One Way Or Another

Chapter 40

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Chapter Forty

Brass looked at the women as they came out o the interrogation room. Warrick was with him in the hall and he didn't look too happy.

"You do know we aren't allowed to threaten suspects in police custody, don't you?" He asked eyeing the bottle still in Reilly's hand.

"What?" Reilly said feigning innocence. "I didn't threaten him with pepper spray. I simply let him assume I was threatening him with pepper spray. But I really should have sprayed this entire bottle in his mouth." She said as she brought the bottle up to her mouth and sprayed a quick burst. "Hummm… minty fresh. Would you like a hit of breath spray, Warrick?" She asked all innocent as she held the bottle out for him to see.

Warrick couldn't help the laugh that escaped him. "And it was probably your idea to throw the rock in the motel room window instead of Brass wasn't it?"

Brass looked at Warrick. "Hey, whatever Reilly accomplishes I get to take credit for, remember?" He turned back to Reilly. "So what do you got?"

"He says two women took Nick from the motel with Smith's help. One of the women matches Ally's description that Sara got on her. He didn't know why the women wanted Nick, but he said Nick got really upset at the sight of the other woman Ally called her sister. He said there were two cars in the warehouse, the white pickup and a red GMC Envoy SUV that they took off with Nick inside and Ally drove a blue Honda. He also said the women took the cars and left Smith to give them their things and a key to a bus locker where their payoff is supposed to be and that Smith left the motel on foot." Catherine said filling them in.

The only other motel within walking distance is the Diamond Dust two blocks up." Brass said.

Reilly looked up at Brass, "Brass, that's the motel Lauren said Smith told her to meet him at after the jailbreak in their original plan. Could they have been stupid enough to use the same motel? I mean if they already had it booked for Smith in case he really had to meet up with Lauren, they could still be using it." This was their glimmer of hope. Maybe they were still in this.

"I'll get some uniforms over there now to check for them or the Envoy." Brass reached for his cell phone as he turned to leave. "And no, you stay put this time. You know the odds as well as I do." He added pointing at Reilly before moving away.

"We're getting closer, Reilly." Warrick said gently.

"I know. I just wish…" She let the sentence trail off as she tried to control her emotions. "What else did Sara get on Ally?" She asked instead.

"She's also from Dallas, same area as Nick and she has an older brother and an older sister. The sister has been institutionalized for the past twenty odd years for the death of a ten year old boy, Alexander Bailey. The records for some reason are sealed, but we do know she was recently released. Her name is Jackie Monroe and the brother is John Smith."

Reilly's head jerked up as she heard the name. "You're kidding?" She asked.

"No…John Smith is her brother." He confirmed.

"No not Smith; the other name?" She asked.

"Jackie Monroe, the sister?" He asked confused.

"Huh…yeah. Sara's sure about that?"

"Pretty sure. Jackie and Ally are from their father's marriage to their mother, but John was the product of an affair with his secretary. Both Jackie and John have been in trouble, but there isn't anything we can find on Ally. When their parents died in a car crash about fifteen years ago, Ally inherited a lot of money, and she's been off the radar herself." Warrick said reading from the file in his hands.

Brass walked back to the group just then. "Guess what gang? We have a witness at the Diamond Dust motel. Seems the desk clerk was watching the news and recognized John Smith. He called the tip line and I just got the message when requesting uniforms to the guy's address. He said smith was there at the motel with two women, but isn't there now. He said he does have some important information on where they could be though. I'm on my way to talk to him and Warrick you're with me. I'll call you Reilly as soon as we get something." Brass said.


Reilly watched as Sara sat at the computer running down any other information she could get on Ally, Jackie and John through every system they had. Greg was working with Archie on camera footage from the Three Aces motel. Catherine was running interference between them and making phone calls to Grissom and Brass.

Warrick called in on Reilly's phone to report that the Ally Monroe had booked the room and paid cash for two nights. When she left the motel, the desk clerk jotted down the license plate of her Honda and then of all the vehicles that they came and went in. The Honda and the Envoy were found in the parking lot and were both rentals. But the attentive desk clerk also happened to get the plate number for a silver Jeep Grand Cherokee that he'd seen Smith drive up in.

"Seems he left the women and went off on foot and came back about twenty minutes later with the Jeep. The clerk said the plates were out of state, Nebraska. Brass is running it now."

"Okay." Reilly said. "Let us know what he finds out. I'll have Arch and Greg run back through camera footage for places near the Diamond Dust since it only took him twenty minutes in total to get the car."

"Hang on; Brass just got word. The Jeep was reported stolen forty-five minutes ago from the parking lot of a restaurant four blocks from here. I'm texting you the plate number and the police report number. Have Greg see if he can get the camera footage from the restaurant."

"Got it." Reilly said as she hung up and waited for his text. After she got the text she handed her cell to Greg to copy down the information. "Look guys, I'm getting kind of light-headed; think I'll go to the break room to sit for a little bit."

The others agreed she should rest and they all agreed to call her if anything came up. She smiled meekly at them because they were working so hard to find Nick, but she knew she needed something more; something that they couldn't get for her quick enough. She retrieved her phone back from Greg and she walked out of the room.


As soon as Reilly headed down the hall and out of their view, she punched a number into her cell that she knew by heart. She needed to cross channels here and get something that the CSIs could not get in time to save Nick.

"Hey, Brad, I need your help. I'm calling in a favor here… yeah a really big favor and yeah it's for Nick. I'm sending you an address of a motel here in Vegas and I need you to pull the satellite access and get me a lock on a silver Jeep Grand Cherokee that left that lot anytime within the last two hours and I need you to send that access to Archie so he can follow that car. I need everything and anything you can get me on that car… yes, Nick is in that Jeep." She waited a few beats. "Get what you can from Nellis if you have to… I don't care how you get it… lie if you have to, you're good at that." She listened then slowly smiled. "Thanks Brad." She disconnected then punched in another number.

"Arch, Reilly. We're off the grid on this, but I got you satellite coverage out of Nellis and you should be able to get access soon. Follow that Jeep and get me a lock on its location." She listened for a second. "I'm heading back to you now and don't worry I'll handle everyone."


"Catherine, can I talk to you a minute in private?" Reilly asked as she came back into the room a while later. She had just gotten the text from Archie on a location and she avoided looked at him now.

"Yeah, sure." Catherine answered as she followed Reilly out of the room and into the hall.

"I need you to help me. I know where Nick is." Reilly answered.

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