One Way Or Another

Chapter 36

08/30/2005 Same Day 9:30AM-10:30AM

Chapter Thirty-Six

"Get him in the SUV." Ally said to the men. "And make sure you aren't seen."

Thompson and Smith gathered up Nick and carefully got him loaded into the back of the Envoy. Jackie quickly climbed behind the wheel of the vehicle and waited to follow Ally in her Honda. The men went back inside the room as the women left the parking lot.

John motioned to the duffel bags on the first bed. "That's clothes, toiletries, bus tickets and some petty cash. Everything you need for right now." He held up a key and handed it to Thompson. "This key is to a bus locker where you'll find your share of the money $300, 000 - $150,000 for each of you. I'm walking; take the truck and leave it at the bus station – I'll pick it up tomorrow and get rid of it. It would be a good idea to leave this motel asap. Nothing personal, but this is where we part ways guys. It's been great, but I have my own agenda now." John said as Thompson took the key and reached out a beefy hand to John. John hesitated for a moment then he reached out and shook it.

"Thanks John and good luck to you." Thompson said to the man.

"Yeah, thanks John." Jameson added.

"You too." John replied as he nodded to the men then turned and walked out of the room. He crossed the parking lot and took to the sidewalk heading for the other motel where he'd meet up with Ally and Jackie.

As John kept walking he pulled out the cell phone Ally had put in the black backpack from the alley behind the bar. He punched in 9-1-1 and made an anonymous call to LVPD about spotting the escaped convict Chris Thompson at the Three Aces motel. He completed the call and threw the phone in the nearest trash bin as he kept walking away from Thompson and Jameson.

He had just reached the parking lot of the Diamond Dust motel when he heard the first sirens approaching. He watched as the police cars sped by him towards their destination. He found room one-seventeen in the back out of sight of the main road where Ally and Jackie stood waiting for him.


Catherine pulled her silver Denali into the parking lot and pulled up behind Brass' silver Crown Vic. They spotted the man standing behind a squad car talking to several officers at the scene. As the two women approached him, Catherine drew her weapon and stayed near Brass. Reilly decided she'd stay close to Catherine since she did not have a weapon.

The three turned to see Warrick and Greg pull up in their dark SUV and park behind Catherine's car. The two joined the others. Warrick also drew his weapon while Greg stayed close to Reilly.

"What the hell are you doing here?" Warrick asked Reilly. "If anything happens to you, Nick will kill me. You're pregnant."

"Gee thanks for telling me. I was beginning to think I was just getting fat." She replied sarcastically. "Look, if Nick is in that room, I'm not going to be somewhere else." She added with fire in her eyes. "I dare you to try and remove me from this scene." She stood toe to toe with Warrick even if he was a whole head taller than her.

"I don't care why any of you are here." Brass yelled at the four of them. "But you all better do exactly as I say. This is my scene and I'm in charge here. Greg, you don't have a weapon, so you need to be back and down out of sight. Now."

"Hey, Reilly doesn't have a gun either and she's pregnant! She needs down too." Greg yelled back as Reilly gave him a sour look. He took a quick step back from her just to be safe.

Brass looked at Reilly. "He's right." He said to her as he reached into the backseat of the squad car and pulled out a Kevlar vest and handed it to her. "Put this on." He then reached in the front of the car and unhooked the shotgun there and handed it to Reilly. "Don't make me regret this. Please be careful."

"What the hell are you doing Brass? Are you kidding me?" Catherine asked shocked at what he was doing. Why was he arming Reilly?

Reilly handed the shotgun to Greg. "Hold this for me for a second, please?" She asked as she slipped the vest over her head and fastened the side straps. Then she took the gun back from him. "Extra ammunition?" She asked Brass as she checked the gun was loaded.

"Glove box." He answered her. "And no, Catherine, I'm not kidding."

"Are we the only ones here who think you've finally lost it by arming a pregnant woman?!" Warrick yelled at him.

Greg and Catherine nodded in agreement with Warrick.

"That's why I had her put the vest on; plus she's away from any direct fire and it's just in case." He answered.

"Oh yeah, that makes it so much better; having her put on the vest and all." Catherine mocked him.

"In case of what? Is the world coming to an end where we need to arm even the pregnant women now?" Greg asked shocked beyond reason. Brass had finally lost it. "I sure as hell wouldn't want to be you when Nick finds out." He added.

