One Way Or Another

Chapter 46

08/31/2005 Early Wednesday Morning 12:30 AM-2:30AM

Chapter Forty-Six

Reilly found herself sitting in the hospital's surgical waiting room where she'd been sitting for the last two hours. She had ridden with Nick on the Medevac chopper that had brought him to Desert Palms after the EMTs had worked on stabilizing him in the ambulance. Reilly was sitting between Warrick and Grissom and she was staring at her blood-stained hands. Blood; Nick's blood. It was everywhere; on her hands, her shirt, her jeans. It was even all over her boots. She had lost her vest; she remembered taking it off for Nick, but she didn't remember what happened to it after that.

Nick was in surgery. When the helicopter had first arrived at the hospital there had been a flurry of activity as the doctors and nurses met them on the pad with another gurney and Reilly had hung onto it as they rushed Nick inside and straight for surgery. She had refused to let go of him and Warrick had physically pulled her off the gurney so they could get him into surgery. The staff tried to get her to let a doctor look her over, but she fought them until Sam had arrived, rushing into the trauma room and she had gotten Reilly to calm down for a quick cursory exam.

Reilly knew she was fine physically, her vest and Warrick had protected her from Nick's weight when he'd taken the bullet meant for her. She was fine, her babies were fine and all she wanted was Nick. They wanted her to stay in the trauma room, to be sure she was okay, but finally they had relented and let her go to the surgical ward since she'd still be in the hospital if anything were to happen.

And that's where she was now, sitting in a private waiting room since she, Catherine, Brass and Warrick all had Nick's blood on them in some way. They had all tried so hard to stop the bleeding, but had it been enough? She didn't know; she just prayed it was.

Catherine was somewhere close by, she could sense her, but Reilly didn't raise her head to see who all was actually around her in the room. She was not really aware of too much right then, all she could do was think about if she lost Nick.

Nick had not regained consciousness on the way in and he was still in surgery, so Reilly had no way of knowing what was going on with him. She just sat staring at her hands. Everyone kept asking her if she was alright, but she wasn't responding to anyone. She knew they were all worried about her and she knew they'd keep asking her; she just kept tuning them out. She didn't want to talk to anyone; she wanted to hole up somewhere, but she couldn't do that without Nick. She needed Nick so she would wait for him.

Slowly she got up and walked out of the room with Sam rushing after her. Reilly was on auto pilot as she searched for a bathroom. Sam tried to follow her mother into the small room, but Reilly turned to look at her like Sam was the one who had lost her marbles.

"Sam, I'm fine. I'm pregnant and I have to pee. That happens a lot for pregnant women." She paused as she looked at her daughter. "I'm not going to fall down; I just need to wash my hands. Go back and wait with the others. I promise I'll be fine." Reilly looked down again at her hands. "I just need a few minutes without anyone asking me if I'm alright. All the worry, the looks, the concern; it's going to drive me off the deep end." Sam reached out a hand to touch her mother's face.

She slowly nodded. "Alright, I know how you hate attention, but just remember they only care."

Reilly smiled and turned back towards the bathroom. "I'll be back soon, I promise." She said as she closed the door behind her and locked it.

She stared at her reflection in the mirror over the sink for a minute, then she turned on the water and began scrubbing her hands the best she could. After drying her hands she reached in the pocket of her slacks and pulled out her cell phone. She took a deep breath and ran through her contacts list for the number she needed.

She hesitated as she thought about this, but she knew it needed to be done; and she knew she had to be the one to do it. One mother to another; she had to do it. She pushed the dial button and waited for the person on the other end to pick up. It was late, but Reilly knew she'd answer. She always did.

"Hello?" Came Jillian Stokes' voice over the line.

"Jillian? It's Reilly. I… it's…" Reilly couldn't finish; she was suddenly terrified to put it into words and she started choking up again.

"Reilly? Honey, are you okay?" When she didn't get an answer, she continued, "Reilly? Is it Nick? Or the baby? Do you need us to come? Please tell me something, hon."

That did it. The sentiments reached into Reilly's heart and she let the tears come again. "Yes… it's Nick… he was shot and he's in surgery… I… it's bad mom…"

"Okay Reilly, listen to me, Bill and I are on the first plane out, don't go anywhere or do anything else. We'll call Warrick and take care of everything. You just stay there with Nick." Jillian paused and Reilly could hear her talking to someone near her, and then she was back on the line. "Reilly, honey, we'll be there as soon as we can. You just take care of yourself and our grandbaby. Please." She continued for a few more minutes to try and calm Reilly as her husband moved to another phone to begin making arrangements for their flight out.


Nick had been in surgery for three hours now and Reilly has noticed that Grissom was no longer sitting next to her. It'd been awhile since she came back from the bathroom and reclaimed her seat between the two men; she was determined to just sit there and wait; wait for news on Nick.

Reilly felt Sam slide into Grissom's empty seat and she was pressing a cup into Reilly's hands. She looked at it; water she thought. She watched as her hands start to tremble as she tried to grasp the cup, but watched instead as it fell to the floor. She didn't move when some of the water splashed up onto her. Warrick rushed off for something to clean it up with while Sam tried talking to her. Reilly can hear Sam, but she just can't answer; she's lost. She's afraid and she's so scared. She lets Sam pull her into a hug and hold her, but she just can't think anymore.

Reilly heard Warrick answer his cell phone and Sam bent down to finish cleaning the floor. After watching Sam finish cleaning, Reilly could hear Warrick finish his call. She looked at him as he squatted down in front of her.

"Nick's folks are on their way and his mom has a message for you." Warrick said taking Reilly's hands in his. "She said to tell you – faith. I don't know what she means other than for you to keep the faith."

Reilly felt fresh tears stinging behind her eyes. "Maybe, but most likely she's letting me know that was the name Nick chose for a girl. He'd joked with his mom the other day when we found out it was a girl and he challenged her to guess his choice." She explained as the tears fell quietly.

"Okay, then Faith it is." Warrick said as he returned to sit next to Reilly still holding one of her hands in his. "Faith it is."

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