One Way Or Another

Chapter 44

08/30/2005 Same Day Same Time

Chapter Forty-Four

Catherine and Sara heard Smith yell at Nick and Reilly just as they got to the back door of the cabin. Sara knew they couldn't take the chance of going in right behind them. They had to go in low and slow. They both thought they could hear the faint sounds of sirens in the distance.

Catherine could feel her cell phone vibrating in her jeans pocket, but she didn't need to answer it to know it was either Greg or Brass." Sara, go around and get Greg and you two take the front. We've got to stall until Brass gets here."

"Okay." She said as she took off around the side of the cabin.


Ally rushed up behind her brother grabbing the back of his shirt for support when he came to an abrupt stop inside the open kitchen facing the living room and Nick with Reilly.

"Stop!" John yelled m as he pointed his gun at them.

Reilly slowly turned around in time with Nick. Nick slowly removed his arms from around Reilly to gently but firmly push her behind him. He successfully put himself between John's gun and Reilly. From Reilly's position behind Nick, John and Ally couldn't see that Reilly was still armed with her service weapon and her spare which she was carefully pulling from her vest pocket and slipping into Nick's right hand behind his back.

Now that Nick was in front of her, Reilly wasn't liking that at all. She knew he was trying to protect her and the baby, but she was torn between wanting to protect him and herself because of the baby, too. "Nick." She said softly.

"Please shut up, Reilly." Nick said flatly. Reilly had never heard Nick sound so cold, and while she didn't like it, she knew better than to say anything. So she shut up and clung to his left arm.

"I can't let you leave." Smith said, cocking his gun.

Reilly saw Ally standing behind John much the same way she was standing behind Nick. She could see the woman was scared, but John wasn't. He sounded harder than nick had. This man was a killer; a trained killer and he didn't feel anything when that came into play. He couldn't be reasoned with; he couldn't be persuaded.


Catherine took a deep breath and slowly entered the cabin through the back door to come up behind John and Ally. She quietly took in what was happening in front of her.


Greg and Sara slowly crept up the front port steps staying low as they moved one on each side of the front door. They quietly listened to the muffled voices coming from inside the cabin.


Brass swung the car down the dirt road at eighty miles an hour. He switched off the siren as they came up on Reilly's Tahoe, and the parade of cars came to a stop. Both Brass and Warrick jumped out of the car with their guns drawn as they followed the road up to the cabin.


In her peripheral vision, Reilly could see Catherine coming in low through the back door. Reilly carefully moved against Nick's back to try and see if he had spotted Catherine. She felt his head against her face has he barely nodded letting her know he had.

Catherine met Reilly's eyes as she crept closer to John and Ally. She could see that not only did John have a gun, but so did Ally. She was hiding behind John much the same way Reilly was hiding behind Nick.

Suddenly there was shouting and noise coming from outside the front door of the cabin. John swung his gun between Nick and Reilly and the front door. "This is all your fault. If you had never came into Jackie's life, she wouldn't have turned out like she has and we wouldn't be here now!"

"She was the one who came into my life? I was nine years old! I didn't ask for any of it!" Nick snapped back as he tried to concentrate on John right now. The cavalry was coming, but he knew they wouldn't be in time to stop John.

Nick knew this needed to end now; all of it needed to end. He couldn't take anymore stuff taking him down. He'd had enough trauma to last a life time and he needed to end this.


"This is the Police! Come out with your hands in the air!" Vega boomed over his police radio's PA system at the cabin and it's occupants. Brass and Warrick were on the porch with Greg and Sara. About a dozen officers were running to surround the cabin.

"Get my people out of there, Brass!" Grissom yelled from his place beside Vega.

"Warrick get these two out of here now!" Brass hissed at the man. "You guys shouldn't even be here! I am so going to kill Reilly for bringing you out here!"

"We came to help her and to find Nick!" Greg shouted at the man. No way was he going to let Brass blame Reilly. She hadn't wanted them to come, but they'd been needed and they knew the risks.

Warrick grabbed the two CSIs and pushed them down the steps and back towards the squad cars before going back to cover Brass.

"Catherine is around back and Reilly's inside with Nick." Sara had been able to tell Brass before Warrick had pushed them away.

Brass reached up and pounded on the door once Warrick was back in place. "Police, Smith! Open up!"


Reilly could hear Brass outside the door; she could see John's gun aimed at her and Nick and she could feel reality slipping through her fingers as the scene in front of her played out in her mind's eye. Everything was wrong, she thought. This isn't right. Nick, this is all wrong!

From that moment forward Reilly felt as if everything was happening in slow motion, like when you slow down the movie in the DVD player. She took it all in like she was watching that slowed down movie.

John yelled something at Nick and brought his gun's aim back from the door back to Nick. Nick pulled his right hand with Reilly's spare gun gripped tight out from behind his back and took a step forward as he fired at John before the man could take his shot at Nick. John yelled out as he went down; and he went down hard.

Catherine lurched forward from her position on the floor by the back of the cabin. Ally brought her gun up to shoot Reilly as John went down and Nick was a step away from her. Nick saw the movement and he took that step back and in front of Reilly to protect her just as Ally pulled the trigger. Warrick and Brass crashed in the front door of the cabin just as the first shot hand rang out, and Catherine yelled at Ally who turned to face her as she brought her gun around to fire at her. Catherine fired two shots hitting Ally with both and she watched as she went down.

And through all this, all Reilly saw was Nick as he started to fall backwards against her.

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