"Ummm… standing right here guys. Nick does not tell me what I can and cannot do and I will not be putting my baby in harm's way, trust me on that. I'm not an idiot." Reilly yelled at the three.

"Now is not the time to go into this. You can attack my sanity later. For now you all stay put." Brass walked back to the front of the car away from them and back to the action in the motel.

Reilly looked at the three of them as they stared at her. "Look guys I'm sorry, but there's a very good reason for this and I promise I'm not going to do anything stupid. I'm staying right here unless Brass needs me. I promise." She said as she slowly moved to stand behind Brass at the front of the car.

The three CSIs exchanged confused looks. "Okay, this officially just got interesting." Greg said.


Thompson turned from the motel window to look at Jameson. "Looks like we were spotted or set up. There are cops everywhere out there, dude." He reached for one of the guns he'd laid out on the bed so he could change clothes before packing them away. "Smith or those women maybe."

"What do we do? I don't want to shoot it out!" Jameson said the gun in his own hand shaking.

"You'd rather spend the next twenty-five to life in prison?!" Thompson yelled. "I'm not going back ever so if you want out then get out, otherwise stay out of my way!" He added as he pulled Jameson's gun out of his hand before he shot him with it.

Before Thompson could do anything else, something large came crashing through the big plate glass window in the room. Jameson was the first one to react.

"Tear gas!" He screamed as he started coughing. He ran for the door, yanked it open and ran outside waving his hands in the air to surrender.

"Stop you idiot! It's not tear gas… it's a… it's a God damn rock! They tricked us!" Thompson said as he spied the object on the floor. He tried to stop Jameson but he was already out the door and running right into the arms of the waiting cops.


"Hold fire! Repeat… Hold fire!" Someone yelled as all guns were aimed at Jameson and the doorway in anticipation of anyone else coming out of the room.

Two officers rushed forward and dragged Jameson clear of the room and had him cuffed and locked in a waiting squad car in record time.

Brass tried to talk to the remaining prisoners as he assumed Smith was still with them via a bullhorn, but he was being ignored. Reilly looked at Brass as he continued to try. Finally he turned to her and said, "They're not coming out on their own. Long shot?" He asked her.

Reilly knew what he was asking her and she nodded her agreement. He handed her his car keys and took the shotgun from her. She took the keys and went over to the trunk of his car and opened it. She reached in and as Brass and the other CSIs watched she pulled out a long range sniper rifle. She grabbed several of the special bullets stuffing them in her jeans pocket as she closed the trunk of the car.

She walked away from the scene to the lobby of the motel which was about a hundred yards away and directly across from the room. She took the outside stairs to the second floor of the motel and she got into position using the balcony railing as support for the barrel of the rifle and she adjusted the scope to bring the room below into focus.

Reilly looked through the scope and was able to spot a figure in the room through the open curtains now blowing gently in the wind. The figure was crouched down between the two beds with a gun in each hand. He was waiting for them to come in. Reilly pulled out her cell phone and called Brass.

When he answered she said, "Only one guy in there, looks like Thompson. Can't miss that tattoo on his head. I don't see Smith or Nick. He's crouched down between the two beds and if you try to rush him you'll get him, but he'll take out some of you out if you do."

"Okay. How about we shoot off a couple warning shots at him and you take him out when he tries to return fire?" Brass asked.

"What the hell are you doing Brass?" Catherine asked as Warrick and Greg agreed with her. This was getting way out of hand. What was Reilly doing? Catherine couldn't understand how Brass could let a pregnant woman even be here let alone have her play sniper? Someone had better tell her something that made sense in all this and they'd better tell her soon.

"Go ahead and tell them something then shoot. I'll be ready." Reilly instructed after overhearing Catherine. She hung up and waited.

Brass sighed, why is it always me who has to tell? He thought. "Reilly is a special agent with the KBI. She's a member of the Kansas Attorney General's special response team. She has jurisdiction here if I allow it and I am. If the investigation calls for federal help, she usually comes in under the guise as a police consultant. She has the authority to lead this investigation if she chooses to, but she won't. She's just here to back us up." Brass told them as he crouched down behind the patrol car. "She also happens to be the best sniper here right now since SWAT hasn't arrived yet." He took careful aim at the open door of the motel room.

"What?" Warrick was stunned.

Catherine looked up at Reilly then back to Brass. "Okay. That I understand." She said.

"Wow." Greg said. "Hey, does Nick know?" He asked.

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