One Way Or Another

Chapter 39

08/30/2005 Same Day 3:00PM-6:30PM

Chapter Thirty-Nine

"So Stokes, where are you from?" Reilly asked the good-looking CSI she was forced to have trailing behind her as they went over the crime scene of the crappy little house on the crappy side of Vegas.

Nick turned to look at the woman. God, she was impossible. How she even got clearance to be here on scene with him was beyond him; let alone getting to see and hear every detail of this case. He didn't know where Brass' head was at lately; when he told Nick to take the woman with him as he went back over the house again for anything that could have been missed the first time. He continued using his flashlight to glide over the inside of the living room looking without answering the woman.

"So, cat got your tongue there, Stokes?" Reilly tried again as she turned and shone her flashlight beam directly in Nick's eyes.

Nick blinked and brought up his hand to block the light from his eyes. "Hey, woman shine that light somewhere else, will ya?" He said as his soft southern drawl spiked a little with his raised voice.

Reilly smiled as she moved the beam from his face. "Texas. Definitely a Texas boy." She said with a hint of pride in her voice as she watched Nick blinked a couple times to clear his vision.

"Oh yeah? How can you tell?" He asked her mildly surprised that she had guessed correctly.

"Three brothers all born and raised in Texas. Sometimes I can even bring out my own drawl when I get angry enough." She said as she let her voice trail off into that old life she had growing up. "Ya'll wanna tell me what part o Texas you's from there, science guy?" She smiled at him as she continued in the relaxed southern drawl.

Nick smiled at her. "Guess. I thought you were from Kansas. How'd you end up in Texas?"

"Great story – short version – my mom met my dad after World War II back in 1945 at a military hospital in Kansas where he was recovering from a wound he got during the Invasion of Normandy Beach. Mom's from Kansas and Dad was from Texas. They fell in love and got married in the hospital and they moved to Texas when he was released. They had two boys in Texas and after eighteen years moved back to Kansas because my mom's mother was dying. Mom got pregnant with me, shocked her to hell and after that they moved back to Texas and I got a baby brother too. Dallas?" Reilly asked as she finished her story and looked at him.

"What?" Nick asked confused.

"Dallas – your from Dallas. My two older brothers are from Dallas and my youngest is from McKinney." She paused looking down. "I'm not really that bad, Stokes."

"Oh yeah? Something tells me that's all in who you ask." Nick replied as he watched her.

"Well, maybe I'll show you how bad I am after I find Lexie." Reilly bent down and scooped up the bracelet and held it out dangling from one gloved finger. "This is Lexie's I gave it to her. She was here." She said all playfulness gone in an instant.

Nick reached a gloved hand out to take the bracelet. This case just got more confusing. She gave the bracelet to Lexie meant this was personal. She had a stake in this missing girl.


"Maybe we should leave for awhile John, you know give Jackie some time alone with Nick?" Ally asked John. She didn't want to be around when Jackie got this excited.

Ally had no problem killing if she had to, she had no problem kidnapping and she definitely had no problem with any of the crimes they'd already committed; but when she saw just how excited her sister was getting at the prospect of being with Nick, it unnerved her. She was beginning to worry that maybe hr sister had been released a bit prematurely. She seemed to be headed off into her own little world and it could spell catastrophe for Ally and John.

"Yeah… I was thinking that too." The man said watching his older sister sitting at the kitchen table just staring at the bedroom door where Nick was as she rubbed her arms and rocked back and forth saying Nick's name over and over to herself. "I'm all for helping my sisters out, but I'm beginning to worry about Jackie." He moved outside the front door where he'd been headed when Ally had stopped him. "I have no love lost for the CSI guy, to me he's just like a cop, but watching Jackie sit there and rock like that; it gives me the creeps. Maybe we should try and get her to take more of her medication."

"I know." Ally said as she followed her brother outside. "She didn't look like this until we left the two alone this morning. I think she was… you know with him like she's done before. Maybe you need to give her something different in her syringes for Nick. Maybe if he dies and she thinks she did it, she'll either get over him or maybe she'll go completely over the bend and we can just put her back in the hospital."

"Yeah… that sounds good. I can do that now and then we can make some excuse to be away from the cabin when she gives it to him. She can give him a fatal overdose and we can be rid of him and we can call the authorities anonymously and they can put Jackie back in the hospital and maybe she will get the care she needs. I'm thinking she's gonna need that hospital for the rest of her life. I don't think she'll ever be able to function in society." John said as he thought things through.

"Okay, sounds like the only way." Ally agreed as she watched Jackie from the doorway.


"So, Mr. Jameson, you want to tell me everything you can about John Smith and how he recruited you and Mr. Thompson to help him break out of jail using CSI Nick Stokes?" Catherine asked as the two women sat across from the unkempt man who was badly in need of a breath mint.

"What's in it for me little lady?" The man asked wiggling his eyebrows at her.

"I'll tell you what's in it for you." Reilly said as she stood up and leaned on the table to cower over the poor excuse of a man in her book. "I won't reach out and break your nose if you tell us everything and start with how we can find Nick." She looked just menacing enough.

"You? You can't break my nose. I'm in police custody. You can't hurt me." He laughed at Reilly. "I'm not afraid of you."

"Oh no?" Reilly reached into the pocket of her jacket and pulled out a small canister that looked like pepper spray. She held it up for the man to see. "How about I make you cry some more how about that?" She asked as she aimed the bottle at his face. When all else fails go for the weaknesses she thought.

The man put his hands up over his face and began to talk non-stop for the next ten minutes. He told them everything he knew, including admitting to stealing his cousin's custom Harley 30 years ago and crashing it in a retaining wall when he was barely nineteen.

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