One Way Or Another

Chapter 38

08/30/2005 Same Day 11:30AM-1:30PM

Chapter Thirty-Eight

Nick thought he must be dreaming. He felt like he was floating, yet tethered to something. Something was holding him in a sort of limbo. Then he felt the touch to his chest. Stroking… someone was stroking his chest. Maybe it was Reilly, he thought… but that couldn't be right. If it was Reilly, he would have liked the feeling; and this touch felt all wrong to him; it was not right. Something was not right.

When he felt the touch move lower, he thought it had to be Reilly, who else could it be? So he closed his mind to the bad feeling and told himself it was Reilly. He pictured her face and he pushed the cold feelings away and allowed himself to cling to the image of only Reilly until he was drifting in a purple haze of blissful sleep and he slowly allowed himself to return to the soft cushion of nothingness.


John was behind the wheel of their new stolen vehicle, a silver Jeep Grand Cherokee as he slowly pulled the car close to the back side of the cabin they'd rented near Lake Mead. Most of the cabins here were closer to the lake itself, but they had taken advantage of this one because it was the farthest from the lake and the main road.

In the back of the car Nick lay bound and gagged and covered with a blanket amongst the luggage there. He was still unconscious and not aware of his surroundings. John was able to carry Nick into the cabin without anyone the wiser.

John took him into the back bedroom of the cabin and Jackie helped him to secure Nick to the bed there as he had been in the motel room. Then he left Ally to handle Jackie while he brought in the luggage and supplies they'd picked up on the way.

John was not thrilled to still be lugging the CSI around, but he did it for Ally who was doing it for Jackie. John hadn't been there when Ally had tried as a kid to take care of her older sister and he hadn't been there when their father had put Jackie in the institution after the death of that boy.

It was time for him to step up and be the brother they needed and while he wasn't thrilled with Jackie, he would move Heaven and Earth for Ally. So he'd help Jackie for Ally; at least for now. But he knew he'd need to talk to Ally about everything with Jackie; he needed to show her just unstable Jackie was becoming.

When they'd returned to the motel after taking care of Jason Hendler, he'd seen it in Jackie's eyes. She was on the edge and he knew it was because she'd been left alone with Nick. He'd seen how the man's clothing didn't exactly look right, he knew she'd done something to the man. He had been a soldier and he knew when someone was becoming unhinged. Jackie was heading for full blown crazy bitch mode and he wanted himself and Ally as far from her as they could get when she finally lost it all.


Nick tried to open his eyes, but they felt so heavy, and his mouth felt so dry and… he moved his tongue around in his mouth to feel… he could feel something in his mouth. Something scratchy. He continued to feel it with his tongue as he tried to remember where he was.

He tried to move his hand up to his face to feel what it was in his mouth, but his hands wouldn't move. It took him a second to realize that neither one of his hands would move. He managed to get his eyes open and everything seemed blurry and it was tilting sideways, but after a moment things began to swim into focus. He was in a room… and the walls looked strange. They looked like… he blinked several times to be sure he was seeing… yes the walls were made of logs. He was in a log cabin.

He looked up at where he figured his hands were and saw that they were handcuffed to the headboard of a… a bed made of logs. He looked down at his legs and saw his ankles were also restrained. So he figured by his brilliant deduction skills that the obstruction in his mouth was a gag. He tried to move, but he was restrained too tightly.

He closed his eyes and tried to slow his breathing down while he tried to think where he was and how he got here. He remembered waking up that morning? Was it still the same day? He didn't know and that thought alone caused him to start panicking. Where the hell was he?

He tried again and this time when he was more relaxed he was able to remember the warehouse then going to the motel, but he couldn't remember after that. What had happened at the motel? He sighed, he couldn't remember.

And just as he was ready to give up on trying to remember anything at the moment, the door to the room opened and she came in. Her… Oh, God… it was her! He remembered now… he remembered it all… the motel room… being tied up and forced to wait for her… It had been her. She was the last person he had expected to see. She was the last minute babysitter for him when he had been only nine years old. And she was here now smiling at him. She was not supposed to be here. She was not!

"Hello Nicky, sweetheart. Remember me?" She cooed sweetly at him. Jackie waked into the room and slowly sat on the bed next to Nick.

When she sat down, Nick tried to move away from her, but he couldn't move much. She reached out a hand to touch his face and he flinched and tried to scream at her to not touch him… to get away from him! But he couldn't move and he couldn't get sound past the gag in his mouth. He was helpless here.

"Oh Nicky, don't be like that. Haven't you missed me? I've certainly missed you." She said in her soft southern drawl. She produced a syringe from a pocket of her jeans and pulled the cap off. "I think it's time you went back to sleep. You're much more accommodating when your asleep. And I've got big plans for us." She smiled at the way Nick's eyes went wide with shock at the sight of the needle. "You've been a busy boy lately, Nicky; passing around your seed. Tsk tsk tsk… getting two tramps pregnant at the same time. You really should have been more careful."

She reached out with the syringe and paused over his right leg as she added, "Since you seem to be so viral, I've decided I want a sample of you for myself. I'm not too old to have a baby… after all I'm only a few years older than one of your girlfriends. I think I should be able to have a little Nicky of my very own." She said smiling as she slowly inserted the needle into his thigh and pressed the plunger.

Nick was in shock. This couldn't be happening. The last thing he thought before he slipped into a blissful sleep was her words, 'you're much more accommodating when you're asleep.'


"You are not going to believe this guy." Brass said to Reilly and Catherine as he met them in the hallway just outside the interrogation where Larry Jameson was sitting at a table. They had just arrived back at the police department and were waiting for Brass to come out of the room.

"Why?" Catherine asked.

"The guy says he needs a hospital so he can be treated for tear gas poisoning." Brass smiled as he looked in the window of the door at Jameson who was continuously wiping his eyes with his hands and rubbing his face.

Both women laughed at that. "Okay, so which one of us gets to go in there and talk to the nice escaped convict with no brain cells?" Reilly mocked as she turned to Brass.

"Oh, you're gonna love this," He said pointing a finger at each of the women. "You both are going in." He smiled at them. "Seems our guy also thinks he's God's gift to women,. He's been winking at every female he's seen since we brought him in."

"Well that could just be the tear gas still in his eyes." Catherine said, smiling at Reilly. "Shall we?"

"Oh yes. Definitely."

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