One Way Or Another

Chapter 43

08/30/2005 Same Day 10:00PM-10:30PM

Chapter Forty-Three

"Reilly?" Nick finally found his voice. "Get out of here!"

"Relax Nick; it's going to be okay." Reilly spoke softly to Nick, but she never took her eyes off the woman standing over Nick with the syringe in her hand poised for attack. "Everything's going to be okay, isn't it Jackie?"

"You're my angel; if you say everything's okay then yes, everything's going to be okay." She sounds so wistful and just a bit cartoonish.

Reilly couldn't help noticing how bright her eyes were and how she kept tilting her head at the sounds in the room. The woman was buckets of crazy; full blown Jack Nicholson in the Shining kind of crazy, she thought. She made a mental note to have Brad go after the doctors that thought it was perfectly fine to allow Jackie to walk out of that cuckoo's nest.

"Jackie, my name is Reilly. I'm not an angel, but I want to help you. To do that you got to let Nick go. He's not that little boy you… cared about anymore. He's a grown man now and you have to let him go." Reilly continued to speak softly to try and keep the tension down around the woman.

Jackie's eyes narrowed at Reilly's words. "I know he's not a little boy; I'm not stupid. I don't want a little boy; I want a man; I've always wanted a man. I want Nick so stop trying to confuse me."

Reilly realized right then that Jackie didn't see boys as boys; she saw them as the men they'd become. She believed she loved Nick no matter how old he had been or now was. Oh boy, she's totally off her rocker. This is so not good here.

"Okay Jackie, relax." Reilly quietly and carefully holstered her gun so that she could use her hands to show the woman she meant no harm. At least not yet, she thought." I know you're not stupid and I would never try to confuse you. I just don't want to see anyone get hurt here. Not Nick. Not you. Not me. I just want you to put down the syringe and talk to me. Please." Reilly paused. The woman was listening. "Jackie remember when you said you knew my voice? Tell me about that."

Nick watched in awe as Reilly talked to this woman and she was listening to her. Jackie was actually listening to Reilly. Nick wanted to move, but he was afraid of doing anything that would distract Jackie away from Reilly.

"I remember your voice from the hospital. You said you were my Guardian Angel and that nothing bad would happen to me as long as I listened to you. I did everything you said, and they let me go. You helped me get out of the hospital; but once I got out you stopped talking to me. I thought you'd left me, but now you're here."

"That's right; I'm here now. And I'm here to help you again. Help you with Nick. You just need to listen to me again and I can get you and Nick out of here and someplace safe. Safe with John and Ally; your family."

"You know where John and Ally are? They left me; they said they'd be right back, but they're not coming back. Why would they leave me?" The woman looked at Reilly with tears in her eyes.

Reilly felt her phone vibrate. Damn. Either one of the guys has problems or it's Brass; either way there was trouble coming and she was running out of time. She had to move this along.

"Jackie we have to go now. John and Ally are right outside and you need to cut Nick loose and get outside too or they're going to leave us."

"They are? But why-" Suddenly Jackie's face clouded over and her eyes darkened. "You're lying to me. John and Ally already left me; I heard them talking earlier. They switched Nick's medicine. They want me to kill him so I can go back to that awful place." The woman raised her weapon higher and started to bring it down and into Nick. "I won't go back! And if I can't be with Nick, then he dies now!" And with that she brought the syringe down.

"No!" Nick yelled as he tried desperately to move away from the needle, but knew it was futile. That's when he saw from the corner of his eye Reilly pull her weapon and fire three shots in quick succession hitting the woman dead center of her chest. He saw the look of total shock and surprise on her face as she fell onto him where he lay on the bed. He scrunched his eyes closed to avoid looking at the woman's dead eyes.

"Nick?!" Reilly yelled as she rushed over to pull the dead woman off of him. She checked him over for the syringe, but didn't find it. She finally found it on the floor where it had fallen free of Jackie's hand as she fell. "Nick!" Reilly yelled again.

"Am I dead?" Nick asked, slowly opening his eyes.

"Not yet; not by a long shot." She reached down and kissed the man. "Let's get out of here before John and Ally do come back." She rummaged in the dead woman's pants for the handcuff keys.


Catherine and Sara had followed the two people for what seemed like forever, before they finally stopped and seemed to just be standing there looking out at the lake in the glow of their flashlight. Catherine knew they were talking, but she couldn't make anything out. She looked at Sara who shook her head. She couldn't make anything out either.

That's when they decided to move in closer in hopes of hearing their conversation. They could just barely make out their features in the fading light, but they could see the two embracing and then the two were kissing. Catherine felt Sara's reaction as the two stood so close together. This whole family was messed up beyond messed up, Catherine thought.

And that's when all of them heard the shots from the cabin. Catherine and Sara moved deeper in the bushes as John and Ally broke their embrace and took off running for the cabin. Sara grabbed Catherine's arm and the two took off after them.


Reilly had Nick up and was trying to support him as best she could considering he was still a little woozy from all the drugs in his system, but he was upright and that's the best she could hope for right now. He was weak, but he gripped her waist with his left arm and placed his right hand over her tummy under her vest.

Reilly's cell kept buzzing on her right hip, but she ignored it. She knew she didn't have time to stop and answer it. "Come on, Nick, we have to go now!" She urged Nick when he hesitated at the vibration of her phone.

She managed to get him out of the bedroom and halfway across the living room towards the front door of the cabin when John Smith barreled into the back of the cabin with Ally right behind him.

"Stop!" He yelled as he pointed his gun at them.

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