills." Jackie flinched at the pills.

"Jackie, you promised if we helped you get Nick then you'd continue taking your pills." Allyson scolded her older sister gently.

"Oh alright," she said as she took the pills and washed them down with the glass of juice Allyson also handed her. "As long as everything is working out and I get Nicky."

"Everything's on track, I promise. John called while you were in the shower and they're headed for the motel right about now; and we'll be there soon too."

"What's going to happen to the other men? I don't want them to ruin this for me." Jackie paused for a terrifying minute as she thought that they could ruin everything for her. She needed Nicky and she couldn't go back to that place. She'd die before she'd ever go back there.

"John will take care of them, don't worry. I promise they won't mess anything up." Allyson smiled at her reassuringly.

She hugged her sister as they gathered up their bags and exited the room to take the elevator to the parking garage. In the garage both women loaded their bags in Allyson's little blue Honda.

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