One Way Or Another

Chapter 37

08/30/2005 Same Day 10/:30AM-11:30AM

Chapter Thirty-Seven

"I need all officers to stand down! Repeat… Stand down!" Brass yelled out as he stood and fired two quick shots into the motel room's door. He wasn't aiming to hit anyone, just to draw Thompson out of his hiding spot. He knew there was no other choice here; Thompson wasn't going back to jail; he'd already told Brass that at the very beginning of all this. Brass accepted that and his only thought was, he'd wished he could be the one who was putting the bullet in him.

Reilly was waiting for Brass' shots; her signal; never taking her eyes off the man who'd first grabbed Nick; who'd first put Nick in this situation; for taking him away in the first place. She waited for Thompson to stand up and when he did she didn't let him get a chance to return fire. Reilly squeezed the trigger on the rifle and fired one shot at Thompson hitting him dead center in the chest. She watched him go down and knew he was dead before he hit the floor.

She continued to watch as three officers rushed the room to check on him. When one officer gave Brass the all clear she slowly lowered the rifle and felt her heart drop. Unless Jameson could give them something, she'd just closed the book on finding Nick.

She reached under her vest and with one hand touched her tummy and silently whispered to herself and her baby, 'we'll find him.'


Ally Monroe-Hendler walked past her husband's secretary with John Smith following closely behind her. They had entered Jason's office building the same way Jason himself always did; through the underground tunnel that connected his office building with the parking garage. No one knew about the tunnel except the prominent tenants of the building and Jason was a very prominent tenant.

When the secretary stood to greet Ally, John Smith turned and shot the woman twice. Ally didn't even stop to see what had happened with the woman; she just kept heading for her husband's office.

She opened the door to his office and saw him as he was rising from his desk chair to investigate the noises he'd just heard from outside his office.

Jason's offices were on the tenth floor of the building and no other employees were present on this floor, however there were other business in the building. Ally knew they wouldn't have much time so she hurried into the office.

As Jason rose from his chair, he saw Ally and John enter the room. "Ally, what's going on? What was that noise out there?"

The woman smiled at her husband and replied, "It's not important, Jayce." Then she took a step to her right to reveal John behind her with his gun aimed at Jason. "Sorry about this dear, but I'm going to have to terminate our marriage."

With that said, John fired three times at Jason bringing the man down where he stood. As he was falling, he saw the look on his wife's face and he had one clear moment before everything went black where he suddenly realized that he had incredibly bad luck with women.


"What the hell is going on here Brass? Reilly?" Catherine Willows demanded; she was beside herself. She did not like being left out of anything or lied to. Especially if that something had to do with one of her friends; and Nick Stokes was definitely her friend. And up until about 5 minutes ago, she had thought Reilly was a friend, too. But since Reilly had been keeping secrets, she wasn't sure what was going on with their friendship now.

"Look Catherine, all of you, I'm really sorry. I'm a special agent and I wasn't able to just walk around and tell everyone I met who I was." Reilly paused to lean against the squad car and remove her Kevlar vest. "My job requires anonymity and I cannot jeopardize that. I am a legitimate private investigator most of the time and I am an authorized police consultant. That's what gets me access to the cases. Cases that are cold or have stalled. It's easier for me to walk among law enforcement if they think of me as a consultant not as a Fed. I never meant to outright lie to any of you, but it was important. Please understand that. You are all my friends." Reilly pleaded with them as she looked at all three of them and their bewildered expressions.

"Okay, so you're kind of like Agent Scully right?" Greg asked smiling at her. "Like the X-Files?"

Reilly smiled back at him; leave it to Greg. "No; it's more like Five-O, the newer show. The governor created the Five-O team on the show, but for me it was the Attorney General who created my team."

Warrick smiled. "Cool. Makes you kind of like a superhero. You get to swoop in when cops need help taking down the bad guy then you leave under cover of darkness not seeking to claim the spotlight; leaving all the glory to the police."

Catherine thought about for a second. "That I can get behind. Yeah… I like that much better; getting to be a superhero. Maybe you can get me one of these special agent gigs here in Nevada."

"Yeah, if Reilly were to move here, then you two could be a major crime fighting superhero duo." Warrick said chuckling. "But seriously, does Nick know?" He added.

"Yes; he knows. He's known since the very beginning practically. When I came here to Vegas to find my goddaughter, Lexie. I told him when we started seeing each other." She replied. She thought about how Nick has reacted to the news. It took him a bit to accept that he couldn't tell anyone. "He wasn't thrilled he couldn't tell you guys, but he understood. And I hope you guys understand too and will keep my secret. Right now Brass, Nick, Grissom and you three are the only ones here who know. I think it's only fair I should tell Sara too, since you all now know, but that's all I can afford to have know; and now that you all do know it's very important you put it aside and sort of forget it and continue to just think of me as a consultant."


Jackie Monroe looked at Nick lying on the motel room's only bed. John had re-cuffed him to the headboard of the bed and tied his ankles to the legs at the foot of the bed and he still wore the gag. And he was so beautiful lying there. More handsome than she even remembered. He'd grown into a very handsome young man.

Ally and John had left to take care of some loose ends and had left her there with Nick. She was dying to touch him, but Ally had said it was better to wait until they were at the cabin and safely out of Vegas.

But she wanted him so badly it hurt and he was so gorgeous lying there unconscious. He was hers; so what would a little touching hurt? With trembling fingers she slowly undid the buttons on Nick's shirt and pulled the fabric aside to see his bare chest. She gently laid her hands on his exposed flesh and caressed his skin.

Maybe if she was careful and hurried, no one would know she thought. She thought about all those years lost as she wasted away in that asylum; that awful place with all those crazy people. She wasn't crazy; she just had an addiction, like an alcoholic and they didn't end up in a crazy place. It was so unfair that she had just because she was unable to fight her urges sometimes. She was completely sane; she just needed to touch, to feel, to be a part of…

She realized after Nicky, she could never really touch another boy. Nicky had been the one; none came close to what he'd been for her and she'd ached so badly when she'd never seen him again. She'd tried; oh how she'd tried, but she'd failed to see him again and then she met Alex. Little Alex had looked just like her Nicky, and because of that she couldn't refuse him. But when she realized he wasn't like her Nicky at all, she'd been angry. She hadn't meant to hurt Alex, but…

That's when she'd been put in that damned place with all the crazy people and that's where she became a victim. She'd been abused, beaten down, assaulted all because they said it was treatment. For over twenty years she had been hidden away in there trying her best to keep her soul intact and not lose herself entirely. It had taken her this long to convince the doctors she was better that she knew what she'd done. It had taken her this long to fool everyone into letting her out. And that's when she'd turned to Ally for help with Nick.

She reached down for Nick's belt buckle and undid it as she thought back to the very first time she'd seen Nicky. She'd been called on as a last minute babysitter because his parents had suddenly needed to go away on urgent business. He'd been sick and his parents didn't want him to travel with them and the his other siblings, so they'd called upon a girl who always watched the Stokes children, but she'd been unavailable and Jackie, a friend of hers from High School, had volunteered to come stay with him overnight while his family was out of town.

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